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Best 12 Roblox Challenges for Kids
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    Best 12 Roblox Challenges for Kids


    Founded by David Baszucki & Erik Cassel, Roblox has been around for a very long time, since 2006, and kids still really like it! Roblox is so popular that  it has over 56 million daily users and it generate $2.2 billion in revenue in 2022.

    Roblox Quarterly Revenue

    Roblox is not just one game; it’s like a giant playground with over 40 million games inside. Each game is different and has rules and things to do, but they all belong to Roblox.

    Challenging Games on Roblox

    S.N. Roblox Challenges Recommended Age
    1 Brookhaven RP 8 years and above
    2 Adopt Me Suitable for All Ages
    3 The Tower of Hell Suitable for All Ages
    4 Dragon Adventures Suitable for All Ages
    5 Science Simulator Not Specified
    6 Scuba Diving at Quill Lake All Ages
    7 Hide and Seek Extreme All Ages
    8 Theme Park Tycoon 2 All Ages
    9 Bee Swarm Simulator All Ages
    10 World Zero All Ages
    11 Jailbreak 8 years and above
    12 Miraculous RP 6 years and above

    We present the games on Roblox, which are fun and challenging  for kids to play!

    1. Brookhaven RP

    Brookhaven RP

    This game is all about making friends and pretending to be different characters. You get to act out different roles as you go around town. You can be a doctor, police officer, firefighter, teacher, chef, and lots of other jobs.

    It’s like playing dress-up and learning about lots of different jobs. You can help the town and make it a better place by doing these jobs. 

    Why Kids Enjoy this game:

    It’s a fun way to use your imagination and learn about different things!

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    2. Adopt Me

    Adopt Me Adopt Me! is a timeless favorite among Roblox games, boasting millions of daily users. This game revolves around the endearing concept of adopting, nurturing, and cherishing virtual pets. Notably, the care bestowed upon these virtual companions also yields in-game currency, enabling players to expand their pet family.

    What Makes Kids Enthusiastic About it:

    Adopt Me! garners a devoted following among children for several compelling reasons:
    • Adorable Pets: The game features a delightful array of charming and cuddly pets, appealing to kids’ love for animals. From playful puppies to exotic creatures, the virtual pet collection is bound to captivate young hearts.
    • Simple Gameplay: It offers a user-friendly gameplay experience that is easy for kids to grasp. The intuitive mechanics ensure that players can quickly immerse themselves in the game’s world, making it accessible for all skill levels.
    • Thriving Community: With a vast online community, “Adopt Me!” provides ample opportunities for interaction and socialization. Kids can connect with fellow players, trade pets, and embark on exciting adventures together, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

    3. The Tower of Hell

    The Tower of Hell

    Do you want a game that’s super tough and mind boggling? Well, Roblox has a game like that, and it’s called Tower of Hell. In this game, you race to reach the top of different rooms, but it’s not easy because laden with hurdldes. You have to jump and run to overcome those tricky challenges to get to the very top.

    Why Kids Find it enchanting:

    Kids love the thrill of trying to conquer difficult obstacles and reach the top of the tower. Tower of Hell helps kids improve their problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills. They learn from their mistakes and get better with each try.

    4. Dragon Adventures

    “Dragon Adventures” invites players to embark on thrilling adventures as they travel over vast landscapes, conquer quests, collect treasures, and master the art of dragon flight and battle. Within this captivating realm, an array of dragons, each unique in shape and size, awaits discovery, while in-game events promise ongoing excitement.

    Why Kids Find it enchanting:

    • Majestic Dragons: Dragons hold an eternal fascination for kids, and “Dragon Adventures” delivers in spades with a rich assortment of these mythical creatures. The opportunity to collect and interact with various dragon companions adds a layer of enchantment to the game.
    • Expansive World: The game world, expansive and open, beckons players to soar the skies atop their dragons, offering a sense of freedom and adventure. Flying around and engaging in thrilling battles with mobs amplifies the excitement and fun factor.


    Most Played Roblox Games

    5. Science Simulator

    Science Simulator

    In “Science Simulator”, you collect different pets from special eggs. You can hatch all sorts of pets. The main thing you do in this game is click to gather resources, and then use those resources to make your resource gathering even better. It might sound easy, but there are many choices to make, like which upgrades to get and which pets to aim for.

    Why Kids Enjoy it:

    Because it has lots of different types of pets you can collect. These pets come in different styles, making them unique and special. Kids can show off the pets they’ve collected and feel proud of their hard work in the game.

    6. Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

    Scuba Diving at Quill Lake If you are curious about aqua life, Scuba Diving at Quill Lake will interest you. In this game, you get to explore underwater in a beautiful lake called Quill Lake. You’ll use different tools to find hidden treasures and secrets. When you find cool stuff, you can sell it for coins to upgrade your equipment, so you can explore even more places!

    Why kids enjoy it:

    It’s fun because you get to dive underwater in a pretty lake, and there are lots of secrets to discover, which makes it feel like an exciting adventure.

    7. Hide and Seek Extreme

    One of the most popular games in Roblox is Hide and Seek Extreme. In this game, one group hides and the other group looks for them. What makes it special is that the hiders can change the game world to make it trickier for the seekers.

    Why kids enjoy it:

    Kids like it because they can be creative in the game, and it’s exciting to compete. When seekers find the hiders, it feels like a big win, and that’s why it’s so much fun!

    8. Theme Park Tycoon 2

    Theme Park Tycoon 2 Is it a tour of theme parks we visit on weekends? Bored Alert!!! Well, Theme Park Tycoon 2 allows you to create your very own theme park. You get to design and build everything, like rides, shops, and cool stuff to make your park special. It’s a game where you can be super creative, and it’s so much fun that you can play for hours!

    Why kids enjoy it:

    Kids love it because they’re the boss of their own theme park. They can build whatever they imagine, and that’s really awesome. It’s like a big playground for their creativity, and that’s why it’s tons of fun!

    9. Bee Swarm Simulator

    Bee Swarn Simulator Bee Swarm Simulator is a fun game where you go to beautiful fields filled with bees and honey bears! You can collect honey from flowers, and with that honey, you can make your bee family bigger and make your hive grow. The world in this game is made just for kids, with big colorful flowers and secret spots to explore. Sometimes, big bugs show up, but your bees are great at protecting you. 

    Why Kids Enjoy It:

    You can also help giant honey bears with their quests and find tokens with different fruit! It’s a cool game with lots to do and discover, and that’s why kids love it!

    10. World Zero

    World Zero Looking for a challenge you can play with all of your friends together? World Zero is it. It is an online game where multiple people play together. It’s like an adventure where you can team up with others or have battles in make-believe worlds. You can be different kinds of heroes with all sorts of weapons, and you can even ride on animals to go places faster.

    Why kids enjoy it:

    Kids like it because it’s a fast and exciting game with battles. The places you go to are really cool, and you can make your hero look how you want. It’s a fun challenge for kids who want an exciting adventure!

    11. Jailbreak

    Jail Break All of us have a fantasy to be a police officer and sometimes a secret fantasy of being a thief *wink* *wink*. Jailbreak lets you choose to be a good guy (a police officer) or a bad guy (a criminal). If you’re a police officer, your job is to catch the criminals and put them in jail. But if you decide to be a criminal, you can do things like robbing banks and casinos.

    Why Kids Enjoy It:

    The game is easy to play, so even kids can have fun without any trouble. It’s even more fun when you play with your friends because you can work together to catch the bad guys or plan exciting heists!

    12. Miraculous RP

    Miraculous RP Fond of role plays? Well, Miraculous RP lets you pretend to be characters from the show in Paris. You can even be a superhero, just like them! It is based on the Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir TV show. There are fun mini-games that make the pretend play more exciting. You can explore two different places – Paris and Shanghai (from a special episode).

    Why Kids Enjoy It:

    Kids familiar with the show can act out episodes or make up their own stories with their friends. It’s a really fun way to use imagination!

    Features of Roblox Games

    Roblox games have lots of cool things that make them fun. Here are key features:

    Customization: You can make your character look how you want, with different clothes and accessories.

    Multiplayer: Many Roblox games let you play with friends or meet new people from around the world.

    Adventures: Roblox games can take you on exciting adventures in different worlds.

    Creativity: Some games let you build and create your own things, like houses or games within the game.

    Challenges: There are lots of games with puzzles and challenges to solve.

    Virtual Currency: You can earn or spend Robux, which is like money in Roblox, to get cool stuff.

    Updates: Games often get new features and improvements to keep them exciting.

    Community: You can be part of a big Roblox community, where you can share your games and play games made by others.


    Instead of following a strict story, Roblox lets kids create their own fun. It’s like they’re building their own adventures. This helps kids feel better because it lets them be creative and share what’s on their minds, even if they can’t always talk about it.

    Roblox also teaches children cool stuff like coding (that’s how computer programs work), computer science (how computers think), animation (making pictures move), and 3D design (creating 3D models). So, while they’re having fun on Roblox, they’re also learning these important skills.

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    Disha Agrawal

    Disha Agrawal

    As a passionate content writer and Minecraft expert, Disha finds joy in the written word and the power it holds to ignite imaginations and evoke emotions. With a love for reading, writing, and a touch of creativity, she embark on a journey to bring captivating stories and insightful information to life.
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