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Private Schools in Cincinnati
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    Best Private Schools in Cincinnati


    Private Schools in Cincinnati

    If you wonder why sending your kids to a private school is a good idea, here is a fact that will tickle your interest. According to ThoughtCo., private schools only chooses teacher with the highest degree who are highly skilled in teaching their chosen subject. Almost 80% of private school teachers have an advanced degree in the subjects they choose to teach. Private schools offer personalized attention to students, ensuring they don’t lag or feel out of place. 

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    Some of the reasons why many parents are shifting their attention to private schools in recent years are because private schools provide a plethora of extracurricular activities. These activities include visual and performing arts, clubs, interest groups, and community service. These extracurricular activities complement academic teaching and are not regarded as additional.  

    5 Best Private Schools in Cincinnati

    If you are a Cincinnati resident or planning to move, here are the top 5 best private schools in Cincinnati that you should consider for your child: 

    1. The Seven Hills School

    According to, The Seven Hills School ranks number one in Cincinnati private schools for several reasons. It provides education from grades K-12, with highly qualified teachers. Seven Hills’ teachers are experts in their subjects and can connect well with the students. They design and develop unique learning experiences that inspire critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and exploration. Teachers encourage students to take risks and push beyond their mastered skills. At Seven Hills, students gain more from their education from a supportive environment created by teachers and peers. 

    Key Details:

    • Student-teacher ratio: 8:1
    • College preparation: Yes
    • Graduation rate: 100%
    • Average SAT score: 1400
    • Yearly tuition: $29,740
    • Location and accessibility: 5400 RED BANK ROAD, CINCINNATI, OH 45227
    • Safety and security: 87% of the students feel safe on school premises.


    Contact: (513) 728-2400

    2. Cincinnati Country Day School 

    Popularly known as CCDS, this school is ideal for students from 18 months of age to 12th grade. The school is prominent for providing a nurturing environment. They approach learning with determination and grow in confidence and character. The experienced faculty advises, engages, and inspires in an impressive setting that fosters a community of inclusivity. CCDS prepares students for success in college and real life. 

    Key Details:

    • Student-teacher ratio: 9:1
    • College preparation: Yes
    • Graduation rate: 100%
    • Average SAT score: 1380
    • Yearly tuition: $26,380
    • Location and accessibility: 6905 GIVEN ROAD, CINCINNATI, OH 45243
    • Safety and security: 75% of the students feel safe in school.


    Contact: (513) 561-7298

    3. The Summit Country Day School 

    Are you looking for a top-rated Catholic high school in Ohio state? Then, you cannot go wrong with The Summit Country Day School, as it is a pioneering Catholic, independent, coed college prep school. The curriculum of The Summit emphasizes intellectual and cultural competence, character-based leadership, creative problem-solving, global awareness, and ethics. The teachers are specialists in literacy, math, science, and social-emotional wellness support, and they are highly trained too. Every student enjoys playing time in athletics, these are offered from K-12 with a no-cut policy.

    Key Details:

    • Student-teacher ratio: 7:1
    • College preparation: Yes
    • Graduation rate: 100%
    • Average SAT score: 1350
    • Yearly tuition: $25,650
    • Location and accessibility: 2161 GRANDIN ROAD, CINCINNATI, OH 45208
    • Safety and security: 82% of the students feel safe on school premises.


    Contact: (513) 871-4700

    4. St. Xavier High School 

    Unlike other schools, St. Xavier High School is an All Boys’ high school that is committed to shaping the future of gentlemen. The school is a part of the Jesuit high school network in the US. The school focuses on preparing young men for leadership and service through rigorous college prep in the Jesuit tradition. Their graduates are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice. The school has an overall niche rating of A+, and it is one of the leading high schools in Ohio state. 

    Key Details:

    • Student-teacher ratio: 11:1
    • College preparation: Yes
    • Graduation rate: 99%
    • Average SAT score: 1330
    • Yearly tuition: $16,600
    • Location and accessibility: 600 W NORTH BEND ROAD, CINCINNATI, OH 45242
    • Safety and security: 100% of the students feel safe.


    Contact: (513) 761-7600

    5. Ursuline Academy

    If you have a daughter and are looking for an All Girls’ school, check out Ursuline Academy. It was founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Brown County, Ohio, in 1896 and is a Catholic high school for young women in grades 9-12. The school has a diverse student population of around 510 students from over 50 zip codes. Ursuline Academy provides a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college and beyond. Since the school follows The Merici Model of education, its curriculum is student-centered and empowers students to learn through their choices. 

    If you are wondering about extracurricular activities, Ursuline Academy offers a variety of co-curricular activities. These activities reflect the school’s commitment to a community shaped by student passions and interests. The school aims to nurture students’ souls, intellects, hearts, and imaginations.

    Key Details:

    • Student-teacher ratio: 14:1
    • College preparation: Yes
    • Graduation rate: 100%
    • Average SAT score: 1310
    • Yearly tuition: $15,625
    • Location and accessibility: 5535 PFEIFFER RD, CINCINNATI, OH 45242
    • Safety and security: 84% of the students feel safe on the school premises.


    Contact: (513) 791-5791


    Cincinnati offers a diverse range of excellent private schools for families seeking top-notch education for their children. From The Summit’s emphasis on character-based leadership to the Jesuit traditions at St. Xavier, each school offers unique advantages. The Seven Hills School, CCDS, and Ursuline Academy also provide exceptional educational experiences, preparing students for success in college and beyond.

    This article helps you make a smart choice while selecting a private school in Cincinnati for your children. 

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