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Busy working families have no time to eat a healthy breakfast regularly. Most of the time, they grab a quick chocolate bar or a cookie which isn’t healthy. Eating something off the go isn’t a proper breakfast which causes the person’s energy level to go down by a tremendous amount and therefore won’t have a productive day.

Solution: “Home Smart Chef”  solves this problem by ensuring that everyone in the family gets the meals of their choice that’s healthy and delicious.

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  • NO SKIPPED MEAL AGAIN:  Let your HS Chef know the time at which you need breakfast by an app (or in the device).
  • REMINDER FOR FOOD: HS Chef reminds you on your mobile that the food is ready. 
  • HEALTHY FOOD ALWAYS: Define the calories, protein, and any other nutrients you want to have. 
  • NO MORE BORING FOOD! Tell what kind of foods you like because it makes a variety of foods based on your choices that is customized



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