Block-based Coding for Kids

What You Should Know About Block-based Coding for Kids

Block-based Coding for Kids


Block-based coding is the easiest, simplest, and most fun way for children to start coding. Block-based coding transforms the programming into a drag-and-drop process by just converting the text-based codes into visual blocks.

Block-based coding uses a drag-and-drop learning atmosphere, in which programmers use coding instructions known as “blocks” to create various animated stories and games for kids. Kids can gain a foundation in computational thinking through some text-based visuals.

In this context, blocks refer to chunks or pieces of instructions that a coder uses by putting them together to tell their program what to do.

Scratch Programming, for example, is a block-based programming language. When it comes to kids coding languages, it is one of the most popular options. 

With this block-based programming, kids can make their imagination work by bringing those creations and imaginations to life with animated stories and games.

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Why should kids use block-based coding?

For new kids, block-based coding helps to improve their learning ability. It also prevents errors and helps kids understand the program structure. Block-based coding assists beginners to focus on learnability. 

Block-based coding has proven that it is effective and efficient. Some of the best block-based coding platforms include, Scratch, etc.

Block-based coding builds

1) Games

These block-based programming languages are primarily used to build various games. Block-based coding can be either very simple or very complex, it is completely up to the coder.


Kids can create a variety of clicker games, chasing games, and even a few adventurous games.

  1. Clicker games: These games come under this category where a player clicks on things like popping balloons to earn points.
  2. Chase Games: The player in this game can chase another object or player. For example, online hide-and-seek games.
  3. Adventurous Games: This game is a little more advanced and the players must progress through multiple levels.

2) Animations 

Beginners can begin by making an animation. Kids can make simple animations by using block-based coding. Kids can include a variety of characters, music, and movements in their animations. 

3) Programs

Various robotics kits for children use block-based programming languages for coding. This means that the child can write a program to make their robot move, perform tasks, make sounds, and so on. A few robotics kits allow kids to choose between two kinds of languages i.e.; block-based coding language and text-based programming language.

Advantages of Block-based Coding for kids

1) Syntax-free 

The syntax is one of the most difficult aspects of text-based programming. Typing code in the wrong order or missing a single character can cause errors in syntax-based coding. Block-based coding is completely syntax-free. Kids need not worry about syntactical errors. They just need to focus on what each block does and how all those blocks work together.  

2) Visual Coding

Block-based coding completely focuses on visual methods of coding. Kids just need to click on code blocks and drag them together. This type of visual representation of coding is really a powerful tool to show how various blocks of code work together. It also helps kids to develop their typing skills to learn the basics of coding. 

3) Faster Results

Block-based coding produces faster results. There is no need for kids to learn how to type various lines of code in different formats. They just have to learn some basics of what each block does. Kids can create a fun game by just knowing a handful of blocks. This also motivates and encourages kids to learn more. 

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