Orion Jean spreads smiles

Orion Jean Spreads Smiles Through Empathy and Kindness

With a simple mantra of “see a problem, fix it,” Orion Jean has made huge strides in making the world a better place. As TIME’s 2021 Kid of the Year, the young prodigy has shown us all that it is possible to make a difference. Through his work with the

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Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter Worksheets – 4th Grade Math Worksheets

Worksheets on calculating the areas and perimeters of various shapes can help students learn how to solve problems related to these concepts. By practicing with these worksheets, students can become more proficient in solving questions involving square, rectangle, and triangle shapes, as well as complex figures such as parallelograms, rhombuses,

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Best School Districts in Texas

Best School Districts in Texas for 2023

One of the key decisions a parent takes is selecting the best school district for their young ones. A good school district results in a child receiving good quality education which can transform their lives and mold them into future leaders.  Although, we understand that searching for and deciding on

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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Moonpreneur wishes You Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

The chipper and carnivalesque atmosphere high on feasts evoking myriad moods of merry-making and shopping with family and friends mark the arrival of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. If Thanksgiving revolves around family fiestas where love and laughter surround dining tables laid with lip-smacking food at lavish luncheons and grand dinners

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Improve Working Memory in Kids

How to Improve Working Memory in Kids?

Working memory is a crucial component of learning and growth. It’s the ability to temporarily store information in your mind so that you can access it when needed. Working memory has been linked with academic performance, executive function (which involves planning, remembering, and reasoning), and personality development. As per the

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