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    5 Ways Moonpreneur Will Teach Children About Entrepreneurship


    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

    The demands of today’s world are rising rapidly. Gone are the days when children could just rely on academic excellence to provide them with opportunities to sustain a successful life. In this day and age, with the upsurge of technology and human inventions, there is a big need for children to punch above their weights and maximize their potential. What the world needs is more resilient people, more risk-takers, more innovators and thinkers. What the world needs, to be specific, is more entrepreneurs. 

    Do We Really Need More Entrepreneurs?

    Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy. For the last two decades in the US, small businesses have taken up the mantle to generate two out of every three (64%) of net new jobs. Another interesting fact is that almost half of the US’s private sector workforce (49.2%) is employed by small businessWhat small businesses do is they pave a foundation to innovation. A study conducted by the Small Business Administration found that small businesses produced 16 times more patents per employee compared to larger patenting firms.Therefore, the truth is, as much as we need doctors, accountants and lawyers, it cannot be denied that we are also in desperate need of more entrepreneurs. While it is important to not push children towards a career they do not fancy, the skills desired to succeed in any interest requires a certain level of entrepreneurial ability that simply isn’t being taught in today’s schools. Therefore, this is the time for us to motivate and empower children to think like early entrepreneurs. Let’s also highlight some essential characteristics of entrepreneurship that benefit children in the long run:
    • Children are developed for the future job market 
    • Children learn important life skills
    • Children gain a better understanding of difficult subject matters and making money


    Moonpreneur has come up with a fantastic way to teach children about entrepreneurship and help them become young CEOs. To create a blend of something highly educational and just as equally amusing is a great effort and definitely something to look forward to. Moonpreneur is an engaging board game that aims to foster entrepreneurial skills through active gameplay. It is one of the coolest and intriguing business games. The board game provides a holistic, almost real-life entrepreneurial experience and also tests the shrewdness of the young minds. Moonpreneur is a step ahead of all other business games and brings to you a genuine sense of excitement and fun play.Earlier, we were talking about the importance of entrepreneurship. Moonpreneur aims to do just that. It is a highly interactive, thought-provoking and fun-learning entrepreneurship game. Moonpreneur aims to enlighten you regarding the entire process of entrepreneurship and give you a complete, practical experience of becoming an entrepreneur. Now, what better way to learn entrepreneurial skills while playing a game? Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

    Moonpreneur’s Business World

    This game is an entire journey of the business world, taking you through the good and the bad times, teaching you the ins and outs and providing you techniques to keep your boat afloat. Moonpreneur gently ushers’ children into the business environment, subtly familiarizes them with business glossary, quietly tests their creative thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. It also teaches them many business concepts such as stock handling, financial skills, real estate management and more, all of it in a fun way.Moonpreneur board game is an endless journey of fun and a great way to arouse children’s interest in business, money matters, and entrepreneurship skills.

    Why is Moonpreneur a great way to teach children about entrepreneurship?

    Various studies have showcased that it is easier for children to grasp ideas when you combine learning with fun. This is what Moonpreneur is specifically designed for. It is not just a game but an entire journey of entrepreneurship. Children are going to get familiar with the entrepreneurial world and there’s no better way to do it than playing. Let’s call attention to some of the most important aspects of Moonpreneur which makes it the best way to teach children about entrepreneurship.
    • Fun-learning
    Moonpreneur separates itself from those typical business games. Entertainment and fun are synonymous to games. There are higher chances for you to grasp ideas and learn things while playing and enjoying. That’s what the idea of this board game is; to bestow a light-hearted, stimulating experience while walking the entrepreneurial journey and teaching relevant skills to the players that are required to succeed in the field of business.  
    • Business strategy 
    The game is loaded with all the twists and turns that an entrepreneur faces in the entrepreneurial journey. To carry out a business successfully, you need to have a complete roadmap, and follow it step-by-step to achieve the desired results. Oh, it’s not that easy, we all know that, right? It is so hard to determine the right business concepts, where to invest the money, where to procure inventory, identify the target audience, build partnerships, how to market, handle calamities, and so much more. Yes, you go through an entire journey covering all these factors and challenges with Moonpreneur. You start on your own, you identify, you succeed, you come across disappointments, but finally, when you cross the shore, you are a different strategist. You know what it takes to make a business successful, you acquire the needed skills, you gather the decision-making power. Yes, you become one of the smartest entrepreneurs in town.
    • Knowledge 
    How do you accumulate wealth without the know-how? This game is an abundance of knowledge about the entrepreneurial world. As you play, you come across many terms and ideas with which you were not familiar. A lot of business events take place regularly and you learn about them through and through. You move beyond the surface of the entrepreneurial world and dig deep to find out the underlying path to progress. There is so much on offer here for children to learn.
    • Problem-Solving 
    Problem-solving is an everyday task if you own a business. While playing Moonpreneur, children will have to make the best decisions to take their business to greater heights. They will be required to evaluate their options and choose a particular path for the business, and more importantly, stick to that path and believe in their decision. Children are very impulsive in their decision making but when you take wrong decisions, they bring up certain consequences. While in a game, players can go wrong and still learn what’s best for their business. 
    • Creativity 
    Creativity isn’t a trait that is just confined to art. Entrepreneurs are creative people. Moonpreneur allows children to utilize their imagination to achieve the desired results. Children will be required to be observant and notice the demands of the market while playing the game. Creativity as a skill is an important trait for success and in today’s world. There aren’t many who come with creative solutions when encountered with a problem. 
    • Empathy 
    Empathy is a strong emotion and some people just have it more than others. However, you can gain empathy as a skill to acquire acceptance among your business partners and peers. Moonpreneur helps children to become more empathetic as it allows them to look beyond their own benefits and help someone who is in dire need. Empathy makes children an effective leader. It’s best if you learn it at a young age. While playing Moonpreneur, children will understand other people’s desires and motivations and behave accordingly.
    • Self-confidence
    Moonpreneur encourages self-confidence. When children make the best decisions for their business and take their success to new heights on their own, it is bound to increase their sense of self-confidence. Children who come up with their own ideas are more likely to solve a problem. They are also more likely to be empathetic and less likely to engage in dangerous activities. These are some of the important life skills that state why we want to encourage children to become entrepreneurs or, at the very least, think like an entrepreneur. So, are you going to get your hands on Moonpreneur and teach your child to think like an entrepreneur?
    Get Moonpreneur and guide your child to develop an entrepreneurial mindset!

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    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

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