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How You Can Steal Your Kids Free Time
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    Take your child out from gaming addiction: Steal your kid’s free time


    How You Can Steal Your Kids Free Time


    Video games are exciting, engrossing, and entertaining, and that’s why children love spending time with gaming or games, which come in a plethora of genres such as action, adventure, action-adventure, simulation, role-playing, strategy, and sports.

    As long as kids are playing it for fun, it is safe. But gaming addiction is a concern as it leads to health hazards such as obesity, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome, which involves inflammation of a nerve in the wrist and leads to numbness and pain.

    Gaming has also been associated with sleep deprivation, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, depression, aggression, and anxiety, they need though more studies have to establish the validity and the strength of these connections, according to an article on Harvard Medical School.

    Of course, parents are aware of the health risks associated with gaming addiction. A poll conducted by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll revealed that 9 in 10 parents were concerned about their children spending too much time on video games. As many as 54 percent of parents said that their children spend over 3 hours with video games.

    So, what is the solution?

    Think out-of-the-box to steal those hours that children spent playing games. You can start by charting out a timetable.
    Adopt the same analysis method that a data analyst does for an IT company; the solution will revolve around daily chores, which will allow you to spend quality time with your child while teaching them a lot of things.

    Here are the tips to steal your child’s free time and reduce gaming addiction:

    1. Play board games with them

    There are a plethora of board games available in the market – both in brick-and-mortar shops and e-commerce websites. The best way to find a suitable game for your child is by scanning online reviews and picking according to your child’s taste and liking. From abstract games like chess and checkers to business board games like Monopoly to Moonpreneur board game – you can pick any.

    Play board games with them

    Whenever you get time, prefer playing the business board game Moonpreneur with your child because it sharpens his/her entrepreneurial skills and how to tackle the twists and turns of running a business. 

    2. Engage in social activities

    A lot of parents are struggling to keep their children away from the screen. So, make a team of like-minded parents with children of the same age group. Create opportunities for them to engage in outdoor activities regularly. 

    Engage in social activities

    This will not only steal away their screen time but also help your children in picking up social skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and team spirit.  

    3. Cook meals together

    Some adults find cooking therapeutic. They enjoy rustling up their favorite dishes. Whenever you are preparing a favorite dish in the kitchen, involve your child for supplement work. They can lend a hand in chopping, washing, serving, and more. This way they are not only learning to cook but also invest time in something healthier.  

    Cook meals together

    The kitchen is the best place to start a personal conversation like sharing anecdotes or some special moment from the pages of your life.  This activity would help your child open up and encourage them to share their thought processes, experiences or instances. In short, it would help you communicate better with your child. 

    4. Involve them in gardening 

    Some people have a green thumb and they enjoy trimming, pruning, weeding, planting, and mowing lawns. It’s a recreational activity. Engage your child in gardening activities.

    Involve them in gardening 

    It’s engaging and it is also a learning opportunity. But a word of caution – invite your child to the activity only if the weather is conducive. Because exposing children to extreme weather could lead to health hazards.  

    5. Enroll in online learning activities 

    Another option is online classes focusing on learning by doing. One such example is Moonpeneur which offers experiential learning in streams like Robotics, Game Development & App Development.

    Enroll in online learning activities 

    So, you can choose online activities that are a cocktail of fun and education because children relish practical and interactive learning sessions. You can use it as a supplement to their academics and a valid excuse to keep them away from the screen.

    6. Team up with your child for home fixes

    It’s a joy to do home gigs, like painting, cleaning, and decorating. But children are not at all interested in fixing household maintenance issues. Make it a creative and innovative activity. 

    This way they will up-skill themselves and you will get to spend quality time with them. 

    7. Practice yoga together

    Nothing can be healthier than practicing yoga regularly. You should make sure that your child does yoga regularly with you. Believe us, it can be a life-turning moment for them. Yoga is for everyone and has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. 

    Our busy schedules do not allow us to spend quality time with our kids. So these activities solve the problem. As they are involved in everything in and around the house, they neither feel lonely or bored, which are prime reasons for children to get attracted to gaming. 

    We have shared some of the tips, let us know your “steal plan” in the comment section.  

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