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Guide For College Quiz-What Should I Major In?
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    College Quiz: What Should I Major In?- A Comprehensive Guide


    Update: This article was last updated on 13th February 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    College Quiz

    Do you ever ask yourself, “What should I major in?” 

    For all high school students, selecting a college and deciding on a major are crucial decisions. It can be pretty stressful and challenging to choose just one school or program in this scenario of what seems like innumerable alternatives. 

    Moonpreneur has developed this free College Major Quiz to assist you in arriving at the final decision. 

    This quiz is for whom?

    If you are a high school junior and senior and want to apply to university programs shortly, this quiz is for you. Having said that, this quiz might also be useful for students who are switching majors or occupations.

    What’s the quiz about?

    College Quiz

    Your personality and future goals are the main topics of the quiz questions. You will be asked questions about your:

    • Aims and Strengths
    • Teamwork and Problem-Solving Capabilities
    • Hobbies and Interests

    How to use the quiz to make the right decision?

    Once you are done with the quiz, you might think about looking through the programs in your field if you feel the quiz accurately reflects your personality and interests. 

    We want you to pause and think more deeply about where you see yourself going.

    So, select the response that most accurately captures your thoughts and preferences for each question. Try not to overthink your responses, and be honest. You’ll get your result at the end of the quiz that will suggest possible majors that might be a good fit for you.

    Don’t worry there are no incorrect responses in this quiz!!


    Question Number Question
    1. What types of activities do you like to perform?
    2. Which academic subject fascinates you the most?
    3. What is your usual course of action when confronted with a challenge?
    4. What kind of setting do you favor for work?
    5. Which profession most intrigues you?
    6. What aspects of a potential career do you value most?
    7. Right now, if you had to pick an elective for college, you would pick:
    8. Which of these potential futures sounds the most intriguing?

    Q1. What types of activities do you like to perform?

    1. A) Reading, writing, or pursuing other forms of creativity.
    2. B) Analysing data, managing numbers, or solving puzzles.
    3. C) Singing, playing an instrument, or giving a stage performance.
    4. D) Creating things with your hands, fixing something, or building something.

    Q2. Which academic subject fascinates you the most?

    1. A) English, art, or literature.
    2. B) Computer science, mathematics, or physics.
    3. C) Languages, drama, or music.
    4. D) Courses in engineering, automobiles, or woodworking.

    Q3. What is your usual course of action when confronted with a challenge?

    1. A) Developing novel and unconventional solutions.
    2. B) Analyzing the issue and breaking it down into logical steps.
    3. C) Making decisions based on your feelings and instincts.
    4. D) Using practical knowledge to come up with a workable solution.

    Q4. What kind of setting do you favor for work?

    1. A) A place where I can be creative and expressive.
    2. B) A well-structured area with little outside disturbances.
    3. C) A lively, social environment where I can engage with people.
    4. D) A workspace where I can work on projects, such as a workshop.

    Q5. Which profession most intrigues you?

    1. A) Actor, graphic designer, writer, or artist.
    2. B) An economist, engineer, programmer, or mathematician.
    3. C) A musician, a therapist, a professor, or a counselor.
    4. D) A carpenter, an architect, a mechanic, or a cook.

    Q6 What aspects of a potential career do you value most?

    1. A) Using my imagination and creativity.
    2. B) Making logical conclusions and finding solutions to complex challenges.
    3. C) Establishing emotional connections with individuals and having a positive influence.
    4. D) Using my hands to produce tangible outcomes.

    Q7. Right now, if you had to pick an elective for college, you would pick:

    1. A) Drama, fine art, or creative writing.
    2. B) Statistics, computer programming, or advanced mathematics.
    3. C) Communication studies, psychology, or music theory.
    4. D) Carpentry, vehicle repair, or sculpture.

    Q8. Which of these potential futures sounds the most intriguing?

    1. A) Writing your book or exhibiting your artwork.
    2. B) Creating innovative software or resolving a scientific conundrum.
    3. C) Performing in front of an audience.
    4. D) Creating one-of-a-kind furnishings or designing and constructing your own home.

    Make a note of the number of times you’ve chosen A, B, C, or D as your response.

    If it’s most As: Your interests tend to be in the creative industries, including the performing arts, literature, and art. Think of majoring in the performing arts, writing, theater, or graphic design. If it’s most Bs: Your capacity for analysis and problem-solving is impressive. Investigate majors in physics, engineering, economics, computer science, and mathematics. If it’s most Cs: You might major in music, psychology, education, or communications if you want to connect with people and convey your emotions. If it’s most Ds: Your practical and hands-on tendency suggests majoring in the culinary arts, engineering, architecture, or trades like carpentry or automotive repair.

    Recall that this quiz is only the first stage. Making the best selection for your future major requires a thorough investigation.

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    Rishabh Prasad

    Rishabh Prasad

    A writer with a talent to play with words and deliver impactful content. I have an undying love for literature, and firmly believe that pens have the power to change the course of human history!!
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    4 months ago

    What career will I pursue if I choose math as my major subject?

    4 months ago
    Reply to  Garry

    If you want to choose mathematics as your major subject this is your possible Career Path with a Mathematics Degree.
    Accountancy and Finance: Math graduates can find diverse opportunities in various industries within the field of accountancy.
    Banking: A mathematics degree opens doors to careers in the banking sector.
    Actuarial Careers: Actuarial roles, involving risk assessment and financial planning, are well-suited for math graduates.
    Statistician Careers: Math graduates can pursue careers as statisticians, contributing to data analysis and interpretation.
    Academia and Research: Opportunities exist for math graduates in academia and research, allowing for further exploration and contribution to the field.
    Engineering: Mathematics is fundamental to engineering disciplines, offering math graduates a pathway into various engineering roles.
    Meteorology: Math plays a crucial role in meteorology, making it a suitable career option for those with a mathematics degree.
    Teaching: Mathematics graduates can choose a career in education, sharing their knowledge as teachers.

    11 months ago

    What is a major subject in college?

    4 months ago
    Reply to  Zacklin

    A major represents the primary area of focus during your university studies. It encompasses subjects such as Biology, Environmental Science, Business, Health Sciences, Geological Engineering, Pure Mathematics, Psychology, and numerous others. The bulk of the approximately 40 courses required to complete your degree will typically revolve around your chosen major.



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