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Comfort zone

We provide the facilities which make their ride even better and comfortable.

We provide sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups as per their convenience.

We provide private space for breastfeeding women while they ride by providing curtains.

We provide cushions for pregnant women and elderly women.

Essentially, we provide first aid kit hydrogen peroxide for instant removal of period stains.

We are ready to provide any facility other than the above which we are able to.


As security is the most important for safe traveling for women we provide the best security in their rides. As customer security is the first priority for us.

  1. We provide GPS tracking while they ride.
  2. We provide safe rides with women drivers
  3. In case of emergency, we have a SOS button that directly alerts the nearby police force and helps them to reach the spot.
  4. We have a security kit in case of emergency for women which includes pepper spray, kubatons etc.

A few essentials for women to travel are as follows

Transport is a regular activity for women who travel everyday. Comfort is important for women to travel.


  1. Sakha Cabs, Delhi.
  2. Women on wheels, Bangalore
  3. She taxi, Hyderabad.
  4. Priyadarshini Cabs, Mumbai
  5. Go Pink, Bangalore
  6. She cabs, Hyderabad

As per the competitive analysis, none of our competitors have the facility of two wheelers and we provide extra facility for them in cabs.


We will train women and girls(above 18 yrs) who are interested and who are unemployed and provide them employment. We make sure to train the women drivers and hire the drivers who have appropriate driving licenses.

We will design an app which helps women to book their rides from start location to destination along with the GPS tracking.

When they book their ride, our vehicle and driver comes to the pickup location and picks the customers and helps them reach their destination safely.

We charge only for the ride, we charge less than other traveling apps.

“Women safety is our utmost priority”





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Problem Statement

Our Idea is helpful for women who travel by public transport or cabs and face difficulties and harassment.

As we have seen a few incidents while women were brutally harassed which frightened the rest of the women to use cabs.


  1. We provide cab facilities for women.
  2. We provide safe rides with women drivers.
  3. We provide comfortable rides fulfilling their requirements.
  4. We provide security for women while they ride, with the help of the police force.


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