Block Coding

What is Block Coding for Kids?

Block Coding


Digitization has permeated into our lives at different levels. Computer skills have become an integral part of the modern education system. Experts believe this era is nothing less than the fourth industrial revolution itself. 

It is high time parents start prepping their children to compete in today’s highly digitized world. To stay relevant in this cut-throat competition, every child should be equipped with digital knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Block coding is one such skill. You must encourage your kids to learn the skill. It is the foundation upon which your kids can build a successful coding career. Help your kids start their coding journey with block coding and prepare them for a brighter future.

Block Coding: What It Means?

Basically, it exposes your children to the world of coding through the most basic form of computer programming. It does not include complicated coding concepts. It involves using visual instruction blocks to create attractive animations and appealing games. The best part is that it has an attractive drag-and-drop interface that is easier for children to use.

The visual approach of block coding simplifies learning for kids. Finding and fixing problems in the program is also easier for children. 

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What Makes Block Coding the Best Choice for Your Children?

Here are some benefits of enrolling your children in block coding classes:

1) Visual coding

Visual methods rule the arena of block coding. The visual representation of coding not only makes the process more engaging but also serves as an effective learning strategy. Your children can simply click upon desired code blocks and drag them to the correct location. 

Also, block coding eliminates the element of typing because of its visual approach. So, if your children are not too much into typing then block coding seems to be an easy option. 

2) Swift results

Block-based coding yields quick results. And immediate results can boost your kids’ interest by manifolds. They do not have to spend hours learning about lines of codes and specific formats. They can simply learn about the basic coding blocks and use them to create an exciting work of animations or fun games.

Quick results motivate the children to adhere to coding. Block-based coding lessons thus teach kids more efficiently than text-based coding. Block coding gives tangible results, so your kids would love to pursue coding even as the level of difficulty increases.

3) Syntax-free coding

The biggest drawback of text-based coding is syntax. It involved typing entire lines of code in the correct order. Missing out on even a single character can ruin all the efforts. Block coding, on the other hand, eliminates an equation’s entire syntax. Children only have to concentrate on the coding blocks and their functions. 

4) Creativity 

Block coding allows children to go on a creative spree. Since they do not have to worry about debugging, they can easily experiment and implement different ideas. Thus it is an innovative way of helping your kids learn to code creatively.

5) No prior coding experience required

Block coding is a fundamental programming language and is apt for beginners. Kids do not require any prior coding skills to learn block coding. Because of the drag-and-drop feature, it gets much more accessible for children to learn to code. 

In a Nutshell

There are several websites that provide children with free block coding. Scratch, Snap, and Blockly are among the most popular. Game Salad, Game Maker Studio, ScratchJr, and VEXcode VR are other options. You can make your selection based on your needs.

Moonpreneur understands the needs and demands this rapidly changing technological world is bringing with it for our kids. Thus we are on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs, which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and much more!! 

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