Afterschool Robotics Activities for Kids

Top Afterschool Robotics Activities for Kids in 2023

Afterschool Robotics Activities for Kids


After attending school the whole day, your children often get exhausted and overwhelmed by the amount of learning. So, when you give them the opportunity to explore their favorite gadgets after school hours, they cherish every moment of this meaningful activity.

As per a study by the Weizmann Institute of Science, students who find it difficult to cope with the conventional academic curriculum perform better when exposed to afterschool robotics sessions. 

Robotics Class for kids

If you have been looking for engaging and fruitful afterschool activities for your school-going kids, we have got your back. Try these interesting afterschool robotics activities for your children to help them learn while they are having fun!

Top 3 Afterschool Robotics Activities Your Kids Will Simply Love!

1) DIY Robotics Projects

Children’s fascination with robotics knows no bounds. And to make the most out of this passion, you can keep them engaged in DIY robotics projects. Robot development kits that come with guides and instructions can help them with the exhilarating feeling of building robots that actually function.

DIY robotics projects

There are several easy-to-make robotics project ideas such as smart cleaning robots, gesture control robots, Arduino robots Lucy, soccer playing robots, etc.

2. Virtual Robotics Classes

Getting your kids enrolled in a virtual robotics class can indeed be a great idea. Children who get exposed to topics like AI, robotics, and coding from an early stage clearly get an advantage over their peers. 

While getting acquainted with the intricacies of robotics, your kids are actually preparing a strong foundation for their bright future.

Virtual robotics classes

With automation slowly tiptoeing into our everyday lives, it is necessary that you keep your children ahead of the competition.

3. E-books on Robotics

If your children love reading books outside of their academics, then you should definitely gift them some e-books on robotics. While scrolling through the pages of these e-books, your kids can learn more about the world of robotics.

The habit of reading will enable them to delve deeper into subjects like robotics and coding effortlessly.

Why is it a Good Idea to Involve Your Kids Into Robotics After School Hours?

Of all the extra-curricular activities, robotics, undoubtedly, is the best choice for your children. Here’s why:

  • Exposing them to an ecosystem that comprises coding, programming, and robot building helps to inculcate problem-solving and analytical skills in your children.
  • Also, robotics activities for kids help your children develop an interest in STEM subjects. Their hands-on experience helps them realize the value and significance of these subjects.
  • Participating in robotics activities improves the mental strength of your children.
  • Kids who are associated with robotics projects tend to stay more persistent and motivated even in complicated situations. The patience that they gain during such activities serves them lifelong.
  • Robotics enables your kids to learn complicated stuff in a simple and fun-filled way. Robotics classes are not similar to normal coaching classes, and hence, kids love to gain knowledge through this interactive and engaging manner. 

Wrapping Up!

If you wish to give a reason to your children to get back home and enjoy their evenings to the fullest, then you should definitely consider adding robotics to their daily life. You can do so either by participating in DIY robotics projects or reading robotics-based books with them.

And if you want professional assistance for your children, then it is best to enroll them in a reputed virtual robotics class such as Moonpreneur

Online classes save a great deal of time and hassles. Also, your children will feel at home while taking lessons from virtual robotics classes. 

Robotics Class for kids

Next time you are trying to plan something interesting and value-packed for your children, refer to this blog to get a handful of crazy ideas!

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