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Problem Statement – Identified by Sachin Sutariya ( Founder ) 


Personality management methods are varying.

Limited access to expert advice.

Unforgettable capital, time & efforts.

Limited availability, accessibility and affordability.

Confusion while selecting product, style & Design

Lack of knowledge and experience.




  1. Event styling
  2. Fashion advices
  3. AI Created artificial Design and personalization
  4. Outfit coordination
  5. Personal style analysis
  6. Innovative




  1. Effortless virtual try-ons
  2. Personalized styling advise.
  3. Enhanced shopping experience.
  4. Stay ahead of trends
  5. Stylebot integration for fashion queries.


Go To Market

  • Direct Contact


Target opt-in email lists

Cold ad campaigns

Digital Contents and Blogs

Freelancer influencers


  • Distributing Partners


Affiliate networks

Referral marketing

B2B Funnal, Events


  • Internet & ADs


Overture + Adwords


  • SEO


Organic Search 

Optimized page markup


  • Public Relations


Content marketing

PR Tactics

Media Coverage


1 review for EVEO – At Eveo, We are replacing personal Fashion designers and Stylists

  1. Riti Srivastava

    A good and a unique way to identify the concern into fashion & style .

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