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India is a vast country with diversities in rich culture and heritage, which are mostly born in villages. They say, villages are the backbone of India, but the backbone has started to break, little by little. Their unique traditions of making different types of crafts, handlooms, and countless others with eco-friendly materials are getting less reach, and they struggle to earn their living. It’s time we help them to continue their professions. 


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Village Brands (Group 2)

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Why Village Brand? 


Eco-friendly products are in great demand, to most of the people who know about it. Many of them do not know that they exist. So, many of these have vanished from their importance, and people who are striving to keep those alive are struggling as they do not get the basic profit too. 


How can Village Brand help? 


There are many artisans in the small villages of our country, but they fail to get the visibility they deserve. 

These unique products, when branded with the uniqueness of it’s villages too and letting many people know about these products, supports the artisans to keep those artforms alive. 


How does Village Brand work? 

Our portal is a website, where the artisans can upload their products, where it would be branded with its traditions and uniqueness. People can find details of the products there with the price of the product, and the information about the artisan. 

In addition to this, we would provide them assistance on how to sell online effectively if needed. For example, we would give them information about the existing market demands for their product and how people expect it to be. 


Information about villages:

People can also find information about the villages, their tradition, and culture as we focus on branding the products with the entire village. 


How is Village Brand unique? 

Products made in villages are mostly handmade, eco-friendly and with a lot of health benefits. But most of them are costly, less easier to handle and mainly, not many people know about it.

These products are branded with the unique qualities it has and about the artisan too. This could help people know why they are important and how they became important. 

We assist the artisans with information of the available market demand for their products and to improve their skills. We would offer a reasonable price in which we, the artisans and the buyers would be satisfied. 


How can a Village Brand reach the market? 

The best media where people could know about our portal easily is social media as more people are available in it. 


Why should anyone support Village Brand? 

Village Brand is a portal which supports traditional art and culture which was once practiced in daily life for a healthy living. Any culture or tradition which evolved has more importance to human health and wellbeing. But now these are vanishing as culture changes every generation, and the artisans who keep the artforms alive are struggling. It’s time we support them to keep these artforms alive.



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