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Top Robotics Conferences
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    Top Robotics Conferences in 2024


    Top Robotics Conference 2024

    We live in a technological age, and the conversation surrounding technology is growing, with numerous events serving as places for the community to convene, gain information, and see pioneering discoveries. Each day, new events are sprouting up, making it challenging for the community to decide which one to attend. To make things easier for you, we've produced a list of the top robotics conferences for 2024. You can choose according to your availability and convenience.


    India Community Center,525, Los Coches Street, Milpitas, CA 95035

    Moonbattle Conference 2024 Robotics

    The MoonBattle Conference 2024, created for parents, students, and young entrepreneurs, is a significant event highlighting the key aspects of STEM, eLearning, addressing educational gaps, robotics, the role of entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills.

    With a focus on cutting-edge approaches, the event promises to deliver an enriching experience through workshops, competitions, quizzes, and more, through interactive and project-based learning which allows participants to explore the multifaceted landscape of education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

    2. MODEX 

    Atlanta, GA, Monday, March 11,1.30 pm, Theater  C, Acumatica

    Modex Acumatica 2024

    As things speed up in how we make and move stuff, it’s super important to make smart decisions now for a supply chain that’s faster, more efficient, and clearer. MODEX 2024 is where everyone in the business comes together to share smart solutions for the whole process.

    At MODEX, you’ll get to see 5 big talks, attend 150 learning sessions, and check out the latest tools and ideas from over 1,100 top companies and more than 45,000 pros in manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation looking for answers to everything from regular equipment to eco-friendly practices, robots, and new tech.

    3. Logimat

    Stuttgart, Germany, MARCH 19 – 21, 2024, 9 AM – 5 PM, STUTTGART TRADE FAIR CENTRE

    Logimat 2024

    Image source:https://www.logimat-messe.de/en

    LogiMat concentrates on Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, drawing interest from numerous robotics companies operating in the field. Its key principles revolve around sustainability, AI, and ergonomics. In addition to the exhibition and forums, LogiMat also features a careers event tailored for individuals looking to pursue opportunities in logistics.

    4. NVIDIA GTC 

    San Jose, CA, March 18-21

    In this distinctive conference, NVIDIA endeavors to unite developers, researchers, and business strategists for discussions on the future of AI and its far-reaching implications, including its impact on robotics. 

    Over 600 sessions, guided by global thought leaders, will be conducted, featuring a not-to-be-missed keynote from NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. 

    The conference will showcase expansive booths dedicated to robotics and AI, along with technical workshops. For those unable to attend in person, the event will also be accessible virtually.

    5. Robotics Summit & Expo

    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, MA, May 1-2, 2024

    Organized by WTWH Media (The Robot Report), RSE is designed as an educational forum and expo with a focus on tackling issues related to the design, development, manufacturing, and delivery of commercial robotics.

    The lineup of speakers is drawn from robotics and AI companies spanning various sectors. The event aligns with the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum, offering educational content tailored for those in the MedTech field.

    6. Automate

    May 6–9, 2024 · Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Automate 2024


    Moving from Detroit to a bigger space at Chicago’s McCormick Place, Automate is recognized as one of the biggest automation conferences. The event covers an area of over 365,000 square feet and features 800 exhibitors. It’s a chance to connect with major robot companies like FANUC and ABB, as well as explore Robotics as a Service (RaaS) and software solutions. 

    With a vast show floor hosting exhibitors from around the world, you’ll encounter a range of automation solutions, including robotics, vision systems, motion control, AI, and more. Join in to witness how automation is not just a thing for the future; it’s happening right here and right now.

    7. ICRA 

    Yokohama, Japan, May 13th to 17th, 2024

    The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society will organize the biggest conference in 2024 for robots and automation called ICRA. The theme this year is “CONNECT+”, referring to Yokohama, the city known for connecting with the world, and ICRA 2024 wants to be a symbol of how robotics can connect with other fields. 

    At ICRA, people studying robots, students, and companies from all over the world come together to discuss the newest ideas and breakthroughs. There will be talks, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and fun social events for everyone to enjoy.

    8. Autonomous Mobile Robots & Logistics 2024


    At this conference, you’ll discover the latest advancements in AMR technology and innovations in logistics automation. You’ll also get to meet the top AMRs and logistics automation suppliers and Industry leaders who will share their insights and knowledge that would assist you in understanding and implementing these technologies at your facilities, boosting efficiency and maintaining competitiveness.

    The AMR & Logistics Conference includes optional tours of the FedEx World Hub in Memphis on the first day (October 8), where you can witness the 880-acre site where FedEx handles over 2 million shipments daily. On days two and three (October 9 & 10), you can attend engaging conference sessions with industry experts, explore the exhibition hall, and participate in networking receptions. Conference passes provide complete access to the event – it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

    9. RoboBusiness 

    Santa Clara, Convention Center, CA, Oct. 16-17

    Organized by WTWH Media, RoboBusiness is recognized as the premier event for commercial robotics developers, attracting companies from sectors such as hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, and beyond. 

    At Robobusiness, attendees can anticipate expert panels led by prominent robotics thought leaders, demonstrations showcasing robotic solutions, and ample networking opportunities and get the most recent insights from robotics and AI experts about cutting-edge research, industry trends, and creative uses of robotics in different areas like manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and more.

    10. Humanoid

    Nancy, France, on November 22-24,2024

    The 2024 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots will happen in Nancy, France, from November 22-24. They’re looking for original papers and ideas for workshops about humanoid robots. The conference will cover lots of topics like how humans move, design principles for robots, how robots learn, and more. They want to talk about using robots in real life, like in healthcare or disaster response. They’ll also discuss challenges, like how to make sure robots are ethical. It’s a big event where people who study and work with robots share their ideas and learn from each other.

    These events function as information hubs, providing you with the flexibility to choose based on your geographical location and convenience. Utilize the list to make your plans accordingly.

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