Arduino Projects for Kids

Top 10 Arduino Projects for Kids in 2023

Arduino Projects for Kids


Designing fun and engaging Arduino projects is one of the best ways to introduce kids to the world of electronics. Arduino projects are one of the best options to provide a kid who has an inclination toward technology and wants to do interactive robotics projects. 

Arduino Uno is a popular open-source development board used to develop electronic projects and prototypes in an easy way, so it’s a great place to begin.

We at Moonpreneur bring you 10 exciting and mind-boggling simple Arduino projects in 2023 that your child would love to experiment with and build:

1) Electronic Dice

One of the best Arduino-based projects is the electronic dice project. This one requires minimal electrical know-how. To make this project one needs seven LEDs, jumper wires, resistors, and Arduino or Arduino clone. Easy-to-use components and easy-to-handle setup make this project a favorite among kids.  

This project teaches children how circuits work, which will help them in making complicated projects in the future. The LEDs light up and stop at a random number once you press the button. One can pique the interest of their children to purchase LEDs with their kid’s favorite colors.

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2) Remote Controlled Robot

Designing a remote-controlled car is a dream project for any kid who is interested in the field of robotics. In this project children not only learn to control robots by using a remote but also learn to interface two motors to Arduino and IR receiver to Arduino.

The materials one requires are 100rpm DC motors, Arduino Uno, Arduino software, 9V batteries, jumper wires, breadboard, IR receiver, chassis, wheels, and L293D motor driver IC. Assembling all the above components gives kids an insight into the field of robotics and helps them in learning the concepts in a fun way.

3) Blinking LED

One of the simplest Arduino-based projects needs just a few materials, such as a blinking LED project. The project needs an LED, a resistor, Arduino Uno (or any other), wire, and a solder-less breadboard. Blinking LED is one of the most popular Arduino projects among children as it needs no complicated systematic diagrams and is pretty simple to work with. 

4) Traffic Light Kit

Arduino-based Traffic Light Kit is one of the few fun and simplistic projects that uses simple circuitry for both kids and beginner adults. Things one needs ten LEDs (including red, yellow, and green), two 1 kilohm resistors, two momentary switches, a solder-less breadboard, Arduino, and jumper wires.   

5) Breath-Controlled Windmill

Imagine if your kid is blowing into a microphone and causing a windmill to spin. This is one of the few Arduino-based projects that allow kids to learn the relationship between sounds and electronics. The components used are Arduino Nano R3, LED Ring, Microphone amplifier, and Arduino IDE.

When LED lights revolve when a certain degree of amplitude is picked up and the sound of the breath is detected with the help of a microphone. The feathers of the windmill are made up of a Polypropylene sheet, while the feathers don’t technically spin, the lights make it seem as if they are spinning!!

6) Robotic Arm

If your child loves Robots then a project on a Robotic Arm will become their favorite one. This beginner-level simple programmable robot arm can be built using readily available instruments and materials. The components for a beginner-level Robotics Arm project include Arduino Uno, 1000uF Capacitor (4 pieces), 100nF Capacitor (4 pieces), Servo Motor (SG 90- four pieces), 10K pot- Variable Resistor (4 pieces), Power Supply (5v- preferably two).

This project will be helpful for beginners who want to learn to develop a Simple Robot at a low cost or just want to learn the workings of Arduino and servo motors.

7) Touchless Trash Can

The Pandemic gave rise to projects such as the touchless trash can, which helps the user to dispose of the trash without having the necessity of touching any part of the trash can. This trash can does not need you to press down the gear to open it as it can sense humans.

In this unique project, the sensors get integrated into the exterior wall of your trash can and lift up the cover using the components attached to it. This intelligent trash can is built with the help of an Arduino micro and can help in bringing a seamless way of accessing trash cans.

8) Laser Tripwire Alarm System

This simple alarm system has the ability to guard jewelry and other precious items. In this project, we have designed Laser Light Security System Using Arduino with an Alarm with the application of Laser Diode Module KY-008. The whole idea revolves around the creation of a security system that can sound an alarm whenever any object will obstruct the LASER ray. 

The components used in this project are Arduino UNO Board, LASER Diode Module KY-008, Buzzer, LDR, Resistors (10k),  Push Button Switch, Bread Board, and Connecting Wires. 

9) Automated Plant Watering System

If we wander off to more interesting projects, then designing an automated plant watering system is a one-off project to work on. The project revolves around the presence and detection of moisture in the soil. The sensor senses the moisture level of the soil, so when the soil gets dry then the sensor senses a low moisture level and automatically switches on the water pump to supply water to the plant. 

When the plant has received sufficient water and the soil is wet the sensor detects the moisture level and the water pump gets automatically switched off.

The components used in this project are Arduino UNO, Moisture Sensor, 5v Relay Module, a 6v Mini water pump with a small pipe, Connecting wires, and a 5v battery.

10) Arduino-Based Speedometer 

Design a project that can measure the speed of moving objects such as a car or a tennis ball. To build a speedometer one would require a solder wire, an Arduino Nano, and an ultrasonic sensor. One would also need an LED, and an LCD which would display the speed in case the object is moving. 

In a speedometer, there is an LED that provides the user with information about the object’s distance. The speed of blinking of the LED will depend on the object’s distance. In case the object moves in the opposite direction, the speed of the object will be shown with a negative sign. 

So, there you go! We have compiled some of the best and simplest Arduino-based projects for kids to follow and experiment. Also, Moonpreneur offers one of the best Robotics classes for kids offering hands-on experience in designing various Arduino-based projects. 

Book your free session of Robotics workshop with Moonpreneur today!

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    2 months ago

    These are really cool and fun projects! I am into programming and coding, I hope I will be able to learn many new things from these projects. Can you guys help with these Arduino projects in case I am stuck?

    2 months ago

    Traffic light kit and Robotics arm project looks interesting! I’ve recently created a heartbeat sensor project with Arduino with my team for my school project.