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Exploring the US School Districts with the Largest Student Number
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    Exploring School Districts With The Largest Number of Students in the US


    Exploring the US School Districts with the Largest Student Number


    The United States has a comprehensive educational system determining a country’s destiny. There are 13,452 ordinary school districts in the U.S. (2018-19, Source), and 46.8% of them receive funding from the state.

    With thousands of school districts nationwide, it is essential to delve into the educational landscape of the school districts that serve the most children before deciding on one.

    In this blog, we have presented the top 5 school districts in the US to get a better view as to which school district will be best for your kids

    top 10 largest school district

    1. New York City Department of Education

    The New York City Department of Education is the largest school district in the country, with a staggering 1.1 million students. This district, which has more than 1,800 schools, provides kids from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with different educational options.

    Dealing with such a vast student body presents challenges, such as ensuring enough resources, controlling class sizes, and efficiently meeting the needs of individual students. The department has a $38 billion yearly budget and serves all five boroughs of New York City. The Panel for Educational Policy and the New York City Schools Chancellor oversee the department. 

    NYC high school graduation rates


    Contact: 718-935-2200 

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $31,434 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 92%
    • Average SAT Score: 1010

    2. Los Angeles Unified School District 

    The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is a public school system in Los Angeles, California. LAUSD is the most extensive public school system in California in terms of total enrollment, and they have served 565,479 students in the 2022–2023 school year, including 27,740 adult students and 11,795 early childhood education students. This district faces unique language barriers, socio-economic disparities, and resource allocation challenges. Nevertheless, LAUSD strives to provide its students with quality education and innovative programs.

    los angeles unified school district



    Contact: (213) 241-1000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 21:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $15,506 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 78%
    • Average SAT Score: 1080

    3. Chicago Public Schools

    According to CPS, the student-teacher ratio for the 2019–20 school year was 15.84. For the academic year 2020–21, CPS had 35.8% African–American students and 46.7% Latino students. While 63.8% of students came from economically deprived households, 18.6% were considered English language learners. 

    CPS has reported a budget of $6.92 billion in 2021, of which $1.3 billion came from the federal government and the state of Illinois, $1.85 billion from local sources, and $3.75 billion from public funding.   

    five year graduation rate


    Contact: (213) 241-1000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $15,409 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 82.9%
    • Average SAT Score: 1090

    4. Miami-Dade County Public Schools 

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is the county’s public school system in the U.S. state of Florida. It was founded in 1885, and as of August 30, 2021, it was home to 356,589 students. It is the third-largest school system in the entire U.S. and the biggest in Florida, the Southeast, and the Southeastern United States.

    Miami-Dade County as a whole is included in the district. Since February 2022, Dr. Jose Dotres has served as the district’s superintendent. It is run by the School Board of Miami-Dade County, which names a superintendent to lead the district’s administrative divisions.

    Few public school districts in the United States provide optional international studies programs and bilingual instruction, but Miami-Dade County Public Schools is one of them. In addition to Mandarin Chinese, bilingual instruction is available in French, German, Haitian Creole, and Spanish. 

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools



    Contact: (305) 995-1000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 26:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $10,595 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 94%
    • Average SAT Score: 1090

    5. Clark County School District 

    The entire Clark County, Nevada, is served by the Clark County School District (CCSD), a district of schools. Over 365 schools are run by the district, which is split into three zones. The district, which serves more than 320,000 students in the Las Vegas metropolitan region, is the sixth largest in the country as of 2020. To address the various needs of its student body, CCSD provides a wide range of educational programs and services. 

    clark county school


    Contact: (702) 799-5000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 23:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $10,595 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 86%
    • Average SAT Score: 1140

    6. Broward County Public Schools

    In Florida, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is the sixth-largest school district in the US. Serving more than 256,000 kids and around 110,000 adult students in 240 schools, centers, technical institutions, and 90 charter schools, BCPS is Florida’s first fully recognized school system since 1962.

    The diverse student body of BCPS, which hails from 170 countries, speaks 147 languages. 

    7. Houston Independent School District

    The Houston Independent School District (HISD) is the largest in Texas and the eighth-largest in the United States. With 274 schools, HISD provides educational opportunities to a vast student population of approximately 187,000. The district caters to students across various grade levels, offering eight early childhood, 160 elementary, 39 middle, 37 high, and 30 combined/other schools. 

    Diversity is a prominent feature of HISD, with a student body representing a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, as evidenced by about 100 spoken languages. The district’s demographic makeup reflects its rich diversity, with 62.01% of students being Hispanic, 22.19% African American, 4.45% Asian, and 9.51% White. 

    Additionally, HISD strives to address the needs of its students, as 79.17% are classified as economically disadvantaged. Through its comprehensive network of schools and commitment to inclusivity, HISD plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape in Texas and the nation.


    Contact: 713-556-6000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 19:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $13,833 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 79%
    • Average SAT Score: 1130

    8. Hillsborough County Public Schools

    Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS), a school district with its main office in Tampa, Florida, oversees the Hillsborough County public school system in west central Florida. There are 303 schools in Hillsborough County Public Schools, serving 218,943 students. 

    49% of elementary children in Hillsborough County Public Schools scored at or above the proficient level in reading, and 51% did so in math. Additionally, 47% of middle school students scored at or above the proficient level in arithmetic, while 46% of kids scored at or above the proficient level in reading. Furthermore, 44% of high school students scored at or above the proficient level in arithmetic, while 51% of students scored at or above the proficient level in reading.

    Hillsborough County Public Schools


    Contact: (813) 272-4000

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 20:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $9,982 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 87%
    • Average SAT Score: 1160

    9. Hawaii Department of Education

    The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) is the state-level education agency overseeing public K-12 education in Hawaii, United States. HIDOE contains 294 schools and 176,441 students, and the district’s minority enrollment is 90%. 

    HIDOE participates in several programs designed to improve Hawaiian education. It stimulates community involvement, supports educational opportunities for professional growth, and encourages the use of technology in the classroom. 

    Hawaii Department of Education


    Contact: (808) 586-3310

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $15,305 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 85%
    • Average SAT Score: 1120

    10. Orange County Public Schools

    The public school district serving Orange County, Florida, is called Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). It has its headquarters in the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center in the heart of Orlando. With 208,788 students enrolled as of the 2022–23 academic year, OCPS is the ninth-largest school district in the country and the fourth-largest in Florida. 

    Additionally, the school system employs approximately 24,294 instructional and classified workers, which accounts for more than 95% of the OCPS workforce, which essentially encompasses the entire county.

    Orange County Public Schools


    Contact: (407) 317-3200

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 19:1
    • Expenses Per Student: $11,800 / student
    • Graduation Rate: 88%
    • Average SAT Score: 1130

    Wrapping Up!!

    To sum up, These districts deal with particular difficulties and put in an endless effort to offer their sizable student populations a high standard of education, equal access to opportunities, and supportive services. As the country continues to support and invest in its school systems, It is crucial to understand the significance of building inclusive learning environments for all kids!!

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    Rishabh Prasad

    Rishabh Prasad

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    Rohan Arora
    Rohan Arora
    3 months ago

    It doesn’t matter where the crowd is, geniuses studied in street lights and made our world bright.

    2 months ago

    I am a passout student from Broward County Public School and it must have the largest number of students, but the quantity compromises with the quality.

    3 months ago

    You didn’t mention the Puerto Rico Department of education, it is the third most populated school districts in the world, with almost 5lc enrollments.

    2 months ago

    As you mentioned that Los Angeles Unified school districts have one of the most expensive schools in the world, are there any scholarships or financial aid available?

    Simran Chawla
    Simran Chawla
    2 months ago
    Reply to  Judith

    Ofcourse, there are many scholarships available like, upon graduation from high school, and after providing proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university, each Eligible Christopher Scholar will receive a $20,000 college scholarship following graduation, payable at the rate of $5,000 per Academic year for each of four consecutive years of college and many more. You can visit this for more information:



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