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Project Name: FarmEazy by Ag Tech (Group 14)
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In India agriculture is a very huge industry with a market cap of $276 b and more than 50% of the Indian workforce employed in the agriculture sector. Even though they contribute only 18% of Indian GDP. 90% of farmers in India are small scale farmers. They are not aware of modern technology and it is not affordable for them. The sector is very unorganized every crop the farmer produces need to be exchanged between at least 3 distributors/retailers to reach consumers. This makes farmers get less profit even though the consumer is paying way too much. Because of these factors agriculture is not profitable for many farmers. They are some other major problems are inefficient supply chain, lack of modern equipments, not aware modern seeds and fertilizers, no proper storage facilities, climate change problems, no proper insurance facilities. With all these reasons the suicide rate of farmers increased exponentially during the last decade.


Farmeazy solution:

We are trying to change supply chain by providing complete traceability and transparency, procuring produced crops directly from farmers by removing middlemen. We are integrating technology in supply chain management, we are providing user friendly website where farmers can login using their unique ID to sell their crops and to use our services. We are building a dedicated  team helps farmers with their queries. We are developing a warehouse where we will grade and pack produces with the help of AI and IoT technologies. For the complete traceability we are providing QR code for each of our products, it consists of farmer details, farming practices, date of packing and expiry etc.

Our targeted customers are:

  • Super markets, End retailers, exporters, restaurants and hotels.
  • In the beginning we are targeting b2b markets.

Business Model:

We are going to tie up with farming equipment and fertilizer companies to provide modern equipment to farmers for rent at possible low cost. Advance seeds and fertilizers at affordable cost, our dedicated team will provide farming insights and whether forecasting to the farmers, we are planning to provide crop insurance.

Why do customers buy from us?

  • Good quality products
  • Know where does your product came from (traceability & transparent)
  • Stored at good conditions
  • Standard fertilizers/ pesticides
  • Upto 10% low cost than the market price

Why do farmers sell to us?

  • Farmer friendly
  • Help in farm insights and farming activities
  • Insurance and financial aids
  • No payment delay
  • profit will increase by 30%

Product Roadmap:

Phase 1:

  • setting up the first warehouse
  • Building the website
  • Automating weather forecasting
  • partnering with farming equipment manufacturers

Phase 2:

  • Setting up multiple warehouses across different cities
  • Optimizing the websites
  • Partnering with banks and government bodies
  • Research and smart farm

Revenue Model:

Low margin high volume, 10% cut in every delivery

Projected Revenue:

  • First six months we are aiming for a total of half million in revenue. The profits will be 50,000.
  • Next six months projected revenue is 1 million and profits will be 150000.

Funding and Finance:

Phase 1: 20 Lakhs

  • 15 lakhs for warehouse
  • 05 lakhs for website and technology

Phase 2: 5 Lakhs

  • For multiple warehouses and R&D




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