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Meet the Smart Dustbin, revolutionizing the way you manage your waste! Your new cleanup companion!

Hands-free convenience at its best!

No more touching dirty lids. BinBot seals itself!

Control it from your fingertips! Check fill levels, set reminders, and receive alerts.

It’s not just a dustbin – it’s your smart cleanup solution!

Upgrade to SMART DUSTBIN – Simplify Cleanup, Embrace Smart Living!”





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Many trash cans are inconvenient in so many ways like some collect disgusting bacteria. Also, have you ever taken out the trash and the trash bag is so full that it breaks! It’s so annoying because trash gets all over your driveway then you have to clean it up.



The SMARTbin is made to make your life easier in so many ways. It opens the lid when you walk up to the dustbin, and the dustbin closes the bag for you, so the bag doesn’t break. We also use high-quality materials to help keep the metal from being scratched and to keep highly unwanted odors throughout your whole house.


While we were watching a try not to laugh video, there was a clip of an employee taking out the trash and the trash bag breaking while they were carrying it to the dustbin and trash getting everywhere. In our heads, we were like “That would be tough to clean that up”, which is how we came up with the idea of the SMARTBIN.

Feature Descriptions:

  • The trash ties the trash bag itself.
  • There is a motion sensor to keep bacteria from building on the foot pedal and to make it more convenient so you can just walk up to it, and it will open.
  • There are also many colors. So, our dustbin can match your walls or furniture without being an eyesore.
  • The SMARTbin is made out of very durable material that prevents scratch’s and keeps unwanted odor from making the whole house smell bad.


We are selling our product for 45 dollars each and we believe that $45 is a good price for what we are selling.



The packaging will be in a compact cardboard box with bubble wrap and Styrofoam for protection. Opening the packaging will be very simple because you just have to open the box, remove, the Styrofoam, and unwrap the bubble wrap.


TAM, SAM, and SOM:

TAM (Total Addressable Market): 97% of the American population owns/needs dustbins.

SAM (Serviceable Available Market): 70% of Americans have inconvenient trash cans but with competitors in our field of sales probably only 50%.

SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market): The Smartbin will solve the problems of at least 25% of Americans.


Why You Should Support Us:

You should support us because we just want to make life a little bit easier so you can focus on the big things like money, bills, and taxes while we fix smaller things, so you don’t have to.


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