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UC Schools Acceptance Rate
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    UC Schools Acceptance Rate 2023


    The University of California institutions, also called UCs, collectively enroll domestic students from all 50 states and international students from over 100 countries.

    Founded in 1869 to educate California’s brightest minds, the UC system boasts global recognition for education, research, and service. Being the top public university system in the US, it has nine colleges under its umbrella and receives over 250,000 annual applications. 

    The UCs are home to 280,000 students and 227,000 faculty and staff members. Around the world, its 2.0 million alumni are employed and working.

    All UC institutions offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees except for UC San Francisco, a graduate and professional school.

    List of UC colleges
    UC Berkeley
    UC Santa Barbara
    UC San Diego
    UC Irvine
    UC Davis
    UC Santa Cruz
    UC Riverside
    UC Merced

    In this blog, we’ll delve into UC rankings, aiding your search for the ideal UC schools for your child.

    UCs Acceptance Rate in 2022-23

    Schools Acceptance Rate
    UC Los Angeles | UCLA 9%
    UC Berkeley 11%
    UC Irvine 21%
    UC San Diego | UCSD 24%
    UC Santa Barbara | UCSB 26%
    UC Davis 37%
    UC Santa Cruz | UCSC 47%
    UC Riverside 69%
    UC Merced 89%

    Least to most selective ranking 

    Least selectivity means High chances of selection and vice versa.

    1. UC Merced:

    Driven by a mission to contribute to society through education, research, and public service, UC Merced is  the first American research university of the 21st century; it prioritizes sustainability-focused cutting-edge research. Undergraduates engage in diverse learning experiences, including research, service learning, and leadership development. Being a newer institution, UC Merced offers ample prospects for growth and innovation.

    In terms of rankings, UC Merced has secured recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report positioned UC Merced at #97 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 89%

    GPA Range: 3.40 – 3.96

    Applications: 26,000

    Location: Merced, Central Valley

    2. UC Riverside:

    UC Riverside boasts esteemed entomology and agriculture departments, with renowned genetics experts spearheading the battle against mosquito-borne diseases. The university is also home to the nation’s largest indoor atmospheric test chamber, a hub for pioneering research in air pollution and alternative fuels.

    In terms of rankings, UC Riverside has gained recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report positioned UC Riverside at #88 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 69%

    GPA Range: 3.69 – 4.11

    Applications: 69,000

    Location: Riverside, Inland Empire

    3. UC Santa Cruz:

    This college stands out for its forward-thinking research initiatives aimed at enhancing the world and its inhabitants. From personalized cancer care to advanced solar cell development, the university strives to enrich lives. Notably, UC Santa Cruz boasts an impressive marine biology program.

    In terms of rankings, UC Santa Cruz has received recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report placed UC Santa Cruz at #97 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 47%

    GPA Range: 3.71 – 4.16

    Applications: 54,000

    Location: Santa Cruz, Central Coast

    4. UC Davis:

    Often associated with its esteemed veterinary medicine and agriculture programs, the reputation of UC Davis extends further. Notably, in 2018, UC Davis achieved the top spot for Campus Sustainability, and in 2016, it was recognized as the most important school for women in STEM.

    In terms of rankings, UC Davis has received acknowledgment. The 2021 US News & World Report positioned UC Davis at #39 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 37%

    GPA Range: 3.96 – 4.25

    Applications: 1,09,000

    Location: Davis, Sacramento Valley

    5. UC Santa Barbara:

    Secure and visually appealing beach town campus, UC Santa Barbara is renowned for its exceptional chemical, electrical, and materials engineering and science programs.

    Regarding rankings, UC Santa Barbara received acknowledgment. The 2021 US News & World Report positioned UC Santa Barbara at #30 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 26%

    GPA Range: 4.04 – 4.27

    Applications: 1,11,000

    Location: Santa Barbara, Central Coast

    6. UC San Diego:

    Renowned as a premier science university in the US, it offers extensive research opportunities that contribute to pioneering technology and theories.

    In terms of rankings, UC San Diego achieved recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report positioned UC San Diego at #35 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 24%

    GPA Range: 4.04 – 4.28

    Applications: 1,50,000

    Location: La Jolla, San Diago

    7. UC Irvine:

    UC Irvine distinguishes itself as a research institution with a focus on cancer and neuroscience studies conducted at the UC Irvine Medical Center. Notably, the Paul Merage School of Business and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering are esteemed graduate schools.

    In terms of rankings, UC Irvine has received recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report placed UC Irvine at #35 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 21%

    GPA Range: 3.96 – 4.26

    Applications: 1,43,000

    Location: Irvine, Orange County

    8. UC Berkeley:

    This one enjoys the esteemed position of being the top public university in the United States. Its stringent undergraduate academic criteria render it among the most competitive UC schools for admission. Boasting over 130 academic departments and 80 interdisciplinary research units, UC Berkeley remains dedicated to delivering excellence in education, research, and societal contributions.

    In terms of rankings, UC Berkeley achieved recognition. The 2021 US News & World Report placed UC Berkeley at #22 among National Universities.

    Acceptance Rate: 11%

    GPA Range: 4.13 – 4.30

    Applications: 1,26,000

    Location: Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area

    9. UC Los Angeles (University of California):

    UCLA boasts extensive academic diversity, offering over 125 majors across six divisions and 109 departments. Aspiring actors, lawyers, dentists, and nurses are drawn to UCLA for its renowned programs in nursing, dental care, theater, and law. The university’s athletic prowess is evident in its NCAA Division 1 Pacific 12 Conference teams.

    UCLA holds a notable ranking (#20) among National Universities in the 2021 US News & World Report,

    Acceptance Rate: 9%

    GPA Range: 4.18 – 4.31

    Applications: 1,45,000

    Location: Los Angeles, Southern California


    So, it is obvious that the University of California is a global hub of education that welcomes students from every corner of the world. UC campuses embody diversity and international collaboration. From groundbreaking research at UC San Diego to the cultural richness of UC Los Angeles, each campus offers a unique experience. As you consider the rankings, remember that beyond the numbers, UC schools offer a dynamic environment where students thrive, ideas flourish, and futures are transformed.

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