Mental Math Tips

Top 5 Mental Math Tips For Your Child

I remember my paternal and maternal grandparents doing calculations without pen and paper. As farmers, they would indulge in a lot of calculations day in and day out.  After the calculation, they would ask us to cross-check the results, and their calculations’ hundred percent accuracy always amazed us. Not just

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Benefits of Copper Water Bottle for Kids

Top 5 Benefits of Copper Water Bottle for Kids

Nature is the best healer. The presence of natural elements in our lifestyle can help us stay healthier. Perhaps, this awareness is motivating more and more parents to opt for a copper water bottle for their kids. The pure copper water bottle’s benefits are plenty.  Ayurveda and copper water bottle

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Robotics Classes for Kids In New York, NYC

Robotics Classes for Kids In New York: Try Moonpreneur

If your child likes to break or scrutinize the electric toy rather than play with it or takes a keen interest in science investigations, division, and multiplication, then there’s a high chance that they’ll love to study Robotics. Qualifying as the science of the future, Robotics Classes is a rapidly

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Programming For Kids

Programming for Kids: 10 Benefits

We may be familiar with the word programming, though we may not be knowing what it is all about. Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tells a computer how to perform a task. Programming can be done using a variety of computer programming languages such

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Vedic Math Tricks

10 Vedic Math Tricks Every Child Should Know

India has given a lot of valuable gems of knowledge to the world and Vedic Maths is just one of them. The term ‘Vedic’ came from the Sanskrit word ‘Veda’, which means ‘Knowledge’ and Vedic Math is a super collection of methodologies derived by ancient scholars of solve math

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Robotics Books For Kids

5 Best Robotics Books for Kids You Must Read Today

Books have always been a beacon of knowledge for teaching young minds various concepts about life and learning. Robotics is a futuristic science and will dominate the job market in the near future. Getting the kids interested in this field is easier when they are young as their minds are

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