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    Moonpreneur’s College Prep Program helps students rise above other applicants. The program thoroughly addresses the need to give your child the edge in the early stages of their life. A child who enrolls at Moonpreneur in 8th grade proceeds to learn Product Design and entrepreneurship throughout the years only to develop their own idea or passion project by the time they are in 12th grade! Students share the experience they gain while working on their passion project and how it shaped their perspectives in college essays to gain an edge in the admission process.

    Climb the ladder of success
    with Moonpreneur

    Moonpreneur’s Ladder Of Success has 5 stages which are designed to help your child navigate through the learning process and become an entrepreneur while they are pursuing their subject of interest in their dream colleges!

    Product design (8-9 Months)

    For: 8TH, 9TH & 10TH Graders

    Product Design combines Printed Circuit Board and Mechanical Designing, which enhances your child’s skills in imagining, creating, and iterating products. They learn Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to produce 3D models of machine parts, components, and assemblies.

    Success story: Water bottle reminder

    This project was designed by Dottie Rose Foundation students and launched on Moonfunded (a Crowdfunding platform).
    The Water Bottle Reminder is a portable product that can be wrapped around any Water Bottle. The device will trigger an alarm after equal intervals of time to remind the user to drink some water

    Passion project (12-24 Months)

    FOR: 8th, 9th & 10th Graders

    A true innovator and entrepreneur always build tech to help make the world a better place to live in. At Moonpreneur, your child will learn to use the gained knowledge to build upon their own unique idea, which may have the potential to bring about a positive change in society! We call it — a PASSION PROJECT!

    Meet Sania Jain - Creator of Sania box

    Sania Jain who is just 15 years old was a student in Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program and she successfully converted her ideas into reality.
    Sania designed and launched her first product — The Sania Box – Embedded Computer Kit to help children learn to code more easily and raised a whopping $8000 on Kickstarter!

    Gain our expert counseling

    FOR: 11th & 12th Graders

    Armed with your Passion Project, it’s now time to showcase years of hard work, knowledge, and skills in your college applications. Moopreneur provides college counseling for its students, where our experts help them prepare for college admission.
    Our counselors evaluate academic and extracurricular profiles, as well as provide guidance on writing essays. We cater to the goals and expectations of our diverse student pool with an experienced staff of experts.

    Hear From Stephen Friedfeld

    Co-Founder and COO of AcceptU, Ex-Assistant Dean of Admissions at Cornell,
    Ex-Associate Dean of Graduate Admissions at Princeton University

    “If you are a Moonpreneur student, you will write better essays. The reason is most selective universities will ask what do you want to study and why?
    If you have Moonpreneur’s experience, you can articulate what you want to study and why based on your project and your experience in leadership and entrepreneurship.”

    Go to your dream college

    Here you go! This is the time to apply for your dream college and submit your application. The entrepreneurship knowledge gained with us infused with Passion Project will help your child outshine!

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    What are extracurricular activities and
    how Moonpreneur can help

    A unique and highly comprehensive extracurricular profile is essential to creating a competitive college application. There is a great need to bring to light your personal and intellectual interests and maximize your possibilities of standing out above the crowd. SAT/ACT is becoming optional/blind, a lot more weightage is now given to GPA and extracurriculars, which are becoming core expertise now!
    Moonpreneur helps you gain technical knowledge of futuristic streams and entrepreneurial -skills. Students (ages 7-16) will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes right from its foundation to the process of prototyping a product and marketing the same

    Leadership Activities


    Academic Teams and Clubs


    Community Outreach and Volunteerism


    Moonpreneur will Help You In
    Essay Support

    Your personal statement and supplemental essays hold a unique degree of importance on the success of your college application. We provide every student with soft skills and creative writing skills to help them write their essay. This skill set continues to benefit students in their future writing endeavors.

    Videos on different aspects related to college admissions

    Inspirational success

    Our teaching methodology is built on process-oriented learning, and it has experienced significant success. Hear what our talented alumni have to say about us.