Help Your Child with Math at Home

How Can You Help Your Child with Math at Home?

Help Your Child with Math at Home


Have you heard of the term Math Anxiety?

Essentially, it is a lifelong panicky situation that grips both children and adults whenever they encounter mathematical situations! 

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Yes, nearly 93% of the adults in the United States experience this. According to Ann Dowker, a renowned lecturer at Oxford University, math anxiety can affect students as young as 7 years old. Factors like speed, inability to concentrate, etc. trigger math anxiety. And this can only be curbed if the problem is addressed in the initial stage. 

If you believe that your child is slower than their peers in math or is unable to focus while doing math homework, you must assist your child with math as a responsible parent.

Not sure how to help your child with math at home? 

This blog contains a list of tips and tricks that you can use to help your child overcome math anxiety and introduce them to the world of advanced math.

Without much ado, let’s jump straight to the details!

1) Stop criticizing them for their poor math performance

First and foremost, you must understand that not every child is gifted in mathematics. And you cannot blame your children for performing poorly in this subject. The more you force your children to excel in math, the greater their fear. 

Never ever tell them they are “bad at math”. Such words demotivate them and undermine their self-esteem. Instead, tell them that it is fine if they do not excel in all subjects. And that you are available to help them in every way possible.

Do not compare their results to those of their friends or cousins. Humiliation can scar your kids for the rest of their lives. 

It is therefore recommended that you teach your kids math with patience and calmness. Inform them that you are on their side and that you two will together win the situation.

2) Connect math to real-life situations

Make sure your children know the significance of math in their daily lives. If they understand why they are learning math, they may not hate or dread the subject so much. 

Introduce them to simple life problems that require expertise in math, such as paying money to buy their favorite chocolate or sports car, counting the total number of plants required to deck up the terrace, saving money at the bank and calculating the amount of interest, calculating their school fees for the entire year and so on. 

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When your children recognize the importance of this subject in their daily lives, they will be more than eager to overcome their weaknesses and focus on their strong points.

3) Utilize virtual resources 

There are ample online resources available such as free printable math worksheets that you can use to effectively help your child with math at home. One such effective platform is virtual mathematical classes which aim to enhance your children’s math-based skills. 

They use humorous and engaging methodologies as well as skill-building activities to help your children overcome their math phobia. 

Moonpreneur is one such reputed and reliable ed-tech platform. To date, we have helped umpteen children overcome their math anxiety. Our programs are designed in such a manner that your children are never bored and, at the same time, overcome their inhibitions about math.

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4) Allow your children to practice mathematical concepts at their own pace

You are already aware that your child struggles with math. Do not make them nervous by forcing them to increase their pace to match up with their peers. Give them ample time to understand the concept.

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If necessary, repeat the concepts multiple times. Your children will be less stressed if you allow them to practice the concepts at their own sweet pace, your children will take less stress. With a calm and cool mind, a child can actually focus better on the problem at hand. 

5) Gift your kids board games that will help them improve their math skills

If you are not sure of how to make the everyday Maths lessons entertaining and engaging for your children, here’s a secret hack. Gift them a couple of interactive math-based board games. These games not only keep them entertained during their downtime but also help your kids learn important mathematical concepts through easy-peasy gaming rounds. 

In a Nutshell!

To be able to help your child with Maths, you must first recognize that it is only a subject. When your children fail to solve a math problem, do not make a scene as if their lives depend on it! Instead, be patient and friendly with your children so that they can open up to you. 

If you use the above-mentioned hacks, you notice a significant improvement in your kid’s math score. And if you need professional assistance for your children, you know you can count on Moonpreneur!

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