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    How to Teach Entrepreneurship to Your Kids Using Moonpreneur Game


    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

    Many business leaders in the world today have started their journey from their early years. With the growth of the internet, children are getting exposed to opportunities at a very young age. Children of this millennium generation are already set to take their first steps into the entrepreneurial world. They are getting the right education and, at the same time, dedicating their energies into building and marketing their products. 

    But as they say, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Games play an equally important role in your child’s growth as education. While there are several games available in the market, there are hardly any or none at all that focus on teaching entrepreneurship. 

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child could have the fun of learning business skills while playing a game?

    Moonpreneur, a company that encourages young entrepreneurs, has built a game that allows your children to learn business and entrepreneurship while thoroughly enjoying themselves.  

    About Moonpreneur

    Before diving into what Moonpreneur is all about, here is some background about the company that’s manufacturing it. 

    Moonpreneur has introduced an Innovator Program, which allows kids to design and develop their products as per their abilities. The program gives each child the flexibility of learning at a pace that suits their needs. 

    With the principles of the Innovator Program in mind, Moonpreneur has launched Moonpreneur, which teaches entrepreneurship through interesting gameplay. Through this board game, the company intends to inculcate the value of education but at the same time encourages risk-taking as a part of a successful business. The game teaches your child to think like an entrepreneur and make moves accordingly.

    What is Moonpreneur?

    Even with the popularity of video and computer games, many children are driven to play board games to be more social. While board games are a lot of fun, very few educate your child in business skills. Moonpreneur is a business strategy game that combines fun with learning for developing entrepreneurial skills. 

    Every entrepreneur should be ready for highs and lows in a business. Suppose you want your child to be a successful entrepreneur, in that case, they need to have a mindset that allows them to do business efficiently. Moonpreneur is a step towards developing this mentality where every failure is a lesson learned and a step towards success. 

    Like every other game, in this game, too, your kids will be rewarded for their right moves and penalized for the wrong ones. 

    Moonpreneur will help your child think long term. They can set their goals without disclosing them and then make their moves towards achieving them. But your child will have to remember that the opponent, too, has a goal in mind, so they will need to plan their steps accordingly. 

    The game prepares your child for surprises that they may face in a business environment and opens their minds to uncover their company’s potential. 

    Moreover, Moonpreneur also teaches your child the value of education. It shows them how the right education can take them a long way in their career and help them grow their business. At the same time, the game values the risk-takers and shows them both the ups and downs of risk-taking. 

    Overall, your child can collect assets, generate profits, build their business, and imbibe all the skills required to be an entrepreneur through this simple gameplay. This board game will give your child the experience of running a real business.

    How To Play Moonpreneur?

    • The game is for players above 10 years of age and requires between 2-6 players. 
    • Moonpreneur has two aspects to it- the inner circle and the outer square. The players begin from the connecting area between these two. On their turn, they can decide whether they wish to play in the inner circle or the outer square. 
    • In the inner circle, your child will get the opportunity to receive an education. It also allows them to register their company, file taxes, get legal services, and so on. They can also set up factories. However, players must keep in mind that none of this is for free, and planning will play an essential role in winning the game. 
    • The outer square is for the risk-takers in the business who want to skip their education and start earning directly by setting up their business. In this case, players should be ready to face a crisis such as tax frauds, legal fines compliance, shipwrecks, recession, and more. However, they can also earn more through opportunities such as freelancing, client acquisition, big sale days, and so on. 
    • If your child moves from the inner circle to the outer square, the education they earn in the inner circle can play a crucial role in achieving more. But if they choose to play directly on the outer square, they can take risks and will need luck on their side to get away from the impediments.
    • You can play the game for as long as you want. If your kid completes a circle around the outer square, it will be considered as completion of a year. If the players want to wind up the game, they have to start counting their inventory, assets, and money. The player with the maximum valuation will win the game. 

    How Does Moonpreneur Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Kids?

    Moonpreneur helps your child cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. The game will teach your child to learn strategies and make decisions that will lead them to success. Your child will also learn the value of risk-taking when the opportunity strikes and avoiding a move when there is danger ahead. They will learn from their mistakes and will develop their necessary business skills. 

    Your child will understand why it is essential to trade at specific times and when to produce things to add to their company’s asset. They will learn to create a monopoly in the market for unique products and diversifying their inventory when there is tough competition. 

    More importantly, your child will learn to read the opponent’s move, preempt their next steps, and maneuver accordingly.

    They can learn to make and implement changes in their plans whenever needed; and also to stick to their gut and continue with their original idea. The game will teach your kid to cultivate awareness of the market around them and create products that will stand apart from the crowd. They will learn the tricks of business proceedings and the importance of agreements. This game will help your child develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

    Another important take-away from Moonpreneur is that your child will learn to rise after every failure. They will understand how to manage inventory to make profits and how to resolve losses, and also increase their business glossary. Overall, this game can change the way your child thinks and help them grow into a successful entrepreneur. 

    Final Words

    Moonpreneur is here to fill your child’s need for business education without losing out on their playtime. Even though the board game is meant for educating children, even adults interested in business can learn from it. You and your child can face real-world business scenarios and acquire the knowledge to build a company from scratch, all while having a lot of fun.

    What are you waiting for? Order your Moonpreneur business strategy game today!

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    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

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