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overcome roblox addiction
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    Help your Child Overcome Roblox Addiction: 5 Tips


    overcome roblox addiction


    Update: This article was last updated on 10th October 2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    Roblox Addiction

    Source: Roblox

    Do you believe the multiplayer, free, and entertaining Roblox platform is posing a risk to your child? Do you believe your youngster is spending too much time on Roblox, indicating an addiction?

    You are not, however, alone. Roblox’s addictive and immersive environment is supposedly visited by over 50 million people everyday; shockingly, 67% of Roblox players are under the age of 16. 

    In this article, we will look at the game’s addictive aspects as well as suggestions to help children get rid of this addictive game which is available various platforms such as smartphones, consoles, PC, tablets, etc.

    Are you worried about your child’s Roblox addiction or excessive video game usage? Your concerns are understandable and valid.

    Table of content

    What is Roblox?

    Roblox offers an online platform and tools that let anyone create their own immersive experiences, allowing them to create any environment they can conceive. It also allows players to invite and add friends, as well as message them.

    How Roblox Works?

    a. Create a Free Account
    b. Parental Consent required for Children Under 18 
    c. Roblox offers parental controls for game and communication management, offering peace of mind to parents.
    d. It includes a pin system to prevent younger players from accessing inappropriate content.
    e. Avatar customization allows users to create unique avatars, with some items requiring the premium currency, Robux.
    f. Roblox Studio is available for aspiring game developers, providing a wide range of tools and options.
    g. The platform is user-friendly for all skill levels.
    h. Users can connect, make friends, and socialize using Roblox’s social media-like features.

    Roblox User Growth

    Why Children are addicted to Roblox?

    This game’s ability to turn imagination into reality has made it extremely popular among children. Let’s look  at the key elements that make the game irresistible for youngsters. 

    • An Interactive Make-Believe World: Any child would like to make their own world, where everything is just how they want it. And Roblox gives a virtual environment for youngsters to wallow in, allowing them to role-play and be someone else. This encourages creativity and inventiveness, but it eventually leads to addiction.
    • Engagement in Forbidden Activities: In the real world, parents’ dos and don’ts govern children. Of course, youngsters do not appreciate such limitations. ROBLOX liberates them by providing a platform for them to engage in things that they might not do in real life, such as building sophisticated structures, going on excursions, or engaging in fantasy scenarios. This sensation of liberation excites them and keeps them glued to the screen.
    • Independence from Parents: Children are usually under the watch of their parents, and continual surveillance has a huge impact on them. They want their space and freedom and Roblox provides that. Children can have as much fun as they want without their parents’ continual supervision or intervention on Roblox. It gives them a sense of independence and control over their lives.
    • Unlimited Fun: Roblox is vast and varied, providing children with hours of entertainment. They can engage in a wide range of games and activities, ensuring that they are never bored. Addiction develops as a result of the infinite fun.
    • In-Game Purchases: Roblox offers in-game purchases for apparel, accessories, skins, and other items. And players use virtual money Robux to buy things. The catch is that Robux can only be obtained by spending actual money.

    As long as children play it for fun, it’s fine but when they become addicted to it and spend excessive time playing, it negatively impacts their physical and mental health, social life, and academic performance. 

    Roblox Addiction

    Source: Mikeydood

    Signs of Roblox Addiction

    • Unable to control gaming desires 
    • Poor attention and disinterest in other activities
    • Strange behavior when not permitted to play
    • Poor academic performance 
    • Deterioration in learning skills 
    • Lack of interest in socializing 
    • Avoidance of family 
    • Conflict with family

    If your child is hooked on Roblox, you may assist them in overcoming their addiction.

    Roblox Addiction

    Source: screentimelabs

    Tips to help break your child’s addiction to Roblox:

    Step-1: Find out your child’s obsession for Roblox 

    The first step in addressing your child’s Roblox addiction is to understand why they play the game so much. There could be various reasons, such as negative emotions, bullying, boredom, lack of replacement activities, no real-life friends, or cultural reasons. 

    Take the time to talk to your child and find out what is driving their excessive gaming behavior. Understanding the underlying reasons for their addiction can provide invaluable insight and help you address the root causes of their gaming behavior.

     Recommended Reading: 27 Roblox Terms Parents Should Know

    Step-2: Evaluate your relationship with your child

     Gaming addiction can cause conflicts between parents and children. Before taking any step to help your child overcome the addiction,  examine your relationship with your child. Building trust and rapport with them is essential. You need to be a safe space for your child to share their problems and concerns. 

    Avoid making hasty decisions like removing the game from their devices or taking away their phonens/tablets/laptops. Instead, concentrate on addressing the underlying problems and repairing your relationship with your child.

    Step-3: Create a Practical Plan

    Creating a practical plan is essential in helping your child overcome their addiction. The plan should be useful, realistic, and specific to your child’s needs. 

    It should include targets for change, available resources and support, parental controls, and replacement activities to help your child fill the void left by reducing their gaming time. You can incorporate the following things into your withdrawal plan:

    • Set limits and stick to them: Establish a reasonable amount of time for your child to play Roblox daily and ensure they adhere to it. You can also use parental controls to limit their access to the game.
    • Encourage other activities: Encourage your child to engage in sports, music, dance, crafts, or arts. This will help them develop other interests and reduce their Roblox addiction.
    • Monitor their behavior: Observe your child’s behavior and mood when they play Roblox. If you notice any signs of addiction or withdrawal symptoms, it may be time to seek professional help.
    • Limit the use of other platforms: Another step is restricting children’s access to other platforms to prevent them from becoming addicted to something else, such as Discord, YouTube, or Twitch.

    When planning to overcome Roblox addiction, involving your child in the process and asking for their input can significantly impact the success of your plan.

    Step-4: Talk to them about the dangers of addiction

    Another effective way to sensitize your kids about the harmful effects of Roblox addiction and how to overcome it, have an open and honest conversation with them. Help your kids understand the difference between recreation and addiction. Your discussion should be fact-based and delivered in a non-judgmental manner. You can educate your children on the negative consequences of excessive gaming, such as decreased academic performance, social isolation, and physical health problems. 

    It’s crucial to emphasize that gaming can be a fun activity as long as it’s done in moderation.

    Step-5: Seek professional help

    If your child cannot overcome their addiction despite your efforts, seek the help of professionals. 

    A therapist can provide specialized therapy and support to help the child break free from their addiction by identifying the underlying issues driving their excessive gaming and developing coping mechanisms to deal with negative emotions and stressors. 

    Family therapy can also be beneficial in improving communication, strengthening relationships, and supporting the child’s recovery.


    One of the most essential things is understanding the root cause of your child’s Roblox addiction to help them overcome it. Once you know why they are addicted, you can rebuild your relationship, create a practical plan, discuss the risks, and seek professional help. 

    Meanwhile, remember that supporting your child in overcoming their addiction can be emotionally draining. Therefore, practicing self-care habits like mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, time in nature, regular exercise, creative hobbies, positive self-talk, and affirmations is crucial to staying focused, patient, and committed to helping your child. 

    By following these steps, you can help your child achieve a healthier balance.

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    7 months ago

    thank you for helping me with my addiction

    1 year ago

    What is the first sign of a child’s Roblox addiction?

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Luca

     I first noticed my 9 year old son’s Roblox addiction when I observed a significant increase in screen time. My child seemed increasingly absorbed in the game, neglecting other activities they used to enjoy. His mood became irritable when asked to step away from the screen, and he showed signs of restlessness and agitation when not playing. These behavioral changes raised concerns, prompting me to take action and seek a balanced approach to his gaming habits.

    11 months ago

    Are there underlying reasons why children turned to Roblox excessively?

    Anshika Kanwar
    6 months ago
    Reply to  Devin

    Yes, there could be underlying reasons why children turned to Roblox excessively. It might serve as an escape from real-life challenges, provide a sense of achievement, or offer social interaction.
    Additionally, peer influence or a lack of alternative activities could contribute. Understanding these factors can help tailor the approach to addressing the addiction, focusing on both moderation and addressing any underlying issues.



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