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Introducing the future of personal transportation – the Solar Hoverboard!

Unleash the power of the sun with our cutting-edge solar technology. No cords, no charging stations – just pure, clean energy.

Feel the freedom as you soar through your day. Whether you’re commuting to work or cruising for pleasure, the SolarGlide is your eco-friendly companion.

Precision control at your fingertips. Effortlessly maneuver through city streets, parks, and beyond with ease.

And with a quick charge from the sun, you’re ready to roll again in no time.

Join the movement towards a greener, cleaner future. SolarGlide – where style meets sustainability.

SolarGlide – Redefining the way you move. Visit and make every ride a solar-powered adventure!




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Problem :

We understand that many people can not ride for long on a hoverboard because of motion sickness or other problems. I noticed that I can ride my hoverboard for long, however, my sister is unable to ride it for long. Also, my friend broke his arm while riding it. They also take a while to charge and you have to take it inside to charge it which can make your house dirty. Otherwise, it is charged by batteries which can be hard to operate.

Solution :

We will make a better Hoverboard which is safe. We will add Solar Panels and stick them on the wheels so they won’t get damaged by the sun. If Solar Panels were not there in the Hoverboard anytime the Hoverboard would get damaged and you would get hurt, but we do not want that.

Feature descriptions :

The first feature of our hoverboard is Solar Panels. The panels will be on the wheels(to charge turn it sideways) with a protective coating so they don’t get scratched and break. The second feature is going to be LED lights on the hoverboard for safety when you are riding at night or in dark areas. There are LED strips around the hoverboard and also a bigger light at the front so you can see where you are going. The 3rd feature is charging which lasts 8 hours when it is at full battery. It takes about an hour to charge fully. The 4th thing is not a feature, it is a 3-month warranty. If the product breaks you can return it and get 75% of your money back! If there are damages upon arrival, please take a picture for proof and contact our customer service department. The 5th feature is connecting it to your phone using Bluetooth. You can turn on the lights, check the battery, and play music on the hoverboard. The box should also come with a remote in case your phone runs out of battery. The remote is also solar-powered. All for the cost of only USD 120 (plus tax).


The Total Addressable Market is $1699 Million.

Serviceable Obtainable Market is $ 849 Million.

Serviceable Accessible Market is $ 424 Million.


How the Product works :

How the product works is it has a connected app to get ready. You first wait for 1 minute for the hoverboard to start by clicking the button to get ready. Then you are ready to go. If you want the Hoverboard to off you hold the off button for 3 sec.

Market point of sale :

Our Product will be available on Online Retail Platforms, Tech and Gadget Stores, Outdoor and Sporting Goods Retailers, Urban Mobility Stores and Social Media, and Influencers.

Besides this, we will offer excellent customer support and after-sales service which will enhance the overall customer experience and contribute to positive word-of-mouth marketing.


Packaging :

In the Packaging, it will come in a big box. So when you open the big box there will be two more boxes one will be a hoverboard shape box in that the hoverboard is in there with cotton surrounded

Why should you support us :

You should buy our products because we put time and effort into designing our stuff. Our products are high quality and professionally made to last. We promote stopping climate change by using solar panels and we use recycled plastic. By buying our product you are helping make an impact to make this world better.


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