Business Board Games for Kids

Top 10 Business Board Games for Kids

Business Board Games for Kids


There’s no doubt that business board games are a great way for kids to learn about important entrepreneurial skills and business skills. But with so many different games on the market, how do you know which ones are the best? Here is a list of the top 10 business board games for kids in 2023.

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These games are not only entertaining, but they also teach valuable skills like financial literacy, strategy, and teamwork. 

1. Monopoly

Many board games can teach kids about business, but Monopoly is perhaps the most well-known. In Monopoly, players compete to amass wealth by buying and trading properties.

The game provides a great opportunity to teach kids about basic economic concepts like supply and demand and more advanced concepts like monopolies and oligopolies. Monopoly can also be used to teach kids about financial planning and budgeting.

2. The Game of Life

The Game Of Life is a classic board game that simulates real-life experiences. Players must make choices about their education, careers, and investments and manage their finances as they travel around the game board.

The game of life is a great way to teach kids about financial planning and responsibility.

3. The Entrepreneur Game

This game is all about starting and running your own business. Players must choose a product or service to sell, then create a marketing plan and budget to get their business up and running.

Once they’re up and running, they must manage their finances carefully to keep their businesses afloat. The first player to make a profit wins the game!

4. Business Tycoon

In this game, players take on the role of a tycoon, trying to make as much money as possible by investing in different businesses.

They can buy and sell stocks, start their businesses, and even engage in shady activities to get ahead! The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

5. Capitalism

In Capitalism, players are entrepreneurs competing to accumulate the most wealth. The game board represents different aspects of the economy, and players can use their money to invest in these areas. Players must invest their money wisely to make more money while also trying to avoid going bankrupt.

They can also use their money to buy businesses, which generate income and can be upgraded. The goal of the game is to become the richest player.

6. GoVenture

This game is perfect for teaching children the basics of running a business, from marketing and sales to production and finance. In GoVenture, players take on the role of different businesses in a town, trying to make the most money by selling their products to customers.

They’ll need to use their resources wisely, though, as they’ll also have to pay taxes and keep their businesses running smoothly. 

7. Pay Day

In this game, players must manage their finances over a month by making choices about income, expenses, and investments.

At the end of the month, players must pay their bills and taxes, and whoever has the most money left over wins the game.

8. Brass: Lancashire

This economic strategy game is set in the industrial revolution era, and players must compete to develop their industries and expand their businesses.

It’s a great way to teach kids about how businesses work while giving them plenty of opportunities to make decisions and take risks.

9. Steam: Rails to Riches

In this game, players take on the role of 19th-century railway entrepreneurs, striving to build the most efficient and profitable rail network possible. The game is extremely interactive, with players constantly making deals and bargaining with one another to get ahead.

It’s a great way to teach kids about supply and demand and basic economics.  

10. The Gold Quest 

The Gold Quest is a board game designed to teach players about business. Two to four players play the game, and the goal is to earn the most money by the end of the game. The game is played on a board with spaces for each player to place their pieces. Each player has a deck of cards, and they draw and play cards to move their pieces around the board. 

The game can be won by either earning the most money or having the most pieces on the board at the end of the game.


Moonpreneur Business Board Game

Moonpreneur Business Board Game is one of the very few board games which is highly interactive and thought-provoking. The players get a chance to challenge their abilities to know whether they have entrepreneurial instincts and vision.

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This game will teach you the nuances of entrepreneurship and makes you sit together with your family challenging each other in the exciting journey of this innovative game. Remember the player with the maximum inventory and cash becomes the winner!!

Final Thoughts

There are many business board games for kids available on the market today. These games can teach children various business aspects, from marketing and advertising to financial management. Playing business board games can help children develop important skills they can use in their future careers.

At Moonpreneur we aim to engage kids and enhance their interest in STEM and Entrepreneurship related subjects. To know more, enroll in our 60-minute Free Workshop or talk to our program consultant at +1 (855) 550-0571

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