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TAM- MR Analysis

  • The total size of dairy market was about Rs. 13.17 lakh crore in 2021
  • The dairy market has been growing at about 15 o/oper annum during last 15 years and is expected to reach a market size of about Rs. 30.84 lakh crore by 2027 as per International Market Analysis and Consulting Services Private Ltd. (IMARC) 2021 report


Empower farmers with pineapple waste herbal feed based on cost-efficient feed balancing using our AI based prediction model to cater to specific nutrition needs of the ca¥le, thereby enhancing health and yield via online platform/app

  • Feeding pineapple waste to cows for 90 days may increase milk production by an avg of 3.0 I per cow per day.
  • Farmers who use herbal feed earn 10°/+ more than those who use traditional feeds (NDDB study)

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Sales Strategy

  • Door-to-door sales:

Sales representatives visit farmers door-to-door, collect their inputs and deliver the personalized caRle feed

  • Channel sales: Partner with existing agricultural retailers in rural areas to sell our product
  • Online sales: Selling product directly through mobile app/website, with the option to pay in installment

Marketing Strategy

  • Partnering with local organizations: Collaborate with farmers’ associations, dairy cooperatives and local farmer groups.
  • Radio and Print Ads: Emphasizing the advantage of herbal feed using radio and print advertising in Hindi and other local languages.
  • Word of mouth: Leverage satisfied customers and influential local figures to   spread the word.



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Problem Statement

Feed Availability:  57.8 % farms feed less than half of desired minimum qty (20 Kg) to their cattle per day

Improper and Irregular veterinary services: 84.3% farmers depend on vet-on-call services

Poor Insurance Renewal: 92% farmers faced difficulties in getting claim


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