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    Can you imagine finding yourself in a situation where you’re collaborating with others on a project, yet you’re not permitted to communicate with them? Well, that’s precisely the predicament that four players are facing here.

    Four game developers take up the challenge of making a game without any communication among them. Here’s the gist of the challenge: the first player sets up the theme of the game and direction for what the game would look like, and then passes it on to the next developer. Each has 4 hours to add whatever they want to. 

    After 4 hours, they have to pass it on to the next developer, and so on. This leads to funny misunderstandings and weird twists along the way. This is the “pass the game” challenge, but in ROBLOX.

    Will this make an actual game, or will it just crash and burn? 

    Lets find out.  

    1st Developer 

     The first developer is Scruff. Being the first developer, he shoulders the responsibility of establishing the framework for the game’s ultimate form. The task involved a lot of responsibility. To begin with, Scruff chose a concept that provides ample room for expansion and adaptation as the project progresses.

    The first element Scruff created was “see to slide” mechanic, so one could slide under things. He chose this as one of the movements because of its versatility and potential for future mechanics, which was Camera Bobble. In games, this mechanic enhances immersion and creates an engaging experience for players.

    After that, Scruff added a double jump feature and a shift button for sprinting. Finally‌ he adds the E key to dash, a cool way to manoeuvre around the world by just dashing instead of running and jumping. 

    2nd Developer

    The second developer is Alex the cat, a uni developer who learned ROBLOX last year. He has good coding skills but is not as great at building, so hopefully, he can use his strengths effectively in this project. 

    When he opens the game swap project, he finds a couple of cubes, a dummy and a couple of scripts – Camera Bobble, Double jump, Eat a dash, Shift to sprint. 

    Alex checked the status and found that everything was working correctly but it wasn’t showing any animations. While experimenting with the mechanics, he discovered that he could use the slide mechanics to go under certain objects. So the first task he undertook was to examine the dummy and make a sliding animation. Fortunately, it worked. With a bit of editing, it was ready to be implemented. 

    Next, he worked on creating more obstacles for the player to run through. Once the new obstacles were in place, he tested sliding mechanics by maneuvering through these newly created objects. It was awesome. 

    So, next, Alex did what any good game developer would do – he removed the baseplate and added some lava that can eliminate the player upon contact. And then he made a button for the next idea. Through coding, he ensured that the obstacles were randomly spawned into the map when you step on the button, leading to the end of the race. 

    This worked, but player motivation was missing. To address this, Alex added a timer and a leaderboard to allow players to see how fast they completed the course and race against their best times, thus enhancing the game’s replayability. 

    3rd Developer

    Raymond, an experienced Roblox developer with a body of work, joined as the third developer. While he enjoys coding bugs, fixing them presents a persistent challenge. He tested the game at various stages, and identified the issue with sliding mechanics. When players tried to slide, they would collide with a part and get stuck in place.

    His proposed solution was to create a ray cast in front of the player, which worked really well. However, during play testing, he observed that there was no information regarding the controls. The controls were pretty easy, but Raymond wanted to show a cool way to play the game. He aimed to create a tutorial showing the gameplay mechanics. 

    Creating the tutorial was a massive challenge for Raymond. He began by creating the map for the tutorial. Raymond borrowed the existing button and used it to create an animation. When the button was pressed, it triggered an animation that caused the map to appear in the game.

    Next step was to create a display to show what buttons to click to pass the current level. Following that, Raymond focused on creating a system to save the player’s progress. However, these were only the initial challenges. He continued to encounter difficulties with the actual levels and the progression of those levels.

    It took him considerable time to create all that, but finally he did it and readied the final product, which he really liked and thought the tricky parts were worth it. 

    4th Developer 

    Finally, the fourth player, Mike, an experienced animator and builder in the ROBLOX studio, joins the challenge, bringing four years of valuable experience to the table.

    Mike tries to make this thing look better. And yeah, that’s all he thinks he will do on this project. He has 4 hours time, so it should be all good. 

    In the process, Mike encountered various hiccups such as encountering bugs, accidentally renaming his work, and experiencing issues with recording, including scratching. However, despite these challenges, he showcased remarkable skills in enhancing the game’s visual appeal, demonstrating his ability to overcome any mishaps that arose.

    Guess what? All four developers emerged victorious in the challenge by successfully creating a fun game, despite not having any form of communication with each other. Their collective efforts and individual talents ultimately delivered an interesting game.

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