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Project Name: ParyatN
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Students coming out from colleges or institutions without any practical knowledge,

The current education system has made them like that. Nowadays,

  • Lack of practical knowledge.
  • Most of the students without knowing they simply had all the concepts and equations, As they did not know how the concepts had evolved.
  • Simply reading the concepts for exams and they will forget it .
  • Without enough knowledge and skills students got passed out from the colleges.
  • Students don’t know how and where the internships are provided.
  • As most of the students while studying they read about the machineries, constructions, inventions. The students didn’t know how the machineries are in such big industries.
  • No Way Exist to connect students with an industry.


To solve all those issues,


We came up with an idea named ParyatN app, for providing practical knowledge to the students.

  ➔ With a team of members we will take the students to the particular industries related to what they learned in college subjects.

   ➔ We will make students to know more about practical knowledge.

   ➔ By tie-up with companies we will also provide internship to the students.

   ➔ If the students gain more practical knowledge that helps the students invent new objects, and that helps to improve the creative thinking in students.


Our App features

  ➔ Users can login and register for the industrial tour.

   ➔ We provide a list of companies for particular branches to visit.

   ➔ We will provide registrations for industrial tour by paying certain amount in our app.

   ➔ Display internship opportunities in our app.


Total Addressable Market analysis:

Targeted customers : Engineering students all over India

Our vision:  To empower students to gain practical knowledge through informative industrial Tours



IIIT colleges (4) Phase-I (0-8 months)

Remaining colleges in AP.


Marketing strategy:

   ➔ Partnering with colleges and companies.

   ➔ Partnering with travels and hotels.

   ➔ Marketing through social media platforms, advertisement and conducting surveys or polls.

   ➔ Advertising through television local channels

   ➔ Marketing through social media and YouTube influencers.

   ➔ Tie up with other apps to promote.



Providing our app as a free download.

Capital expenses and salaries for our programmers and designers requires = 2,000,000Rs

Marketing and promotions requires = 300,000 Rs

Total Estimate : 2,300,000 Rs




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