Introduction is a one-stop data driven & technology based educational
platform which helps in connecting students to education Institutes & making
informed decisions.

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Introducing EDUKHOJ.COM

Empowering learners worldwide with community discussions, counselling & educational blogs on
various test preparation, skill-based, distance learning or college level courses.


Problem Statement:


For students:

Lack of reliable information on global :
educational institutes & career choices

Absence of an integrated platform addressing
all educational related queries

Poor decision making due to insufficient
information on : Study in India Study abroad

For Education institutes & content creator:

Limited market visibility and reach

High cost of marketing & CRM

Unavailability of verified organic leads




For Students:

An integrated search engine for all education
related search queries.

Enable students with quality and reliable
information to make informed decision.

Ubiquitous through students education lifecycle.

For Education institutes & content creator:

Larger market reach and visibility.

Seamless facilitation of verified leads.

Providing useful data analytics and CRM.

Drives community discussion



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