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Roblox vs Minecraft vs Unity: What Kids Need To Know
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    Roblox vs Minecraft vs Unity: What Kids Need To Know


    Roblox vs Minecraft vs Unity: What Kids Need To Know


    Roblox vs Minecraft vs Unity: What Kids Need To Know

    The gaming industry has evolved and so have the gaming patterns. In the present gaming world, three unique platforms are stirring up a storm. Roblox, Minecraft, and Unity have become well-known names in the gaming industry. To play games is one thing and to build a game from the ground up is another. 

    Minecraft Banner New

    These platforms help users to build their own world of fun on which other users can come and play. This provides a space for gamers to not only test their gaming skills but also game development skills. 

    Let’s discuss the three platforms to help us understand better who surpasses whom in the playing field.

    What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a free online social platform that hosts a variety of games and allows users to participate in them all while offering them a chat system. To explain in simple words, Roblox itself is not a game, it is a place where people flock in order to play the games made by other developers. 

    The factor that makes Robolox unique from pretty much anything else in the gaming industry is that all the games are made by its users. This is a platform where users have way more fun making a game than playing it. The official website of Roblox boasts that its users have published over 20 million games on the platform, which is an insanely huge number.

    One of the reasons Roblox became so popular was because of the fact that it has an easy user interface and loads of templates are available for game creation, and a user who is developing a game to launch it on the platform can make a ton of money. There are a few developers who have made close to $1 million in a single year by monetizing their games. 

    The other factor which makes Roblox a sweet deal is that anyone can develop their game and bring their own game ideas to life, even a kid can develop his own game. The games use a scripting language called Lua. This language is easier to learn than most other programming languages. The company provides developer forums where makers can troubleshoot, as well as learn new skills. 

    Roblox platform enables developers to make their games without worrying about logistics like how to set up servers, the only thing they concentrate on is building the game and launching it so that other players can play their game through online multiplayer. It depends upon the developer as to how deep they want to get into the sphere of game creation. 

    What is Minecraft?

    Another gaming platform that has changed the gaming scenario completely. Minecraft is a ‘creation game’ in which the users can create worlds or learn to survive in pre-generated worlds. Your imagination is the key while you’re in the realms of Minecraft, the game is limitless and it keeps going. 

    To understand Minecraft one has to imagine a digitalized version of Legos. These digital blocks can be used to form anything a user wishes to create and express raw, unfiltered creativity. The platform can effectively be used in teaching coding to children, as Minecraft uses a simplistic 1×1 block structure to make up the worlds and objects. These block structures can easily be translated into a programming language made up of 1’s and 0’s that dictate what the program does and how it runs.

    To offer a more simplistic viewpoint, coding languages often contain a lot of strings of words, numbers, and letters making them more complex and daunting for children to understand. However, scenarios changed when the platform launched Minecraft: Education Edition which offers a far more visual and less wordy way of learning to code as a beginner by using the concept of visual block coding. 

    Minecraft Coding For Kids

    In the Minecraft: Education Edition every individual block of pre-written code can be dragged and dropped into the script, just like a puzzle piece. This means that there are no stances of misspelling or mistyping the wrong code. This way a child can take his baby steps into the world of game development with confidence. 

    What is Unity?

    Unity is a game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag and drop functionality, and scripting through C#, founded by Unity Technologies, this platform has become a phenomenon in the gaming world due to its alluring design and has produced famous games like Call of Duty Mobile, Pixel

    Gun 3D, etc.

    Developers love Unity because it allows them to accomplish different types of tasks related to the game production process and it provides game developers with a 2D and 3D platform to create video games as well. The Unity 3D platform also caters to Augment Reality and Virtual Reality.

    It’s not a surprise that Unity has been used for creating more than 50% of the mobile games and Augmented Reality applications around the world because, in order to develop games on this platform, one doesn’t need extensive coding knowledge. Unity uses C# which apparently is quite beginner-friendly and gives the user capabilities of publishing games on platforms such as android, PC, ios, Mac, PS4, Xbox, etc.

    Unity can be used as a platform to teach kids Game Development through coding language C# as well as through a few core techniques. This hands-on approach to learning makes Unity a very viable and lucrative candidate on our list.

    In order to provide you with a clearer understanding, we decided to present the three platforms in a tabular form to help you gain a better perspective regarding the platforms and how they aid in teaching game development to young minds.

    Minecraft is one of the most popular games among kids, and Moonpreneur is now turning this fun gameplay into an opportunity to learn how to code. Minecraft Coding course will help kids learn the skill of coding the fastest and in the most fun way ever possible! Book a free class today!

    Minecraft Coding For Kids

    Roblox uses the well-known scripting and programming language, Lua Minecraft is written in Minecraft-adapted Java language Unity uses C# which is one of the object-oriented languages used on the platform.
    Roblox is an interactive game that is all about social and multiplayer experiences Minecraft is a solo-play survival game with a little collaboration from other players Unity claims to be one of the fastest ways to make a cross-platform multiplayer game
    Roblox lets you design whatever kind of game or digital world you want Minecraft is about creating one world from scratch by using materials that you can harvest and populate by creatures called mobs Unity tools help creators prototype worlds and design levels quickly
    Roblox provides two game modes, i.e, creating and playing Minecraft provides four game levels, i.e, peaceful, easy, normal, and hard Unity provides users with a 2D and 3D platform to create games with multiple levels
    Minecraft is provided with a little plot and no instructions as to how should a user proceed. Any user can jump in at any moment and start making something that's fun Other users cannot modify the compiled version of a game as everything has been encrypted and packed together.

    All of the above are the platforms that aid the user in making a virtual world with endless possibilities. These three platforms are an easy gateway for children to delve deep into the world of game development and can serve as brickwork for future generations of expert developers of multiplayer gaming.

    If you’re curious to know more about these gaming platforms, book Moonpreneur’s Free Game Development workshop today!


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