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  • Low efficiency of pettiyum-para pumps 
  • Requires costly & tedious civil installation works
  • The fishes escaped as water levels rose above the bunds that were built to prevent water intrusion from outside
  • Water level rises in paddy fields can lead to the destruction of paddy.


  • Developed a water pumping system that automatically monitors and regulates the water level in the pond. 
  • The system is fully automated. 
  • The water level and water properties are constantly monitored and corresponding feedback will be given to the farmers. 
  • The pump system is custom-made with respect to the pond and the need of the customer. 
  • The strength of the bund and appropriate pressure exerted by the water is calculated by our embedded systems and our algorithm will operate the pump automatically corresponding to the signals from the sensors


  • There is no start-up in Kerala that will take care of the water level. We are the first organization who is come up with this idea. 


  • Small pond owners are not affordable with our system so we are developing some schemes of taking quotations of water level management for particular years or for monthly rent. 


  • Retrofitting of the embedded system in existing pumps is also introduced.


  • Since the people in our state are not much aware of water level management, farming is going through great losses. The responsibility of the water level maintenance is taken care of by our team. A proper approach in a scientific manner is introduced.


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