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6 Robotics Project Ideas for High School Students
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    9 Robotics Project Ideas for High School Students in 2023


    6 Robotics Project Ideas for High School Students


    Robotics is eventually becoming an integral part of life. From assembling cars to the cans of Pepsi, robots are involved everywhere. Besides, the world is gradually shifting towards tech dependency. Even some jobs and businesses now require their employees to have knowledge of robotics and coding. 

    The robotics market in the USA is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the near future. By 2025, the global non-industrial robotics market size is expected to exceed 230 billion U.S. dollars.

    And robots, from the very beginning, have managed to appeal to children. If your high-school-going students have been showing an inclination toward modern technology, enrolling them in robotics classes may be a good idea. 

    Also, you can try to keep them engaged in robotics project ideas during their vacations. This way, the children will get easily introduced to the world of robotics in an interactive and entertaining manner. 

    Robotics Class for kids

    But what should be the best robotics project that you should introduce your children to? Well, it should not be way too intimidating. And at the same time, lowering the learning curve too much can kill the element of the challenge completely. 

    9 Awesome Robotics Project Ideas For Your Next Assignment!

    If you are clueless about engaging project ideas, this blog can cater to your doubt. Read on to know about 9 new robotics project ideas that your children will love to participate in!

    1. Line Following Robot

    Materials Needed

    • Line sensors
    • Microcontroller
    • Motors
    • Chassis
    • Wheels
    • Batteries
    • A track with a visible line

    Design and build a robot capable of following a marked path on its own. This project involves programming sensors to detect lines and making decisions based on that input. It’s a great way to learn about sensor integration and basic autonomous navigation.

    Line Following Robot

    Source: Pinterest

    2. Voice-Controlled Robot

    Materials Needed

    • Microcontroller
    • Voice Recognition Module
    • Motors & wheels
    • Chassis & frame 
    • Battery and power supply

    This robot responds to voice commands. And the project involves integrating voice recognition technology with robotics, providing an introduction to artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction.

    Voice-Controlled Robot

    Source: Pinterest

    3. Remote-Controlled Battle Bot

    Materials Needed

    • Microcontroller
    • Motors & wheels
    • Armor & protective 
    • Remote control system
    • Battery and power supply

    For a more competitive edge, building a remote-controlled combat robot would be ideal. This project involves designing a robust and agile robot capable of engaging in friendly battles with other robots.

    Remote-Controlled Battle Bot

    4. Smart Cleaning Robot

    Materials Needed

    • Microcontroller (e.g., Arduino or Raspberry Pi) for control and programming
    • Motors
    • Wheels
    • Chassis

    If your kids want everything clutter-free in their room, then encourage them to try their hands on a smart cleaning robot. These are basically a type of pick-and-place mobile robots. Such robots are generally used on a large scale in manufacturing setups. This one tops the chart of top 6 robotics project ideas because of the ease with which students can assemble it. A smart cleaning robot project can be a great way to teach these students about autonomous robots

    Smart Cleaning Robot


    5. Gesture Control Robot

    Materials needed 

    • Microcontroller (e.g., Arduino or Raspberry Pi)
    • Gesture Sensor
    • Motorized Base
    • Chassis & frame components
    • Battery & power supply

    Trying to build a gesture control robot with your children can be a great way to help them walk through basic robotics concepts. The robot can be controlled by using a smartphone and apt hand gestures. When you move your hand forward, the robot does the same. To witness the robots mimic your basic hand gestures will be a source of great entertainment for your children.

    Gesture Control Robot

    6. Soccer-Playing Robot

    Materials Needed 

    • Microcontroller (e.g., Arduino) and motor controllers for precise movement
    • Sensors for object detection
    • A durable frame
    • A soccer ball for practicing skills

    If your children love the game of soccer, then building a soccer-playing robot can be a memorable experience for them. These robots can actually dribble the ball and play soccer just like human beings. In fact, robot soccer has grown extremely popular across the globe. Annual competitions and soccer leagues are organized where different robot teams participate and compete for the trophy.

    Soccer-Playing Robot

    7. Solar-Powered Robot Using Trash

    Materials Needed

    • AAA batteries
    • 1.5V motors
    • Pieces of wire
    • Old switches
    • An old light that runs using solar power
    • A few zip ties

    This project not just acquaints your children to focus on robotics but also helps them understand the power of recycling. The main components that are required to build this solar-powered robot are trash items such as AAA batteries, 1.5V motors, pieces of wire, old switches, an old light that runs using solar power, and a few zip ties. By following proper instructions, students can easily create solar-powered robots by using a couple of trash items. By following proper instructions, students can easily create solar-powered robots by using a couple of trash items.

    Solar-Powered Robot Using Trash

    8. Drone or Quadcopter

    Materials Needed

    • Drone Kit/Components
    • Remote controller
    • LiPo Batteries and charger
    • Battery straps or mounts
    • Battery monitor/alarm
    • Propellers
    • Safety Gear
    • Camera (Optional)

    Drones are the latest sensations where wedding photoshoots, food delivery apps, Hollywood movies, brand endorsements, and every single thing requires drones. If your children can manage to create even a basic drone with minimal equipment, this will be no short of an achievement for them. However, make sure that they have the necessary supply readily available for making a simple drone, such as propellers, motors, the signal transmitter, and so on.

    Drone or Quadcopter

    9. Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car

    Materials Needed

    • Microcontroller
    • Ultrasonic or infrared sensors
    • Motors and wheels
    • Chassis and frame components
    • Battery and power supply

    Your kid can also try building an Arduino-based obstacle avoiding robot cars called Lucy. The specialty of this robot car is that it can also run in a loop. Working on this project can be immensely fun because of the element of ease that comes with Lucy. 

    You get a chassis equipped with all the predefined mounting holes. This brings down the level of complication.  

    This Arduino robot looks super cute as it is painted with vibrant blue and yellow colors. Also, it is highly efficient in avoiding obstacles.

    Wrapping Up!

    A robotics education project is the best way to impart the basics of robotics to young minds. Such projects help students to understand and embrace the intricate world of robotics in a fun-filled manner. Try these robotics project ideas with your children in their next summer break and witness their enthusiasm as the robots start operating successfully. 

    Note: Remember, safety is paramount in all robotics projects. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and use appropriate materials and tools.

    Learn more about the exciting world of robotics and enroll your children for Robotics competition. Help them to display innovative project ideas and witness their enthusiasm as the robots start operating successfully. Enroll in our free 60 min robotics workshop or talk to our program consultant at +1 (855) 550-0571

    Update: This article was last updated on 28 September  2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

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    sonali sharma
    sonali sharma
    1 year ago

    I made my kid make a Voice-Controlled Home Automation Robot. In this project, kids can build a robot that can control various home appliances and devices using voice commands. It combines robotics with home automation technology and can be both fun and educational. It was fun.

    Rohan Arora
    Rohan Arora
    1 year ago

    I am thinking of making a drone. Can you suggest what motor I should use?

    Simran Chawla
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Rohan Arora

    Brushed motors are used in the smallest drones, whereas larger drones and UAVs will use brushless motors, as they can carry the extra weight of the additional electronics.



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