Introduction To Robotics For Kids

[Video] Introduction To Robotics For Kids

Robotics is the science of the future, a study that focuses on machines and what they can do for humans. Mankind has progressed immensely in this particular field. The video shows how introduction to robotics at a young age requires a more fun approach. “Robotics for Kids” video begins with

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TiE Young Entrepreneurs PitchFest

Join us for TYE 2022 – TiE Young Entrepreneurs PitchFest

Date: May 15, 2022, 11 AM CST  Duration: 60 minutes  Register for Event: Link It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to witness creativity and innovativeness galore at our upcoming TYE 2022 PitchFest. The event will see young enthusiasts presenting business ideas to the global leaders, which will be

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College Applications

[Video] Top Tips to Stand Out on Your College Applications

A session that held so much information for the students. Alok Jain (CEO and Co-founder) of Moonpreneur invited Arthur Smith (College Counselor at AcceptU, Ex Assistant Dean, Admissions and Advising – College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University), for sharing some deep concepts and methodologies that a student needs to

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Online Robotics Classes For Kids

Guide for Parents: How To Select Online Robotics Classes for Kids

The ed-tech sector has seen a major diversification in recent years. Demand for specialized courses through online teaching has risen manifold. Robotics is one such course that has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand. Robotics is the science of the future, the parents who are technologically aware want their children

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How to Learn Robotics: 10 Tips for Children

Robotics is a fascinating stream, and robotics technology has revolutionized the world so much that everyone’s path is laid through the field of robotics. Robots find applications across industries. They are used to automate warehouses supplying eCommerce giants, undertake sensitive surgeries, assist the International Space Station (ISS) with a robot

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how to choose a summer camp

How To Choose A Summer Camp for Your Child

Choosing the ideal summer camp that suits your child’s personality, interests, and requirements might be difficult. However, picking the right camp can have a huge effect on a child’s growth. Nowadays, a plethora of camps are available for children. With so many alternatives available, picking one can make you feel

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Top Robotics Facts

Astonishing Robotics Facts You Didn’t Know About

“We’re fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves” –  Ken Goldberg Is it possible that robots are true representations of us? What did the first robot look like? What exactly does the term “robot” imply? Here you may learn about amazing robot trivia, history, and much more. Everyone

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