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Our Innovator Program is one year long and is divided into four stages namely Exploration, Foundation, Prototyping, and Launch where each stage has a duration of three months with a distinct outcome. This means that each stage provides a complete learning experience and is a module as a whole. So, students will gain entrepreneurial and technical knowledge and receive the outcome after the completion of every stage. We recommend that students complete the entire program to see the best results.

Our program has been designed in such a way that it does not interrupt your child’s school schedule and curriculum. Students are required to put in only 1-2 hours during weekdays. The remaining sessions, assignments, extracurricular activities are carried out during the weekends.

The program is offered online.

Product-based learning is the core of our program. We teach using simulators and ship learning kits such as Embedded Learner UNO Kit V2 developed by Moonpreneur Innovation Lab to our students so that our mentors can guide them step-by-step during the sessions with their projects.

The first stage of our program is Exploration where we introduce children to various technologies such as robotics, app development, game development, and more. Children get an insight into various technologies and by the end of this stage, children can discover the subject that interests them the most. Children who have already figured out the stream of their choice can directly commence from stage 2 (Foundation).

Since our program is meant for children between the ages of 8-17, we encourage parents to be involved to a certain extent. This is especially important when making vital decisions such as in case of finance-related issues or while communicating with our industry experts or even for ensuring a smooth-sailing and coordinated work submission from your child.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of every child. We are always ready to make suitable arrangements to accommodate children with special needs so that they can tap into their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit just like everyone!

This program is designed to build upon the idea and interest of the child and we believe no two children are alike when it comes to their interests and aptitude even if they are siblings. In our experience, it is best for each child to build on their own unique individual ideas to extract the maximum out of the program.

Your child can go on a short vacation anytime. However, we recommend that your child completes the stage that they are currently pursuing before taking a long vacation. They can come back and begin the next stage to ensure continuity.

Of course! All students receive a digital certificate by Moonpreneur upon completion of the Innovator Program.

Yes, our program is available in all states within the country and beyond.

Unlike other EdTech companies, Moonpreneur has a very stringent process in place to hire instructors. Instructors are vetted thoroughly before joining and go through an extensive and rigorous training program. All our instructors are highly qualified and come from reputable colleges and universities.

Moonpreneur focuses on giving their students future-ready skills such as AI, Robotics, App Development, Game Development, Home Automation, and more. while helping them understand what it takes to turn an innovative idea into reality. Our program is uniquely designed to build on the interest and passion of children while paving the way for their entrepreneurial journey. Our programs also cover art, video creation, social media marketing, creative writing, and more, to help connect all the pieces that convert an innovative idea into a final commercialized product.

Moonpreneur encourages its students to wear their thinking hats and creative capes and come up with innovative ideas and shape them into reality. The program is outcome-based and therefore offers a product-first approach to learning. It offers a chance to gain hands-on entrepreneurship training through product-development experience. The program will help students not just in gaining exceptional skills but also in building impressive college resumes.

Our enrollment process is quite simple. All you need to do is go to our subject pages, select the right plan for your child, and register. You can also take a free trial class to get an experience of the program.

Yes, our instructors provide complete support needed by the student in every stage to create the product.

We have rarely witnessed this as we allow all children to explore various streams before discovering their interests. However, if a child is insistent, we can help in changing their stream midway. We have a process in place for any such requests.

You can pay the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual fee based on your convenience. You can either pay by credit or debit card or you can make the payment using PayPal. 

We recommend continuing with the same instructor for ease of continuity. Along with teaching about futuristic streams, our instructors also understand the mind of the child and understand their likes & interests.

Each child is assigned to an instructor. They can send their queries to their instructor via email and they respond as soon as possible.

No, our students do not need to buy anything before the program assuming they already have a laptop at home. However, once the program begins, the students will need learning kits to facilitate experiments and simulations. All these kits are included in our program fee.

We have a very simple, and yet effective method of evaluating our students in every session. Along with regular quizzes and assignments, we also have two-teacher classrooms, where one is teaching and the other is observing the students for their knowledge assimilation, interaction, and interest in the session.

Learning ‘Entrepreneurship’ can be challenging but not impossible. For Moonpreneur, Entrepreneurship encompasses leadership and soft skills. At a tender age, students can understand the importance of self-reliance, confidence, and leadership skills better than most adults. This is because as the children are growing, they learn to do a lot of tasks by themselves. This helps their self-esteem grow by many folds. It is not about teaching Entrepreneurship, but developing an Entrepreneurial and Innovative mindset, which is much needed for the Future of Work.

Finance and money play a vital role in day-to-day life. Moonpreneur wishes to prepare students with proper knowledge of financial management to prepare them for the future. Finance management helps a student understand the value of money, management of finance for rainy days, and finance options available. It is very important for children to realize how money works, to give them confidence. On a lighter note, they should understand how difficult it is for parents to earn.

The Innovator Program inculcates a strong feeling of innovating or leading a change, so you might have a successful innovator or entrepreneur by the time program ends. After completion of the 1-year course, the students can graduate to the Tier-1 Innovator Program and Then the Tier-II program (which are advanced programs). The Program is designed to further strengthen college application, learn advanced skills, and much more.

Every student enrolled in Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program is motivated to come up with a product/service that is out of the box. Our team guides every student to realize their potential as well as guide them through the process. We will help students to launch their product or service on various crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. This helps students become self-reliant, learn about the potential of their idea, and raise the funds without relying on any organization. We also have our own fund-raising platform Moonfunded to take students through the process of crowd-funding.

We teach C, Python, and coding to curious minds through a hands-on learning experience. Our faculty has weaved sessions in a manner that a student learns fundamentals while being constantly motivated to experiment as well as garner hands-on learning experience through online platforms like ROBLOX and more.

We teach both Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno to curious minds through hands-on learning kits. Our faculty has weaved sessions in a manner that a student learns fundamentals while being constantly motivated to experiment as well as garner hands-on learning experience.

Yes, you can opt to not attend these classes. However, we recommend not to skip Saturday classes as they are based on soft skills. These skills help develop leadership skills that are vital in today’s world. These sessions are recorded, so you can access them later at your convenience. 

Saturday classes focus on the development of soft skills like people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, and social intelligence. While the Sunday classes are dedicated to clearing doubts that students might be struggling with.

As we are a global company with students in various countries, we try to ensure that the session timings are at level with everyone’s schedule. In case you are facing any issues, then feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to ease your concern and get back to you with a plausible solution. Also, all sessions are recorded so you can access any session at your convenience. 

We are a Silicon valley-based ed-tech company operating from multiple locations and our students are spread across 9+ countries. We believe that diversity is a strong suit that has enabled our company to spread its wings across the globe. Our faculty or instructors come from all walks of life and countries.

The Innovator Program has witnessed a rapid MOM increase in the number of students with the lowest dropout rate in the industry. We are currently imparting the program to 1500+ students, every month, across 9+ countries.

In today’s world, practical knowledge is the key factor to ace in any field. This is where schools lack. The school curriculum is based on theoretical knowledge with minimum exposure to real devices or workings. Moonpreneur, with its hands-on learning kits, is bridging the gap and creating a global platform for students to learn while they experiment and collaborate. Also, Moonpreneur is strictly against spoon-feeding knowledge. We build curiosity in children for the field of their interest before building a solid base. 

Apart from academic grades, extracurricular activities and essays play an important role in college admissions. Most colleges want to admit a well-rounded student with exceptional soft skills and proven expertise on topics other than what is taught in schools, which demonstrates qualities such as curiosity, imagination, problem-solving and critical thinking. Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program grooms students to create, launch, market, and sell innovative products, thereby demonstrating a high level of skills. 

#Grammar Schools are like Charter Schools in the US. Private schools are expensive in the UK and difficult to get into – students need to give exams and build a profile to get into it.

Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program is designed for children aged 8-17. Each child is mentored according to their interest and skills. While some of the core teachings are the same, we build on each student’s interest making it a different experience based on their idea, knowledge, interest, ability, and skills. 

We make students future-ready. The Innovator Program (Robotics) comes with a unique blend of gaining technical knowledge of robotics and entrepreneurial skills. Students receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits on robotics, right from its foundation to the advanced process of Product Development Lifecycle, and introduction to eCommerce platforms.

Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program is a scientifically designed program that takes care of every aspect of learning. It is a holistic learning process, and it starts with exploration. In the Exploration stage, children go through a brainstorming session, and the journey helps them discover their skills and their area of interest, following which they move to the next stage of learning. The program includes a hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits on robotics. After that, they move to the advanced stage of learning and indulge in the process of prototyping robots, and marketing the same.

We have a global team of subject matters experts (SME) from countries like the US, UK, India, and more. The SMEs are mostly industry experts who impart practical knowledge and help children in becoming future-ready. Our project guides are highly qualified from renowned universities in their respective fields. We follow a stringent hiring process, and each instructor is vetted thoroughly by a panel of experts. 

Moonpreneur has its footprints in the USA, UK, UAE, India, Malaysia, Kenya, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Our online sessions follow the respective time zones to make it convenient for both the students and the parents.

The college selection board considers robust, diversified application and to ace college admission, students have to set a goal, chalk out a plan, and be determined. A consistent, diversified story makes an application powerful. Grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, and essays should define a student in a positive, synced, and balanced manner. One should make sure that the extracurricular activities are relevant to the degree a student wishes to pursue. Moonpreneur helps students in creating a robust resume by taking them through experiential learning and entrepreneurial experience.

Soft skills are the ability to interact effectively with society, which includes family, friends, neighbors, at school, college, workplace, and more. Inculcating social skills in children is as important as academics because they will play a critical role in their success. Hard skills and social skills complement each other, and the demand for professionals possessing both are higher. In many well-known organizations, soft skills are the differentiator while hiring people.

A prototype is a testimony to a child’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills. They can transform a prototype into a future product that will not only solve the problems of the people but will embellish the children’s resume and give them an edge while entering the future.

Technology is future-proof, and game & app development are arms of technology. It helps to gain technical knowledge and growth. These streams not only help in enhancing the child’s programming skills such as C++, C#, HTML5, and JavaScript but also open up entrepreneurial opportunities, boost problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills.

Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program is process-based learning. It focuses on experiential learning and encourages children to indulge in offline activities by including learning kits that are shipped to them. The screen time is limited to a few sessions per week, following which students do offline activities based on their learnings.

The per hour price includes the price of weekday classes, weekend classes, and the learning kit that we provide. No, you won’t get a rebate if you don’t use Saturday and Sunday classes as we always give you discounted prices.