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Thanksgiving Movies For Kids
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    Top Thanksgiving Movies For Kids


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    As the scent of Thanksgiving fills the air, what are your plans, beyond the familial gatherings, sumptuous feasts, and retail adventures? What about infusing this cherished holiday with some cinematic delight, curled up with your family and friends?

    We have compiled a list of movies for your consideration, and you can add more movie titles that have been on your wish list to kickstart your movie binge. So, without further ado, let’s check the list.

    1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 1973

    We’ll start with the animated classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Based on Charles M. Schulz’s iconic comic strip Peanuts, it premiered on television in 1973 and won the hearts of viewers of all ages with its lovable characters and enduring message. Director duo Bill Melendez and Phil Roman are credited with bringing this engaging tale to the screen. 

    This holiday special follows the lovable Peanuts group as they deal with the difficulties of planning an unplanned Thanksgiving meal.  The protagonist of the tale is Charlie Brown, who makes an effort to prepare a special meal with the assistance of his devoted dog Snoopy and a diverse group of pals.

    Running Time: 25 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 7.7

    2. Garfield’s Thanksgiving (1989)

    Garfield’s Thanksgiving 1989

    In this special, the well-known lasagna-loving cat Garfield is forced to travel with Jon Arbuckle and his dog Odie to his family’s farm for Thanksgiving despite his reluctance. When Garfield experiences the warmth of Jon’s family and the traditions of the farm, he quickly learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving. At first, Garfield complains about the rural surroundings and the absence of his favorite lasagna.

    Garfield’s amusing antics and one-liners provide a lively touch to the holiday celebrations throughout the novel. The program places a strong emphasis on themes of appreciation, family, and the value of cooperating despite initial resistance. 

    Running Time:  24 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 7.7

    3.Home Alone (1990)

    The list would be incomplete if Macaulay Culkin’s 1990 runaway Christmas comedy Home Alone was not mentioned. 

    This film has been a source of enjoyment for three generations: our parents, us, and now our children. It tells the story of Kevin, a young boy who finds himself home alone by accident during the Christmas holiday when his entire family leaves. 

    As his family rushes back upon realizing their mistake, Kevin must face a series of challenges to protect his home from burglars who happen to be some of the most notorious criminals around. 

    You’ll effortlessly glide through the film and savor every single minute of it.

    Running Time:  1 hour and 43 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 7.7

    4. Home Alone 3 (1997)

    Home Alone 3, which was Raja Gosnell’s directorial debut, starred Alexander David Linz and successfully captured the same delightful quirkiness that made the first installment so memorable.

    Running Time:  1 hour and 42 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 4.6

    5. Ratatouille (2007)

    Ratatouille 2007

    Pixar Animation Studios’ highly successful animated movie Ratatouille was released in 2007. Remy, a gifted young rat with an exceptional palate and a desire to become a top-tier chef, is the subject of the film.

    The movie, which is set in the center of Paris, follows Remy’s adventure as he develops an odd friendship with Linguini, a young and inexperienced kitchen worker at the illustrious Gusteau’s restaurant. Using Remy’s culinary expertise and Linguini’s kitchen savvy, they successfully navigate the hectic culinary world. Both diners and critics are enthralled by the delicious flavor combination that results from their collaboration.

    In addition to its beautiful animation, “Ratatouille” is praised for its endearing story, which explores themes of passion, creativity, and pursuing one’s ambitions. The movie beautifully depicts French food as well as the magic that can be created when talent, willpower, and teamwork are combined.

    Running Time:  1 hour 51 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 8.1

    6. The Gruffalo (2009)

    The Guffalo 2009

    Based on the well-known children’s book of the same name, The Gruffalo is a fun animated short film written and created by Axel Scheffler. 2009 saw the initial release of the movie.

    The plot centers on a cunning mouse who travels through a vast, dark forest. The mouse runs into several predators along the journey, including a fox, an owl, and a snake, all of which view the mouse as a potential meal. The Gruffalo is a fictional beast with terrifying claws and teeth that the mouse creates to avoid being eaten for dinner.

    The mouse quickly learns, much to its astonishment, that the Gruffalo is real and really eager to meet the mouse. Following this realization, the mouse devises a cunning plan that ultimately outsmarts the Gruffalo and the other predators.

    Running Time:  27 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 7.5

    7. A Family Thanksgiving (2010)

    An endearing television movie called A Family Thanksgiving debuted in 2010. The movie’s protagonist is Claudia (Daphne Zuniga), a successful attorney who has neglected her family and the true spirit of Thanksgiving because she is so focused on her job. When Claudia has a remarkable experience after a chance encounter with a mystery woman, she is sent back in time to her youth and given the option to relive a significant Thanksgiving from her past.

    Claudia rediscovers the value of her family, love, and thankfulness as she navigates this incredible journey. The importance of savoring special moments with loved ones and appreciating life’s small pleasures is emphasized in the movie. Claudia picks up insightful lessons along the way that ultimately inspire her to make positive changes in her current way of living.

    Running Time:  1 hour 27 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 6.3

    8. Free Birds (2013)

    Free Birds 2013

    The film, which was directed by Jimmy Hayward, approaches the Thanksgiving holiday in an original and amusing way.

    Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson), a domesticated turkey living a contented but routine life on a farm, is the protagonist of the story. But when the US President unexpectedly pardons him, his entire existence is thrown upside down. 

    Reggie soon meets Jake (voiced by Woody Harrelson), a wild turkey with a daring scheme to alter the course of human history.

    Using the top-secret government time machine S.T.E.V.E., Reggie and Jake set out on a time-traveling adventure. 

    Their objective? Should return to the first Thanksgiving and forbid the inclusion of turkeys in the customary holiday feast.

    Running Time:  1 hour 31 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 5.8

    9. Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (2015)

    Jim Hensons Turkey Hollow 2015

    The entertaining made-for-television movie Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow, which was produced in 2015, takes audiences to a fantastical world of magic and adventure. The Emmerson family goes on a Thanksgiving vacation in quest of the elusive, fabled creature known as the “Howling Hoodoo,” which is said to live in the imaginary village of Turkey Hollow.

    The family discovers a wonderful world full of unusual personalities and unanticipated discoveries as they explore the mesmerizing wilderness.

    The inventive puppetry and animatronics that pay homage to Jim Henson’s distinctive style are what distinguish this movie from others.

    Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 5.5

    10. Little Women (2019)

    The 2019 movie Little Women is based on the same-named classic book by Louisa May Alcott. The movie, which is set in the middle of the 19th century, chronicles the lives of the March sisters as they face the difficulties and rewards of growing up. 

    The March sisters are Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Meg (Emma Watson), Amy (Florence Pugh), and Beth (Eliza Scanlen). The story jumps back and forth in time, highlighting the sisters’ diverse hardships, aspirations, and relationships.

    The movie expertly preserves the spirit of the original work while delving into issues of family, independence, aspiration, and social expectations. By fusing the past with present sensibilities, director Great Gerwig’s adaption offers a novel viewpoint and makes the narrative seem both timeless and current to contemporary audiences.

    Running Time:  2 hours 15 minutes

    IMDB Rating: 7.8

    Aim to savor the true essence of this cherished holiday, embracing the warmth of togetherness, the boundless fun that surrounds you.

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