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The Perky Parking App is a free app for everyone to use! If you want your garage for rent, then just put your garage on the Perky Parking App and surely somebody would want to rent your garage out for a couple of hours. It could save time and could help people while trying to find a place to park their car! For example, if you planned everything today and wanted to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, you would most likely find no parking because it is mostly crowded at all times. But if you had the Perky Parking App, you could just reserve a parking space in our garage. You would rent the garage for a specific amount of time and would pay the money on the scale of the time. The price may vary between 1-10$. Anyways, you could reserve the garage parking slot a day before you go to SFO and go there would without any stress of finding parking. (This app is going to work globally)

4612 Apollonia Way, Leander Texas, United States (US)

The Astonishing 4

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This campaign is about sharing our app, The Perky Parking App. We, The Astonishing 4, present this app to you on daily basis to improve your time needs. We all have been excited to be in the MoonBattle and present our app. We dream big every day and we believe that we would win MoonBattle!


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