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Vedic Math Tricks
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    10 Vedic Math Tricks Every Child Should Know


    Vedic Math Tricks


    India has given a lot of valuable gems of knowledge to the world and Vedic Maths is just one of them. The term ‘Vedic’ came from the Sanskrit word ‘Veda’, which means ‘Knowledge’ and Vedic Math is a super collection of methodologies derived by ancient scholars of India.to solve math problems in a much faster and easier way. 

    We at Moonpreneur impart knowledge of Advanced Mathematics which also contains teachings of Vedic Mathematics. So, here we bring you ten Vedic Math tricks with a few examples that every child should know in order to solve complex problems in a much easy manner.

    Trick 1. Squaring of a number whose Unit Digit is 5

    This Vedic Math trick lets students quickly find the square of a two-digit number ending with 5.

    For Example:

    Find (45) ² =?

    Step 1. 45 x 45 = …….25 (in the end)

    Step 2.  4 x (4+1) = 4 x 5 = 20

    Hence the answer will be 2025.

    Trick 2. Multiplying any number by 5

    Memorizing the 5 times tables very easily, but it’s the larger numbers that pose a problem as they are too complex. This particular trick makes it look like a cakewalk!

    The trick is to take any number and divide it by 2 or make the number as it’s half. If the result is a whole number then add 0 at the end. If it is a fractional number, then ignore the remainder and add a 5 at the end. 

    For Example: 

    2462 x 5 = ?

    Step 1. 2462 / 2 = 1231

    Step 2. It’s a whole number, so add 0

    The answer will be 2462 x 5 = 12310

    Let’s try another: 

    3773 x 5

    Step1.  3773 / 2 = 1886.5

    Step 2. It’s a fractional number, so ignore the remainder and add 5

    The answer will be 3773 x 5 = 18865

    Trick 3. Subtraction from 1000, 10000, 100000, and so on

    This particular Vedic Math Subtraction trick is quite useful for getting instant subtraction results of any large number from 1000, 10000.. and so on. Just one formula has to be kept in mind Subtract all digits in the other number from 9 and the last digit from 10. 

    For Example: 

    1000 – 473 =? (Subtraction from 1000)

    We simply subtract each figure in 473 from 9 and the last figure from 10.

    Step 1. 9 – 4 = 5

    Step 2. 9 – 7 = 2

    Step 3. 10 – 3 = 7

    So, the answer is: 1000 – 473 = 527

    Trick 4. Multiplication of any 2-digit numbers, from 11 to 19

    This Vedic Math Trick can help you in the multiplication of any two-digit number from 11 to 19 quickly, with proper practice it is possible to gain speed faster than a calculator. Let’s take a look at the four steps involved in this trick:

    Step 1: Add the unit digit of the smaller number to the larger numeral.

    Step 2: Multiply the result by 10.

    Step 3: Multiply the unit digits of both numbers.

    Step 4: Add both numbers (involve in steps 1 and 2).

    Let’s see with an example how this pans out:

    For Example: Take 2 numbers like 13 and 16.

    Step 1. 16 + 3 =19.

    Step 2. 19*10 = 190.

    Step 3. 3 x 6 = 18

    Step 4. Add the two numbers, 190+18 and the answer is 208.

    Trick 5. Dividing a large number by 5

    This trick will give you result within seconds when you’re dividing a large digit number by 5. Two simple steps need to be followed, in the first step multiply the number by 2 while in the second step move the decimal point. 

    Example 1: 235 / 5 = ?

    Step 1. 235 * 2 = 470

    Step 2. Move the decimal: 47.0 or just 47

    Example 2: 2128 / 5 = ?

    Step 1. 2128 * 2 = 4256

    Step 2. Move the decimal: 425.6 or just 425

    Trick 6. Multiplication of a two-digit number by 11

    Wanna do multiplication before someone has a chance to bat an eye? Master this particular Vedic Math Trick and it’ll take just 1 or 2 seconds to do the calculations. 

    Let’s take a look at the two simple steps given below. 

    To multiply 25 and 11, imagine there is a space between 25

    Step 1. Put an imaginary space in between: 25 x 11= 2_5

    Step 2.  Just add 2 and 5 and put the result in the imaginary space

    So, the answer is: 25 x 11 = 275

    For Example:

    42 x 11 = 4 (4+2) 2 = 462

    Trick 7. Multiply any large number by 12

    In this trick to easily multiply any given number by 12, just double the last digit and thereafter we’ll double each digit and add it to its neighboring digit.

    For Example:

    13243 x 12 =  ?

    Let’s follow the below-mentioned steps to know the answer:

    Step 1. 13243 x 12 =  _____6 (Double of Last Digit 3= 6)

    Step 2. 13243 x 12 =  ____16 (Now Double 4= 8, and add it to 3, 8+3=11, 1 will get carry over)

    Step 3. 13243 x 12=   ___916 (Now Double 2=4, and add it to 4 with carry, 4+4+1=9)

    Step 4. 13243 x 12=   __8916 (Now Double 3=6, and add it to 2, 6+2=8)

    Step 5. 13243 x 12=   _58916 (Now Double  1=2, and add it to 3, 1+3=5)

    Step 6. 13243 x 12=   158916 (Now Double 0=0, and add it to 1, 0+1=1)

    So, the final answer of 13243 x 12 = 158916

    Trick 8. Multiplication of any 3-digit numbers

    Vedic Mathematics has the power to teach you the multiplication of any two numbers in just five simple steps.

    Let’s take an example of 308 and 306

    Step 1. Now subtract the number at the unit place.



    Step 2. Now select any number and add the unit digit of another number


    Step 3. Now multiply, 314×300 = 94200

    Step 4. Now multiply the unit digits of both numbers, 8×6=48

    Step 5. Now add, 94200+48 = 94248

    The product of the numbers 308 and 306 is 94248

    Trick 9. Converting kilograms to pounds within seconds

    Learning the art of performing swift and accurate mental calculations is what makes Vedic Maths so special and so unique.  

    For Example:

    Let’s convert 112 Kg to pound. 

    We’ll do this by following three simple steps:

    Step 1. Multiply the Kg value by 2

    112 x 2 = 224

    Step 2. Divide the previous attained value by 10

    224/ 10 = 22.4

    Step 3. Add both the numbers

    224 + 22.4 = 246.4 pounds.

    Trick 10. The trick for finding any square

    One can easily find the square of any number in Vedic Mathematics by following a few simple steps given below:

    Step 1. Choose a base closer to the number whose square is to be found.

    Step 2. Find the difference of the number from its base.

    Step 3. Add the difference with the number.

    Step 4. Multiply the result with the base.

    Step 5. Add the product of the square of the difference with the result of the above point.

    For Example:

    (99) ² = ?

    Step 1. Choose 100 as base

    Step 2. Difference is 99 -100 = -1

    Step 3. Number + difference = 99 + (-1) = 98

    Step 4. Multiplying result with base = 98 x 100 = 9800

    Step 5. Adding result with square of difference= 9800 + (-1)² = 9801

    Vedic Mathematics is a boon to students who wish to pursue STEM-related subjects in the future. Easy and fast calculations with accuracy can help a student crack tough examinations. 

    We at Moonpreneur understand the importance of teaching this valuable technique to our students and thus we’ve launched the Advance Mathematics Course which encompasses Vedic Maths to make students smarter, faster, and sharper. Enroll Now

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    1 year ago

    All these vedic math tricks help young kids to do calculations more effortlessly. Every kid should know these math hacks.

    1 year ago

    I do appreciate the vedic math but I think kids should also know about the concept of the abacus and mental math. 

    Ashish JAin
    Ashish JAin
    1 year ago

    Appreciate these tricks but everyone should know that *Vedic* word is misleading here. These tricks were not part of any vedas and were copied from Trachtenburg system.

    6 months ago

     I am confused if Vedic Math is good or bad?

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Loila

    Vedic mathematics is a streamlined and organized approach for swiftly solving mathematical problems. It facilitates the derivation of efficient and intelligent solutions for both straightforward and intricate problems.

    6 months ago

    Is it possible for me to score 100 in maths?

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Sabnam

    If you want to score 100 in math you have to follow these strategies.

    1.  Commence Preparation Early.
    2. Review Past Years’ Question Papers.
    3. Recognize and Improve Weak Areas.
    4. Master Time Management.
    5. Maintain Neatness in Your Answer Script.
    6. Work Through Examples in Study Materials.
    7. Dedicate Ample Time to Practice.
    8. Concluding Reflections.
    6 months ago

     Does NASA use Vedic math?

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Christina

    Employing the Vedic method enables the effortless resolution of complex problems. In comparison to conventional mathematics, Vedic mathematics provides students with a unique advantage not typically found in traditional approaches. Remarkably versatile, Vedic Maths has been utilized by NASA, incorporating specific concepts into artificial intelligence.



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