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A wise man once said that a good teacher has the potential to change the world. Moonpreneur is blessed to have one of the best faculty in the industry. We adhere to strict scrutiny and vet individuals before inculcating them into our family. Our teachers and advisors have years of experience and boast of being experts in their own respective fields.

  • Ken Burke

    CEO EntrepreneurNOW!
    Network and Microcasting Networks

    A practicing entrepreneur for 25 years, Ken has 4 successful ventures under his belt. Currently the CEO of two eLearning companies, Ken is a mentor for several start-ups. His teachings guide and aid 1000s of entrepreneurs every year.

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  • Ali Davoudi

    Million Air

    Ali attended Carnegie Mellon and received his JD/MBA from the University of Houston. He is an entrepreneur as well as an angel investor in many start-ups, as well as more mature companies.

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  • Upen Varanasi

    CEO & Chairman,
    Riversand Technologies

    Upen Varanasi has joined Moonpreneur as an Investor and Advisor. He is an alumnus of the IIT-M. His vast industrial knowledge and experience has always been valuable to Moonpreneur.

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  • Ram Viswanathan

    President & CEO, Nathan Research Inc

    Ram Viswanathan is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur. He actively engages in identifying, mentoring, coaching, funding, and growing businesses in the startup ecosystem.

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  • Hemant Kale

    Founder, Fortune
    Makers LLC

    An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Hemant’s technical and managerial skills has helped him develop problem-solving techniques to aid the growth of several businesses.

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  • Mohd. Shameem Jawed

    Chair, Entrepreneurship Development at IIM Visakhapatnam Bengaluru, India

    Mohd. Shameem Jawedan is an educator with deep knowledge in technology and significant experience in Entrepreneurship Development. He has helped spark the inspiration of entrepreneurship in several students and helped businesses with his experience and expertise.

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  • Jeby Cherian

    Chairman, Blubirch and Co-creating Isha
    Leadership Academy at
    Isha Foundation
    Bengaluru, India

    A finance wizard, he holds an MBA degree from the University of the Chicago Graduate School of Business. He has played crucial roles in top-notch organizations such as IBM Global Business Services (GBS), Price Waterhouse Management Consultants, and Dubai Petroleum.

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  • Dr. Shambavi Aamir Alve

    Psychologist and
    Therapist Guwahati,

    She completed her Ph.D. in Psychology and holds an MBA degree in Human Resources. She is presently working as a visiting counselor at the Indian Air Force station of Guwahati and Kendriya Vidyalaya School Borjhar (Guwahati).

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  • Nagesh Konduru

    Founder & CEO, Banyan Cloud, Entrepreneur, and an Angel Investor

    Nagesh Konduru has more than two decades of experience in the IT industry and has worked at the early stage of Apple Inc. He is also an active angel investor focused on technology start-ups and is always willing to support budding entrepreneurs.

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  • Rod Robinson

    Advisory Board Member, Techstars

    A Supplier Diversity Expert and a brilliant Software Entrepreneur. He has an industrial experience of more than 25 years and is currently serving as Senior Vice President - Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence at Insight Sourcing Group.

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  • Corey Johnson

    Club Channel Product Supply Senior Director at Procter & Gamble

    Corey Johnson, is a well-versed professional in supply chain management. He has proven his proficiency in accomplishing tasks exceedingly well. His experience has proven helpful in accelerating value creation for Moonpreneur.

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  • Mahavir Jain

    Interactive Service
    Line Leader

    Mahavir Jain, an IIT-Madras alumnus, has more than a decade of experience in a wide variety of fields with the likes of companies like Infosys, and presently Cognizant has been immensely helpful in taking Moonpreneur to heights.

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  • Alok Jain, the co-founder, and CEO of Moonpreneur, is an IIT-B alumnus and is passionate about teaching and guiding the young generation toward the path of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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  • Vikas Shukla is an alumnus of the IIT (BHU), he is one of the most innovative minds in technology and envisions a world where every child is an innovator.

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  • A tech guru and an entrepreneur. He started his first venture when he was in college and since then has worked for several top US software companies.

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  • Sailesh Malhotra

    Managing Director,

    He has served as a former Managing Director of Accenture and a Global Technology Leader. In his 30 years of experience, he has worked with brands like Tata Steel, Xansa, and Accenture.

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  • Saurabh Gupta

    Data Strategy &
    Governance at ThoughtWorks

    Saurabh Gupta, an alumnus of IIT- Kharagpur is a business leader with roots in technology, and data strategy. His knowledge of technology and entrepreneurial competencies has been helpful in accelerating Moonpreneur’s growth.

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  • Keshav Patil

    Senior Product & Technology Executive

    Keshav Patil, is a strategic executive, whose extensive entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial experience and expertise in solving complicated problems as well as delivering market-dominating, award-winning technology has helped Moonpreneur to scale further.

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  • Ashok H. Varma

    A Visionary and A Business Leader

    Ashok H. Varma, an IIT- Kanpur alumnus, is a leader, mentor, and team-building expert. His strong connections and experience has helped in cultivating and nurturing businesses and start-ups at every crucial level.

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  • Hetal Sonpal

    and Advisor for Startups

    A dynamic business leader. He has experience working with leading Global MNCs such as Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Wipro. Hetal is also an advisor and mentor with a Midas touch. He has an engagement with over 100 startups and mentoring another 25 startups.

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  • K.D. Gulko

    STEM Subject
    Matter Expert

    Gulko’s expertise lies in finding creative solutions, building a great culture, data-centered actionable insights, and troubleshooting complex technical problems. She is proficient in various technical tools such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Git, and Github.

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  • Anurag Negi

    Project Manager - Technical,

    Anurag, the tech enthusiast who breathes, lives, and dreams technology, is an expert in robotics, automation, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics, AI, and IoT. With his exceptional skills, he not only excels in these fields but also has a knack for imparting knowledge and training young minds.

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  • Deepanshi Negi

    Robotics Trainer,

    Deepanshi is a young professional with a degree in Business Administration from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She possesses a passion for leadership, project management, and finance. With a strong foundation in these areas, she excels in her professional endeavors and consistently delivers exceptional results.

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  • Roshan Raut

    Project Guide at Moonpreneur

    Roshan Raut is a robotics instructor at Moonpreneur. Roshan has great expertise in tackling practical problems pertaining to Robotics and his experience has been immensely helpful in designing innovative products for Moonpreneur.

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  • Mihir Paul

    Project Guide
    and STEM educator
    at Moonpreneur

    Mihir Paul, graduated as a student of Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds an experience in marketing, social media management, as well as editorial and writing work with various news magazines, newspapers, and websites. His expertise has helped Moonpreneur in guiding students in their respective endevours.

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  • Uttara Verma

    Gamification Head
    at Moonpreneur

    An entrepreneur who is passionate about education and games. He has multiple years of IT experience in some of the world’s leading firms in IT, retail and consulting domains.

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  • Dr. Amrinder Kaur

    Co-founder of Pink
    Guava Consulting and
    Training Services

    She has over over 14 years of expertise in teaching modules such as Operations Management, Service Marketing, Entrepreneurship Development, and Environment Management.

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Deepanshi Negi

Robotics Trainer,

Deepanshi is a young professional with a degree in Business Administration from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She possesses a passion for leadership, project management, and finance. With a strong foundation in these areas, she excels in her professional endeavors and consistently delivers exceptional results.

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