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Personal Medical Care Services at your fingertips


We MED SUPPORT with our expert team is ready to serve the Indian households at their tough times

Home Nurses

Qualified, and Compassionate nurses at your door step for your service



Professionally trained Physiotherapists


Well experienced and kind care takers to take care of your loved ones


Sample collections and basic diagnostic tests at home


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MED SUPPORT by Team Angels and Demons

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Personal Medical Care Services at your fingertips


    Accessibility and availing of certain personal medical care services like Nurses, Care Takers, Physiotherapists, Lab tests at home in time, continues to be a challenge, and lack of information on availability of resources is depriving people from making an informed choice.

Problems faced by Care Seekers:

  • Lack of information on the availability of resources
  • Reliability of the resources
  • Safety concerns
  • Excessive service charges

Problems faced by Care Providers:

  • Limited market reach
  • No good platform for Care Takers who wants to provide freelance services
  • Do not have consistent source of Income


        We are creating an exclusive app that will provide a platform for personal medical care seekers to find safe, reliable and affordable care providers in time and at their home. This app will also provide a broader and consistent market to care providers. 

Services we provide include:

  • Home Nurses
  • Care Takers
  • Home Physio
  • Lab tests at home

Thus, the customers can go for the right choice based on their requirement, the care provider’s expertise and the quality of services provided.

About Med Support:

The Indian households who were in need of a helping hand to meet their personal medical care needs has led to the advent of 


Personal Medical Care Services at your fingertips

With a vision ‘ To create an effective platform through which people in need of qualified Nurses, Personal care takers, Physiotherapists, Lab Technicians can find and hire them at any time and place in a hassle-free manner.


  • The Indian home health care market is constantly growing and According to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic and lifestyle diseases are expected to increase healthcare expenditure in India over the next 25 years. 
  • 10% (13.8 Cr) of the entire Indian Population belongs to age group of 60 years and above, who are our major target audience.
  • 80% of the personal medical care services that are currently given in hospitals can be delivered at home through MED SUPPORT.
  • We at MED SUPPORT, bring in well-trained and experienced professionals at all levels including physiotherapists, nurses and technicians, at affordable charges.
  • Background checks and character assessment of the professional will be done before hiring, and they are retained based on the feedback of their performances.


  • CONTINUITY OF CARE: The need for pre and post-operative care beyond hospitals, and Non-communicable diseases which require long-term monitoring and regular interventions.
  • NUCLEAR FAMILIES: With the growth of nuclear families, the elderly and the infants at home are left with no caregivers.
  • CONVENIENCE: In the fast paced world, people would like to have access to everything at their place and in the time of their convenience even the health care services too.
  • MAINTAIN QUALITY OF LIFE: Many people now-a-days are very health conscious and would like to take necessary precautions beforehand at home than to go through aggressive medical intervention later in hospitals.

  • Currently, Care takers, Physiotherapy, lab tests at home and nursing services are the services we are offering, moving forward, we are going to expand our scope to dialysis, caring for children with special needs, palliative care, doctor home visits and tele-consultations.
  • In the bigger picture, providing these services at home frees up hospital beds and relieves a great burden on healthcare infrastructure in India.  

Marketing plan:

  • Free registrations for one year for all the personal medical care service providers to get a good brand value.
  • Offering discounts and other rewards to build good customer base.
  • Effective usage of digital marketing and different social media platforms.

Why anyone should support us?

  • The services we are providing are not luxury services, these are necessary services and we have seen that people are struggling to avail them. We are trying to provide such services at fingertips of the care seekers.
  • Though, competitors exist in the market, they are targeting only metropolitan cities and are charging excessively.
  • We try to introduce these services in tier-2 cities and even in tier-1 cities especially at affordable charges.
  • Our team consists of five young, enthusiastic and goal driven members, who wishes to become entrepreneurs and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring life to our startup.





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  1. Sanjay Kumar P P

    Good initiative.

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    Med support is a fantastic thought its very useful for this generation

  3. Yaswanth naidu

    Med support is a fantastic thought its very useful for this generation Hope will get this soon

  4. Mouli

    Great Job! Med Support

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  6. Yaswanth pro

    Yaswanth here med support it is very usefull for each & everybady it can help in emergency times for who are truely in need

  7. Madhu

    All the best guys ….

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