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    Top AI News of 2023




    As artificial intelligence continues to reshape our world, it’s critical to keep up-to-date with the most impactful news of the year 2023. From the innovation of ChatGPT to the launch of BARD AI by Google to Generative AI in Photoshop and many more innovations, we have it all covered.

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    AI News That You’ve Missed in August 2023

     ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo Image Source: Pinterest 

    OpenAI introduces fine-tuning for GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4

    OpenAI has introduced a new feature that lets developers make its advanced language models, like GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4, work better for their own needs. With this feature, developers can adjust the models to fit their specific purposes and use them on a larger scale. This helps bring artificial intelligence (AI) closer to meeting the needs of different applications. Source: AI News 

    All-New Adobe Express With Firefly Brings Generative AI to Creators Worldwide

    Adobe Express

    On August 16 Adobe showcased the exciting version of the all-new Adobe Express, announcing the general availability for desktop web. The latest version of the AI-first, all-in-one content creation app with Firefly beta generative AI capabilities is revolutionizing creative expression, making it faster, easier and more fun for users of all skill levels. It will help them design and share unique content Source : Adobe

    Kneron’s auto-grade KL730 NPU chip revolutionizes edge AI 

    Kneron’s KL730 Qualcomm-supported company Kneron has introduced a new special chip called KL730. This chip is designed to be helpful for edge AI, which means it can process information right where it’s collected, without needing to send it far away. The unique features of this chip is that it has a built-in Image Signal Processor, which helps with handling images. This chip is also good for security and uses energy efficiently. It’s a big step forward in making AI work better on devices. Source: AI News

    ChatGPT expands ‘Custom Instructions’ to free users

    ChatGPT Now, even if you’re using the free version of ChatGPT, you can use “Custom Instructions.” This feature, which was first available to paying users, lets you guide your conversations with ChatGPT in a way that’s specific to you. This means if you’re a student looking for homework help, a writer thinking up new ideas, or just someone curious about different subjects, ChatGPT can now understand your instructions better and give you responses that are more personalized and fitting to what you’re looking for. It makes your conversations with the AI model more tailored to your needs. Source: AI News

    Meta will allow users to generate music from text using ‘AudioCraft family of models’

    Facebook’s parent company Meta has introduced a new generative AI-based tool called Audio Craft which can help users create high-quality, realistic audio and music using text prompts.  Source: Livemint

    AtomAI Brings Deep Learning to Microscopy Data Analysis Software

    Image Source: Newswise  On 23Aug Scientists have created a special computer program called AtomAI. It’s good at looking at pictures taken with powerful microscopes. AtomAI uses something called “deep learning,” which is a type of computer smarts that helps it understand what’s in a picture or some writing. Deep learning is like teaching the program to figure things out by itself. It does this by using layers of artificial brain cells, kind of like the ones in our heads. These brain cells learn how to spot different parts of a picture, from simple to more complex details. Because of this, AtomAI is even better at this job than regular computer learning, and it can understand a wider range of things in the pictures. Source: News Wise

    Instagram AI? Meta is set to launch a series of AT chatbots soon. Here’s everything we know 

    Instagram AI Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is getting ready to introduce some special computer characters that can talk to users. These characters are like virtual actors and might look like famous people from history or have fun holiday-themed personalities. Meta wants to use the power of AI to make these characters interesting and fun for people to interact with. They hope this will be a big deal in the world of AI. Source: Economic times

    AI News That You’ve Missed in July 2023

    Image source: Forbes

    AI-Designed Drapes And Blinds: The Future Of Home Decor

    FabricGenie, an innovative AI-driven platform, empowers customers to unleash their creativity by designing personalized drapes and blinds for their homes. Through the utilization of generative AI technology, FabricGenie allows users to express their desired design by providing descriptions or uploading room images and color schemes to complement. Source: Forbes

    Neko Health, The AI-based Health Tech Startup Co-founded By Spotify Co-creator Daniel Ek, Has Raised $65 Million In Its First External Round Of Funding

    Daniel Ek’s health tech startup, Neko Health, recently secured €60 million ($65 million) in its inaugural external funding round. Led by Lakestar, the Series A round also saw participation from Atomico and General Catalyst. Neko Health, established in Sweden in 2018 by Ek and Hjalmar Nilsonne, emerged from stealth mode in February. Their innovative approach revolves around preventive healthcare, utilizing AI-powered full-body scans to assist medical professionals in identifying skin conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other metabolic syndromes. Source: TechCrunch Recommended Reading: Artificial Intelligence in Education: How is it Making an Impact?

    AI News That You’ve Missed in June 2023

    apple vision pro Image source: Apple

    Vision Pro: Apple’s New Augmented Reality Headset Unveiled

    Apple has unveiled its first augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro. It is controlled by a combination of hand gestures, eye tracking, and voice commands. The Vision Pro is designed to blend the real and virtual worlds. Users will be able to see digital content overlaid in the real world, such as directions, information about nearby objects, or even games. The headset also has a built-in camera that can be used to take photos and videos in 3D. Source: BBC

    AI That Uses Sketches To Detect Objects Within An Image Could Boost Tumor Detection and Search For Rare Bird Species.

    Teaching machine learning tools to detect specific objects in a specific image and discount others is a “game-changer” that could lead to advancements in cancer detection, according to leading researchers from the University of Surrey. Source: Newswise Recommended Reading: Top Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence

    edX Launches Groundbreaking AI MicroBootCamp In Partnership With Leading Universities

    edX, a leading global online learning platform, announced the launch of its groundbreaking new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence MicroBootCamp program in partnership with 12 leading universities. The intensive online program is designed to rapidly equip technology professionals with the core skills needed to excel in the dynamic fields of machine learning and AI. Source: Bloomberg

    ChatGPT Developer OpenAI To Open A First Non-US Office In London

    OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has chosen London as the location for its first international office in a boost to the UK’s attempts to stay competitive in the artificial intelligence race. The San Francisco-based company behind the popular chatbot said that it would start its expansion outside the US in the UK capital. Source: The Guardian

    Wimbledon To Feature AI Commentary And Draw Analysis

    IBM and the All England Lawn Tennis Club have announced new AI-powered features for the Wimbledon digital fan experience that will debut at this year’s Championships. The features include generative AI commentary, and AI draw analysis aimed at enhancing engagement and insight for tennis enthusiasts. Source: AI News

    AI News That You’ve Missed in May 2023

    adobe photoshop Image source: Debugpoint News

    Adobe Brings Generative AI Features To Photoshop

    Adobe has announced that it is adding generative AI features to its Photoshop software. These features will allow users to create new images from scratch or to edit existing images in a more creative way. Source: LinkedIn News

    Amex’s Credit Approval Process Gets A Boost From AI

    American Express (Amex) plans to use AI services to validate transactions, approve lines of credit, analyze customer sentiment, and predict customer finances. Amex has no intention of rolling up its own large language model, instead opting to partner with other companies. Amex has worked with Microsoft to develop cloud-based AI technologies and is looking to use AI to speed up transaction approval and analyze customer sentiment.  Source: The Street

    New Superbug-killing Antibiotic Discovered Using AI

    Scientists have used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover a new antibiotic that can kill a deadly species of superbug. The AI helped narrow down thousands of potential chemicals to a handful that could be tested in the laboratory. The result was a potent, experimental antibiotic called abaucin, which will need further tests before being used. Researchers in Canada and the US say AI has the power to massively accelerate the discovery of new drugs. Source: BBC

    This AI Startup Aims To Predict Heart Failure Before It Happens

    Israeli-based health tech company Cordio has developed machine learning software that can be downloaded to a smartphone, and help keeps cardiac patients out of the hospital. Source: Forbes

    Spotify Expands AI-powered DJ Features To UK And Ireland

    Spotify has expanded its AI-powered feature to Spotify Premium users in the UK and Ireland. DJ was first released by Spotify in February for U.S. and Canadian users. Source: Forbes

    AI News That You’ve Missed in April 2023

    bill gates

    Image source: Apple

    Bill Gates Says A.I. Chatbots Will Teach Kids To Read Within 18 Months

    Soon, artificial intelligence could help teach your kids and improve their grades. That’s according to billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who says AI chatbots are on track to help children learn to read and hone their writing skills in 18 months’ time. The AI’s will get to that ability, to be as good a tutor as any human ever could,” Gates said in a keynote talk at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego. Source: CNBC News

    Snapchat Onboards 363 Million To AI: ‘My AI’ Is Available To Everyone

    Snapchat’s AI chatbot “Spotlight” has gone worldwide, allowing users to engage in chats and pose questions to the bot. Spotlight understands and responds to users using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Spotlight’s powers will be expanded in the future, allowing it to produce and deliver Snap. Source: LinkedIn News

    AI-Equipped Eyeglasses Read The Silent Speech

    Researchers have developed a silent-speech recognition interface that uses acoustic sensing and artificial intelligence to continuously recognize up to 31 unvocalized commands based on lip and mouth movements. Source: Science Daily

    New Cyber Software Can Test The Limits Of AI’s Knowledge

    A team of researchers has developed a new software they claim can assess the true level of knowledge possessed by artificial intelligence systems. The software is designed to verify the accuracy and depth of an AI system’s understanding of a specific subject, which is important for ensuring reliable performance in various industries, from health care to finance. Source: The National News

    Boston Dynamics Robot Gets Personalized With ChatGPT AI Integration

    Boston Dynamics has merged its robot with the ChatGPT AI language model, which allows the robot to interpret and respond to normal language. The ChatGPT-powered robot can execute tasks depending on user input and generate answers in a manner that mimics human conversation. Source: LinkedIn News

    AI News That You’ve Missed in March 2023

    apple hey siri Image source: Apple

    Apple Reportedly Testing Next-Gen ‘Bobcat’ Language Generation For Siri

    Apple’s Siri is testing new AI capabilities that allow it to better understand context and ambiguity in user requests. These updates enable Siri to ask follow-up questions to clarify requests and understand what users mean when they use vague language. The new capabilities also allow Siri to interpret context from previous conversations, providing more relevant responses. Source: LinkedIn News

    Ford Launched Latitude AI For Autonomous Driving

    Ford has launched a wholly owned subsidiary Latitude AI staffed by hundreds of former employees of Argo AI that will initially focus on commercializing a hands-free, eyes-off driver-assistance system. Source: Techcrunch

    AI Draws The Most Accurate Map Of Star Birthplaces In The Galaxy

    Scientists identified about 140,000 molecular clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy from large-scale data of carbon monoxide molecules, observed in detail by the Nobeyama 45-m radio telescope. Using artificial intelligence, the researchers estimated the distance of each of these molecular clouds to determine their size and mass, successfully mapping the distribution of the molecular clouds in the Galaxy in the most detailed manner to date. Source: Science Daily

    With Firefly, Adobe Gets Into The Generative AI Game

    Adobe has unveiled Firefly, a collection of generative AI tools designed for creative professionals. The suite encompasses various capabilities, including intelligent pattern generators, automated color harmonization, and AI-driven style transfer. By offering enhanced inspiration and reducing mundane tasks, these tools aim to assist designers and artists in maximizing their creative output. Source: Techcrunch

    Kids Prefer To Learn From A Competent Robot Rather Than An Incompetent Human

    A new study finds kids would prefer to learn from a competent robot rather than an incompetent human. This study, unique in its approach of comparing a human speaker with a robot, aimed to investigate whether children prioritize social affiliation and similarity over competency when deciding whom to trust and learn from. Source: CBS News

    AI News That You’ve Missed in February 2023

    ai powered robot

    Image source: Carnegie Mellon University

    AI-Powered FRIDA Robot Collaborates With Artists

    After ChatGPT shocked the world with its abilities, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University created an AI-powered robot that, according to a press release, can create beautiful art on physical canvas with the help of simple text prompts. Source: Tomorrow’s World Today

    New AI Technology Could Change Game Prep For Super Bowl Teams

    New artificial intelligence technology being developed by engineers at Brigham Young University could significantly cut down on the time and cost that goes into film study for Super Bowl-bound teams and all NFL and college football teams while also enhancing game strategy by harnessing the power of big data. Source: Tech Xplore

    AI Can Predict The Effectiveness Of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

    Engineers at the University of Waterloo have developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict if women with breast cancer would benefit from chemotherapy prior to surgery. Source: Science Daily

    Google Introduces Bard A.I. In Response To ChatGPT

    Google introduced Bard, which is an experimental conversational AI service powered by Google’s conversation technology Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). Google officially opened up Bard to trusted testers; it will become widely available to the public on Google’s existing search capabilities in the coming weeks. Source: CNBC

    Chat GPT Reaches 100 Million Unique Monthly Users

    ChatGPT has hit an estimated 100 million monthly active users making it the fastest-growing consumer internet application in history. TikTok, in comparison, took about nine months after its global launch to reach 100 million users. Source: Forbes

    AI News That You’ve Missed in January 2023

    smart walking stick Image source: Smithsonian Magazine

    ‘Smart’ Walking Stick Could Help The Visually Impaired With Groceries And Finding A Seat

    A team of computer science engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder is tapping into advances in artificial intelligence to develop a new kind of walking stick for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Source: Science Daily

    AI finds That Altered Speech May Be The First Sign Of Parkinson’s Disease

    Using voice data, scientists have tried to detect early signs of Parkinson’s disease. In their research, they used AI to analyze and evaluate speech signals, which means they can make predictions and diagnoses in a matter of seconds instead of hours. Source: Science Daily

    AI Technology Generates Original Proteins From Scratch

    Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that can create artificial enzymes from scratch. Some of these enzymes performed just as well as natural enzymes in lab tests, even though their amino acid sequences were a lot different from any other known natural protein. Source: Tech Explorist

    MIT Researchers & Mass General Hospital Develop An AI Model That Can Detect Future Lung Cancer Risk

    MIT researchers & Mass General Hospital developed the Deep-learning model takes a personalized approach to assess each patient’s risk of lung cancer based on CT scans. Source: Forbes

    Program Teaches US Air Force Personnel The Fundamentals Of AI

    MIT researchers created and analyzed an AI training program tailored to the needs of users with diverse backgrounds that could be implemented across large organizations. Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Update: This article was last updated on 18th September 2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

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