Live Classroom Sessions

Here’s a glimpse of what our classroom sessions look like. These sessions are primarily aimed at giving your child in-depth knowledge based on their interest and bringing their innovations to life. The live classroom sessions will take your child to the world of futuristic technologies and create their products through hands-on learning and product development experience.

Life Skill Sessions

Boost your child’s entrepreneurial skills with our experts from various fields. These experts will help in unleashing your child’s untapped potential and impart relevant knowledge necessary to become an entrepreneur. These sessions will help in enhancing your child’s creativity with sessions in eCommerce, video creation, social media management, and content writing.

Industry Leader Sessions

Hear our experts talk on hot topics including neuroscience, virtual reality, art, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and more. Let your child gain valuable insight on various streams from our experienced guest speakers. Right from art to psychology, your child can learn about a spectrum of varied skills needed to stay updated for their future.