Selecting A Game Development Course For Kids

7 Things To Consider While Selecting A Game Development Course For Kids

Selecting A Game Development Course For Kids


Game Development courses have become a popular extracurricular activity chosen by parents for their children. A game developer is a person who uses his imagination and creativity to write codes that are formulated and built up as a whole new virtual game world. Game development in today’s world is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with the global gaming market all set to reach $256.97 billion by 2025.

The kids of the present generation are pretty hooked on the whole gaming front, the advent of technology has supplemented the growth of gaming mania, whether it’s through mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.  

So the dilemma one faces as a parent is how one can prevent this mania from growing into addiction, the one way to address this issue is by taking advantage of their interests and helping them learn game design. Enrolling in a game development course for kids will enhance their attention to not only playing games but also building them.

A game development course for kids can become one of the stepping stones for them to excel in the gaming industry in the future, although as a parent one must consider a few pointers while selecting a course for the little ones.

1. Pricing

Prior to selecting a Game Development course one has to keep certain pointers related to pricing in mind. Firstly, how has the particular platform structured its pricing, there are generally three tiers, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Apart from having structured pricing, the program fee should include detailed course material. Additionally, the platform should have an honest refund policy for its customers without having any hidden charges.  

2. Teacher-student ratio

One must wonder what role having a sustainable teacher-student ratio has in ensuring a proper knowledge transfer. The ideal sustainable ratio is 8:1, i.e, one teacher for every eight students. Also, the program should be a multi-instructor program to allow diversity in the way of teaching and mentoring.

In order to ensure that children learn at their own pace, there should be a recording present for every session as well as 1:1 sessions for clearing a child’s doubts.

3. Platform and Tools Used

While enrolling for a course like game development, as a parent one must research regarding the tools instructors use in order to teach coding to these young kids as it plays a major role in how deeply they understand the basics of the subject. 

Platforms such as Roblox, Minecraft, Unity, etc. are a few which promote a deeper understanding of developing games in children.

4. Hands-on Learning

The provider should promote the usage of smart and interactive learning methods in order to engage students in a deeper understanding of the subject. One must inquire whether they provide a learning kit or whether or not they help their students in building games and publishing them. 

When taught with a combination of theoretical insights and practical ones, a student can develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

5. Curriculum as per Age Group

It is important that the classes are age-appropriate, in order to avoid a mix of different age groups as students from different age groups have their own learning styles and speed. Keeping curriculum as per age groups and even classes, offers reliable routine and structure, promoting appropriate learning for kids of all ages in learning centers.

6. Instructors or Tutors

A good e-learning platform will vet every tutor or instructor to be sure each of them has the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm necessary for providing a positive environment for its students. Undergoing a thorough background check is necessary as the interactions involve young minds and your child’s safety is an important issue.

7. Reviews and Ratings

It is important to always take a public opinion before enrolling your kids on an e-learning platform for game development. Public reviews on Google Reviews and other websites reflect a majority’s sentiments towards that particular course. A good platform will have high ratings and positive parent as well as student reviews.

There are a host of apps, tools, classes as well as gaming camps that have propped up to provide your child with an opportunity to learn Game Development in a faster way. Though, before enrollment, a parent must look for one that offers a variety of skill levels, review the fundamentals, include demonstrations, and offer a hands-on learning experience.

The above-mentioned pointers highlight a few of the key factors one can consider while seeking the perfect online game development course for their child. Choosing the right game development course for your kid will help them get interested in coding and expand their STEM knowledge. Also, enrolling in the course will give them early exposure to the basics of coding. Citing a billion-dollar industry in making, this will make the kids work ready for the coming future.

While you’re searching for the perfect game development course for your kid, might as well head over to Moonpreneur, which is offering one of the best game development courses designed in a holistic way to ensure the overall development of your child.

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