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Moonpreneur was founded in 2020 to bridge the gap in the traditional education system and prepare children for college admissions and the future workplace. K-12 education does not include teaching innovation and entrepreneurship, leaving students unaware of their passions until later in life. The conventional education system is therefore not adequately preparing students for the future.

Moonpreneur Inc is addressing this gap by kindling an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in children. And it leverages that instinctive human spirit for entrepreneurship to create a learning environment for 7-16-year-olds in Tech, STEM, and soft-Skills.

Listen to our Co-founder & CEO, Alok Jain, as he shares the interesting story behind the inception of Moonpreneur.


Moonpreneurs patent pending teaching approach has proven to work over the last three years. It seamlessly blends elements from Vedic learning, experiential learning, project-based learning, and gamification, resulting in a groundbreaking educational experience. Our approach is transforming the way children learn and find joy in education. Our exclusive learning kits perfectly complement this innovative methodology, further enriching the overall learning journey. Not only do we facilitate learning but also spark the flame of innovation and entrepreneurship within students.


Future needs an innovative (STEM) and entrepreneurial mindset but the current K12 education system is not prepared for it.

The future of work is changing 70% of jobs will require soft skills by 2030 - Deloitte

Building a good profile for college admission is challenging

Building a scalable system to teach Innovation & Entrepreneurship is tough

Innovation & Entrepreneurship should be taught early. Subconscious mind wiring happen early - Dr. Lipton



Innovate (7-16 YRS)

The Innovator Program is a multi-tier program consisting of two distinct tracks: the Tech Track and the Power Skills Track. Each track offers a diverse range of options, enabling participants to develop a comprehensive skill set.


(Entrepreneurship And Leadership
Development Program)

ELDP, an entrepreneurship program, builds entrepreneurial skills via practical and project-based learning under the supervision of global leaders, subject matter experts, and experienced mentors. The program culminates with students presenting their ideas on a global stage to a global jury.


Alok has four companies on his list of accolades. His recent initiative, Moonpreneur Inc., intends to educate youngsters about technology and entrepreneurship while also preparing them for the future of work.

Alok Jain


Vishal has been leading EQ2 as CTO in the past. His technical expertise & experience in children's education have been instrumental in the development of Moonpreneur's interactive and informative EdTech platform for young learners.

Vishal Malhotra

& Co-founder

Vikas is one of the most innovative minds for technology. His innovations in hardware and software have led to several successful learning products for students. These tool kits are a part of the curriculum at Moonpreneur.

Vikas Shukla

Chief Innovation Officer/

Meet our teachers

Growth Catalysts

Overcoming Industry Challenges: We are surmounting the challenges of an evolving Edtech landscape and flourishing.

Key Growth Factors

Customized Learning Management System (LMS) for optimal efficiency, complemented by cohort-based programs.

The LMS enables continuous improvement of teachers, curriculum, and delivery processes.

Multi-tier program for enhanced Lifetime Value (LTV).

Built in Silicon Valley with entrepreneurship as its core for the world.