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The problem that we see is how the oceans makeup has been contaminated by trash, floating around in the water which is being eaten by sea life. Cleaning up this trash and helping to make a better environment for sea creatures is the problem that we want to solve using our AmphibiBot.

The solution that we will provide will clean up the contamination of the ocean is by using robots, called AmphibiBots. These robots will be GPS tracked, have a mouth to collect the trash and a magnetic outer layer that attracts microplastics. They will be electric so that it doesn’t harm the sea life around them. 




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Our idea is an aquatic robot called the AmphibiBot which operates in the ocean that can collect plastics and microplastics using some sort of plastic magnet and just opening its mouth. The outer and inner layers can be removed and replaced as needed and can also be recycled. It’s also coated with special nano-particles called SPIONS that attract microplastics. The plastics could then be degraded into something more useful. When it’s done collecting plastics air will be pumped into its ballasts to float up to the surface where it will be collected.


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