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How To Make And Sell Clothes On ROBLOX
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    How To Make And Sell Clothes On ROBLOX – 8 Easy Steps


    Roblox, an online platform and game creation system, has emerged as a vibrant community for fostering creativity, social interaction, and entrepreneurial endeavors. One aspect of Roblox is the ability to craft and trade virtual items such as clothing with fellow players. Whether you aspire to become a fashion designer or simply desire to accumulate currency (Robux) this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create and sell your clothing line within the Roblox realm.

    Step 1: Create a Roblox Account and Get Some Robux

    1. First things first, you need a Roblox account and a bit of Robux, which is Roblox’s in-game currency.
    2. You need Robux to buy clothes, accessories, games, and other items on Roblox. You can earn Robux by playing games or buying it with real money.
    3. For starters, you’ll want at least 10 Robux, mainly for uploading your shirts.

    Step 2: Design Your Clothes; let’s design Shirt

    1. Log into your Roblox account and go to the “Avatar” section on the left-hand menu.
    2. Click on “Clothing” and then “Shirts” to access the shirt templates.
    3. Hit the “Create” button to design your shirt.

    Step 3: Choose Your Shirt Type

    1. There are two types of shirts on Roblox: T-Shirts and Standard Shirts.
    2. T-shirts only have images with a solid color background, thus limiting your creativity.
    3. Standard Shirts offer more design freedom, allowing you to create unique clothing.

    Step 4: Download the Template

    1. On the “Create a Shirt” screen, you’ll find a link to download the template.

    Roblox tshirt template

    1. This template shows different colored sections representing different parts of a Roblox character‘s body.
    2. Save the template image on your computer; you can edit it using software like Photoshop.

    Make And Sell Clothes On ROBLOX

    Roblox tshirt template


    Step 5: Customize Your Shirt

    1. Open the downloaded template in Photoshop or another image editing software.
    2. Modify the template to create your shirt design, whether it’s a tuxedo, business suit, or something else.
    3. Save your design.

    Step 6: Upload Your Shirt

    1. Return to the Roblox website and find the “Upload for 10 Robux” button.
    2. Click “Choose File” to select your saved shirt design.
    3. Give your shirt a name.
    4. Click “Upload” and confirm by clicking again.
    5. Your shirt will be under review by Roblox for a couple of hours to ensure it is appropriate.

    Make And Sell Clothes On ROBLOX

    Step 7: Preview Your Shirt

    1. Open Roblox Studio and select “Create” in the top navigation bar.
    2. Click “Start Creating” and then “Baseplate” to go to a blank screen.
    3. Access “PLUGINS” and click “Build Rig” to add a dummy character to your screen.
    4. Choose “R15” or “R6” based on your preference.
    5. In the Explorer window, click the plus sign next to “Dummy” and look for “Clothing”.
    6. Right-click on your shirt, click “Copy Asset ID”, and paste the ID next to “ShirtTemplate” in the “Appearance” section.
    7. Your shirt will appear on the Roblox dummy model, allowing you to see how it looks in real-time.

    Step 8: Monetize Your Shirt

    1. Once you’re satisfied with your shirt’s design, return to the Roblox website and go to “Avatar” > “Clothing” > “Shirts”.
    2. If your shirt isn’t visible, it’s likely still in the approval process.
    3. Once approved, click on your shirt, then click the down arrow next to the gear icon and select “configure”.
    4. Confirm that you’re working with the correct shirt.
    5. Click “sales” under the “general” tab and toggle the switch to put your shirt up for sale.
    6. Set a reasonable price (usually around 6 or 7 Robux), keeping in mind that Roblox takes a small percentage of the sale (minimum price is 5 Robux).
    7. Click “save”. If all goes well, you’ll see a green “successfully updated” bar. Your shirt is now available for purchase by others.

    Note: You need to have a premium account, to trade and sell shirts to earn Robux.

    Tips to increase the sale of your clothes in Roblox

    1. Consider these marketing strategies:
    • Craft an Eye-Catching Title and Description for Your Creation.
    • Utilize the Power of Social Media to Showcase Your Creations.
    • Team Up with Fellow Roblox Creators.
    • Become a Part of Roblox Groups Focused on Clothing Design and Promotion.
    1. Monitor Your Sales and Improve: Keep an eye on your sales and gather feedback from buyers. If you notice a particular design isn’t selling well, consider making improvements or creating new designs based on popular trends.


    Venturing into the world of designing and selling clothes on Roblox can bring about gratifying rewards both creatively and financially. With imagination, commitment, and a solid grasp of the platform’s dynamics you can transform your boutique into a flourishing enterprise. So go ahead and let your creativity soar as you showcase your designs to an audience across the expanse of Roblox. Best of luck, on this journey!

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    Disha Agrawal

    Disha Agrawal

    As a passionate content writer and Minecraft expert, Disha finds joy in the written word and the power it holds to ignite imaginations and evoke emotions. With a love for reading, writing, and a touch of creativity, she embark on a journey to bring captivating stories and insightful information to life.
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