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    Fun Vocabulary Games For Kids


    Vocabulary Games For Kids At home And In The Classroom

    From tongue twisters to word puzzles, from charades to scavenger hunts –Fun Vocabulary Games for Kids are vast and varied. These playful and engaging learning activities introduce children to new words with ease. For instance, indulging in gardening can familiarize them with gardening tools and activities. 

    Every day, as they grasp a new vocabulary term, their brain lights up with activity, forging connections and bolstering their memory. But let’s steer clear of the mundane routine of rote learning—it’s a dead end for young minds. 

    The data provided by the American Psychological Association, reveals that incorporating games into learning enhances children’s engagement, emotional investment, and social abilities. 

    Therefore, by arranging enjoyable vocabulary games for kids either at home or in the classroom, you can actively nurture the development of your children’s language skills.

    So, we have curated a list of vocabulary games. These thrilling games can make learning a joyous experience for kids everywhere!

    1. Bingo With A Twist

    Bingo With A Twist


    When we adapt the classic Bingo game into a vocabulary activity for our kids, it can significantly enhance their engagement in learning new words. We’ll fill the Bingo cards with words. As the words are announced, participants can mark them off their cards.

    Important thing to consider: For younger children, the Bingo card could contain words such as “apple,” “tree,” or “book,” while for the older ones, it might feature words like “metaphor,” “equator,” or “constitution.”

    2. Hangman Game Vocabulary For Kids


    Hangman is a classic guessing game enjoyed by two or more players. One player selects a word, phrase, or sentence while the others attempt to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers within a limited number of tries. Initially, a pen-and-paper pastime, electronic versions of the game are now widely available.

    Hangman Game Vocabulary for kids

    3. Word Association Game

    Word Association Game

    In this popular word game, players exchange words that are linked together in meaning. This game revolves around the concept of word association, defined as “the stimulation of an associative pattern by a word,” or “the spontaneous connection and generation of other words in response to a given word, often used as a game, creative exercise, or in psychological evaluations.”

    4. Pictionary Word Suggesting Game

    Pictionary is a word-guessing game inspired by charades. In Pictionary, one player starts drawing, rotating for each word. They pick a card, or drawing to represent the word without numbers, letters, or verbal hints. Teammates guess the word. The board has five square types, each card listing five words. Players draw the word corresponding to their marker’s square:

    P. Person/Place/Animal

    O. Object, A. Action

    D. Difficult

    AP. All Play

    Pictionary Word Suggesting Game 1

    5. Scrabble For Kids

    Scrabble For Kids

    Scrabble is a word game for two to four players who earn points by laying tiles, each with a letter, onto a 15×15 grid board. Tiles must form words reading left to right or downward, like a crossword, and must be found in a standard dictionary or lexicon.

    The board features premium squares, including eight triple-word, 17 double-word, 12 triple-letter, and 24 double-letter squares. Premium square colors may vary.

    6. Wordle Vocabulary Games

    Wordle, designed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, is an online word game. Players get six tries to guess a five-letter word, receiving colored tiles as feedback for each guess. The gameplay is reminiscent of the pen-and-paper game Jotto and the TV show Lingo. Each day, players guess the same word.The game offers a “hard mode” requiring including green and yellow letters in future guesses.

    Wordle Vocabulary Games

    7. SpellTower

    Spell Tower

    SpellTower, a 2011 puzzle video game by Zach Gage, tasks players with creating words from letter tiles to clear the screen. Inspired by Tetris and Boggle, it offers various game modes and multiplayer battles. Released for iOS in 2011, it expanded to OS X and Android. SpellTower Minutes, a browser-based Flash game, introduced unique modes. Later versions incorporated Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and added French and Dutch language options. 

    8. Scattergories Game

    Scattergories, initially released by Milton Bradley in 1988, is a category-based party game that encourages creative thinking. In this game for 2 to 6 players, participants score points by naming unique objects within specific categories, all starting with a designated letter, within a time constraint. It’s an adaptation of the traditional game “Categories.”

    Scattergories Game 2

    9. Bananagrams Word Game

    Bananagrams Word Game

    Bananagrams, a word game devised by Abraham Nathanson and Rena Nathanson from Cranston, Rhode Island, involves spelling words using lettered tiles. This Gameplay entails arranging letter tiles into interconnected words, with two to eight players or solo participation. The goal is to complete a word grid fastest once the tile pool is empty. The game’s tiles are housed in a unique fabric banana-shaped package

    10. Word Pyramid

    Word Pyramids is a  Delightful Vocabulary Puzzle, while  Constructing a word pyramid it  involves beginning with a single letter and progressively adding one letter per step, forming valid words at each stage. The objective is to reach a specific word, such as transitioning from “A” to “BRANDS” or from “A” to “PLANET”.

    Word Pyramid


    Kids love playing games, and when you incorporate game-based or play-based learning into their routine, they gain critical thinking, motivation, and goal-setting skills. Games that focus on vocabulary and literacy can boost their confidence too.

    Inspire your child’s future in technology and entrepreneurship with Moonpreneur’s robotics course! Dive deeper into parenting and educational insights on our blog, and join us in nurturing the next generation of innovators. Explore our programs today!



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