YBIOS is a food & agri tech social startup based in Kerala. We started this venture in 2021 with an aim to
support the rural farmers, FPO’s & MSME food processors community.Company’s model is connecting rural
farmers & food processors to domestic & international B2C customers .YKART-the vivers, our global food trade
platform helps farmers & food processors to do demand based production,which would result in increasing
income upto 25 %.On buyer end, YKART enables traceability and trackability , delivering quality products with
the support of cold chain transportation & primary processing centres ,maximizing value in the entire supply
chain .


The Problem

Local Retailers Issue 

• Shuttering of stores to visit wholesale markets
• High price
• Wastage- Restrict the end customer to buy this
result in placing at Low margin & sell if off
• High Distributor’s margin

International Buyers

• sourcing agent commission
• lack of traceability and trust
• lack of accessibility to producers
• lack of certified and quality products


We YBIOS came up with a solution to this existing problem by reducing the market gap between producers and buyers, making sure quality products reach the end consumer. we are providing market
linkage activities that are connecting FPO’s, small farm holders, with buyers to the supply chain through the aggregation of service providers


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