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Whenever we come out of our home we always breathe the polluted air. In the busy life, we all know that we breathe polluted air but we can’t see the level of Pollution in the air.

To overcome that you will use Clean O2.

The app will monitor real-time air pollution and provide the user with air purifiers and plants for controlling air pollution.


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Why clean o2?

Of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 21 were in India in 2019. 51% of the pollution is caused by industrial pollution, 27 % by vehicles, 17% by crop burning, and 5% by other sources. Air pollution contributes to the premature deaths of 2 million Indians every year.

While some of us are aware of air pollution, we are not aware of the extent of damage it does to our health and the environment

We are planning to give awareness to the people about air pollution through Clean O2

How can Clean O2  Help?

It helps the user to know the pollution level. How much time do they spend in the different zones? Clean O2 gives the data analysis to the user about how much-polluted air they intake by their options.

How to use Clean O2?


Clean o2 is going to be an easy-to-use application with user-friendly features.

Step-1: Install Clean O2 in Google Play Store or app store

Step-2:  Register your mobile number.

Step-3: OTP is sent to the user.

Now you are free to use our app 

Use search, to know about the real-time pollution levels in different places.

Features in Clean O2

Divide India into three zones like red, green, yellow.

  1. The real-time connection between clean o2 and air purifier
  2. Give the notification to the user what zone they are in.

Within connecting features:

  •  We are inviting our users to share their experiences with air pollution.
  • We ask our users about their daily usage of vehicle use 
  • The user had an option to ask questions about air pollution.

Within plan features:

  • We are giving advice to the user to fight against air pollution.
  • Provide counseling for the user.
  • Provide indoor plants for the user.

Within shared features:

  • You can share your experiences with our app and overcome air pollution through Clean O2.


Clean O2 Pro:

With Clean O2 Pro you install a Bluetooth-based Air Quality Monitor inside the home. It monitors the air quality at different places, viz. Living room, Kitchen, basement. 

Once the user knows a certain area, e.g., kitchen has poorer air quality, they may install an Air Purifier in that area 

Here is an example of a plant-based Air Purifier that users can install. They can monitor the quality of air using the Pro App, before and after the installation of plant-based Air Purification. 

What is so special about Clean O2?

Customizability: you can customize your personal details safely in Clean o2.

Precision: Clean O2 provides the exact level of Pollution in different zones.

Ease in use: the interface is so easy to understand and interactive that anyone can use it to the fullest. 

How does Clean O2 reach an audience?

The best media of marketing about a Clean O2 is of course Social Media and digital marketing where people are more involved. 

Sharing on social media platforms & word of mouth within friends, friends of friends, and so on will help Clean O2  fascinate more users.

Using funding from pollution product manufacturers to post about ‘products’ in our app to attract more users.

Why should anyone support us?

Pollution is the biggest problem in the world. By using this app you can monitor air pollution and motivate the user to overcome the air pollution.

In the recent survey many people want to overcome air Pollution so for that first we want to monitor the air pollution.

And we, the team  Clean O2, are continuously developing ourselves and are trying to compete in the market with utmost honesty and sincerity, determined towards developing an Application that helps people to overcome the air pollution and have quality time with themselves.



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