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Air pollution is a big problem. It affects our atmosphere and leads to negative consequences like global warming and climate change


Therefore it’s important to solve this burning problem before it becomes too big to handle. It would also be nice if information on every little thing was as accurate as can be.


Solution: To fix this problem, we need something that cleans the air by removing the air pollutants. Something that tracks the high air pollution levels and can automatically go there and help clean the air at its source. Something that can also collect pollutant data, so we’d be able to monitor the level of air pollution. And importantly, something that would leave minimal if any of a carbon trace itself.

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The Clear Skies drone is that something. With a built-in air-filter, it cleans the air. It also has a built in sensor to collect data of what in the air around it. Using this data, it can be sent to a system where data scientists could use look at the data, and/or it can use the data itself. Its use of GPS plus using the data itself allows it to automatically find a correlation between a place and where a lot of carbon emissions are coming from- and it can set a track to go over to that area. And being a drone, it has the ability to not use gas as fuel, so it doesn’t ironically leave a carbon trace of its own!


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