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    Kids Shows for Thanksgiving


    Kids Shows For Thanksgiving

    Gobble, gobble, gobble! It's Thanksgiving time, and that means it's time for some fun and festive entertainment!

    S.No. List of Thanksgiving Shows
    1 A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving
    2 The Berenstain Bears - Thanksgiving Turkey
    3 Turkey Hollow
    4 Garfield's Thanksgiving
    5 Mickey Mouse: "The Wonderful Mickey Mouse"
    6 Wild Kratts
    7 Trolls Holiday
    8 Waffles + Mochi's Holiday Feast
    9 Invincible
    10 Free Birds

    Whether your kids are into cartoons, live-action, or educational programming, there’s a Thanksgiving-themed kids show for everyone out there. And the best part is, these shows can help your kids learn about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving while they’re having fun.

    So if you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained and engaged on Thanksgiving, check out some of these great kids shows that are sure to sprinkle a bit of joy into your Thanksgiving festivities.

    Thanksgiving Quote

    1. A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving

    No list of Kids Shows for Thanksgiving is complete without the timeless classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Join Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang as they navigate the challenges of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for their friends. Packed with humor and life lessons, this show is a perennial favorite that captures the essence of gratitude and togetherness.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    2. The Berenstain Bears – Thanksgiving Turkey

    For a dose of nostalgia and life lessons, The Berenstain Bears bring their charm to the Thanksgiving table. In this special episode, the Bear family learns about the true meaning of Thanksgiving as they encounter the ups and downs of preparing a festive feast. With relatable characters and gentle storytelling, this Kids Show strikes the right balance between entertainment and education.

    The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Turkey

    3. Turkey Hollow 

    For a whimsical adventure that combines puppets and live-action, “Turkey Hollow” is a hidden gem. Produced by the Jim Henson Company, this Kids Show follows a family as they embark on a Thanksgiving trip to the quirky town of Turkey Hollow. Filled with magical creatures and heartwarming moments, it’s a delightful escape into a world where Thanksgiving takes on a whole new dimension.

    Turkey Hollow

    4. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

    Everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat, Garfield, takes center stage in this hilarious Thanksgiving special. In “Garfield’s Thanksgiving,” our feline friend faces the dilemma of a food-centric holiday. Filled with Garfield’s trademark wit and humor, this Kids Show is a feast for both laughter and Thanksgiving spirit.

    Garfields Thanksgiving

    5. Mickey Mouse: “The Wonderful Mickey Mouse”

    Disney’s beloved characters, including Mickey Mouse and friends, join forces to create a heartwarming Thanksgiving tale. In “The Wonderful Mickey Mouse,” the gang comes together to put on a Thanksgiving play. With a touch of Disney magic, this Kids Show celebrates friendship and the joy of giving, making it a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving festivities.

    Mickey Mouse The Wonderful Mickey Mouse 2

    6. Wild Kratts

    This Thanksgiving, let the Kratt brothers and “Wild Kratts: Thanksgiving Creature Feature” be the highlight of your Kids Shows lineup. Their captivating blend of education and entertainment ensures that your holiday celebration is not only filled with laughter and joy but also leaves a lasting impression on young minds. So, gather the family around and embark on a wild Thanksgiving adventure with the Kratt brothers—a journey that promises to be both educational and wildly entertaining.

    Wild Kratts

    7. Trolls Holiday

    For a Thanksgiving celebration filled with color, laughter, and heartwarming moments, add “Trolls Holiday” to your Kids Shows lineup. Let Poppy, Branch, and the Trolls take your family on a musical journey that celebrates the true spirit of the holidays. As you gather with loved ones, let the Trolls bring their infectious joy to your home, creating a festive atmosphere that resonates with the magic of Thanksgiving.

    Trolls Holiday

    8. Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast

    For a Thanksgiving celebration that combines entertainment with culinary education, “Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast” is the ideal Kids Show. Let Waffles, Mochi, and Mrs. Obama guide your little ones through a festive and educational journey that celebrates the joy of cooking and the richness of cultural diversity. As you gather around the holiday table, let this delightful culinary adventure add a special touch to your Thanksgiving festivities.

    Waffles Mochis Holiday Feast

    9. Invincible

    For a Thanksgiving watch that combines superhero thrills with a focus on family bonds, “Invincible” stands out as a unique choice. Dive into the world of Mark Grayson as he grapples with the challenges of being a superhero and a teenager, providing a fresh and exciting addition to your holiday entertainment. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, let “Invincible” add an extra layer of excitement to your family gathering.


    10. Free Birds

    If your kids enjoy a mix of humor and time-traveling adventures, “Free Birds” is the perfect Kids Show for your Thanksgiving watchlist. This animated film follows two turkeys who travel back in time to change the course of history and remove turkeys from the Thanksgiving menu. With a blend of comedy and a heartwarming message about friendship, this movie adds a creative twist to the Thanksgiving narrative. 

    Free Birds


    As you prepare to gather around the table with loved ones, these Kids Shows for Thanksgiving promise to infuse your celebration with laughter, lessons, and a touch of magic. Whether you opt for the classic charm of Charlie Brown, the life lessons with the Berenstain Bears, or the whimsical world of Turkey Hollow, each show brings its own unique flavor to the holiday festivities. So, as you savor the turkey and trimmings, let these Kids Shows be the cherry on top of your Thanksgiving feast—a feast of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

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